New Project–Corruption victims going to Washington

I have already contacted the Senate Subcommitte on Aging to find out when their next hearing and I will be bringing with all the forms I have been collecting on abuses in guardianship.

Below is a link to the the survey form on abusive/horrific guardianships

If you were in one of these, please print out the form and email it to me at

There are also forms for if you have been in an abusive custody battle, or in a state custody kidnap battle

1)   Abusive Guardianship form.  Where elder or disabled guardianized under corrupt  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, medicate to eliminate, cremate.”

2) Corrupt Divorce/Custody battle where children were removed by state wrongfully and placed (sold) into foster homes

3)  custody battle with state or state kidnap form:

please post and cross post.  I want to go to Congress with the results of these forms and say these cases are NOT isolated incidents and demand that the proceedings be investigated and children and elders be returned to their families and the money be paid back to the families.

please return your filled out form to me via facebook messenger or via email to




6 thoughts on “New Project–Corruption victims going to Washington

  1. Here’s my complete story of how the Family Court system dragged out my case which indeed cost me several thousand dollars in legal expenses and tried to silence me. All the lies, misrepresentations of my character, unsubstantiated as well as uncorroborated documents that summarize the entire nightmare including the loss of my fatherly rights to see my own daughter that I was faced with and continue to struggle from 17 years later.

    Divorce Proceedings Part I:
    Divorce Proceedings Part II:
    Divorce Proceedings Part III:
    Divorce Proceedings Part IV:
    Divorce Proceedings Part V:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-A:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI-B:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – A:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – B:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – C:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VI – D:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-A:
    Divorce Proceedings Part VII-B:

    • If you need any help on your case, or if you would like to write a book to warn others, please load your pleadings up on gdrive and share with me and contact me for a book contract

      • Douglas county, Ne. court PR#11-1317 and 90-826 Mother deemed with dementia and mentally retarded daughter both being isolated and neglected. I was recently banned again from seeing them. Other friends and relatives already banned. I have a court order stating that I can not call APS or law enforcement about anything with these two wards injuries, etc. How do I write a book?

      • I am soooo sorry to hear all of that. I will pray for you and your mother. The court may not forbid you to contact the authorities, that is an illegal and unconstitutional order. I am going to email you now with my survey form and information on book writing. Thanks for your post

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