Alicia Perry – victim of gross corruption in probate, Washington DC

Case Summary: Alicia Perry, a 67 year old woman.
Case No.: 2013 ADM 22; 2014 CCC 118
Jurisdiction: Washington DC
Judge’s Name: Erik P Christian

Alicia Perry’s mother took out a reverse mortgage on her home to fix it up in 2006. In order to do this, Alicia and her mother, Selena Abrams, had to remove Alicia’s name from the deed because she was not age 62 yet. The amount of the loan is unknown. Selena was solicited during a church function.

The home was worth approximately $500,000. Alicia was told she could put her name back on the deed at any time. Then, at age 62, then the reverse mortgage would be rolled over to Alicia Perry and she could live in the home until she passed. When Alicia turned 61, she and her mother put her name back on the deed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Alicia turned 62 in

Selena Abrams passed in March 2012. Financial Freedom (later it was transferred to One West Bank) wanted to foreclose and sell the house but they couldn’t in foreclosure court. So they filed a proceeding in Probate court to circumvent the normal court procedures. Sister Nneka Abdur Rachman was appointed the PR by the court in Sept 2013. The case was first filed Jan. 2013. At first, Judge Christian dismissed the case in May 2013. Then the case was reinstated in Sept of 2013 and the judge invalid the deed on June 3, 2014 over Alicia’s objections On this day the Judge said he would issue an Order for Contempt, but he forgot to do this. The inventory for the house took 2 hours. But the judge issued an order that Alicia had to stay home for five days, 9 am to 5 pm. The original inventory was due Nov 2013. What he wanted to do was pass attorneys fees to the lawyers in the courtroom . Alicia objected and filed motions to reconsider. The mortgage company then moved to foreclose and sell the home and the court approved the order. The home was sold on May 2015.

Alicia left the house in December 2014 because Alicia had been falsely threatened by judge numerous times because he knew he should not have invalidated the deed. So the judge kept on saying Alicia would go to jail unless she allowed an inventory of home she owned, although she had complied. The judge filed contempt against her saying she would not allow the inventory by the sister but that was a lie. She did in fact open the home for the inventory and she was there for the 5 days set by the court. The judge also said that Alicia would go to jail unless she turned over keys to the Realtor on X date, but Alicia had already left the home due to the threats by the judge and the fact there was no heat in the home. The judge, to this day, after repeated motions by the Public Defender in Washington, DC, refuses to dismiss this bench warrant though it is clearly moot. He claims he “must see” Alicia and not her attorneys. Alicia is afraid to return.

The arrest of Alicia occured on Oct 21, 2014 and the judge issued the bench warrant claiming Alicia “Failed to comply with a court order, she failed to appear on 1/27/15″ (though there was no “must appear” court order in the record).

In Dec. 2014 she was in the home with no heat and the court repeatedly threatened Alicia with jail. She left Dec. 15, 2014. On the 17th of January 2014, she sent the keys to the bank via overnight Express Mail.

On Jan. 27, 2015, Atty Tillman (for the PR) said that AP did not cooperate with the Realtor. The Bank was getting antsy because there is a $300,000 balance is left the estate is owing to the Bank. Tillman told the judge the house “had been listed for months” but the Realtor said that the house was removed from the listing.

On Jan. 27, 2015 date the court found, without evidence, that AP had failed to cooperate with the Realtor, even though there was no court order that she had to comply with a Realtor or the sale or showing of the property.

In Feb 2015, the judge issued the same extradictable warrant. He piggy backed on the Octo 2014 warrant. “Failure to comply with court order, failure to appear on 1/27/15, contempt/misdemeanor.”

He used a criminal warrant for a civil matter.

In addition, the Judge granted an Order for Possession of the property, despite the fact no Eviction proceeding had been filed against AP. She did not receive any Eviction Summons, Petition for Eviction or Notice of Hearing.

To this day, the judge refuses to dismiss the extradictable bench warrant which only issued, IMHO, to cover up his crime of giving away AP’s home to a few courtroom buddies.

2 thoughts on “Alicia Perry – victim of gross corruption in probate, Washington DC

  1. And here is yet another cautionary tale about how a simple civil case that wasn’t even a case at all then gets turned into a major court battle (totally wasting the county’s time and money) — just because someone got greedy.

    If the legal system is going to get involved in ANY matter of law, then that law MUST be followed. Otherwise we might as well live in a failed state.

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