From Sandra A. Black–another probate tale of horrors

Ms. Joanne Denison, I thought I would write a short few paragraphs to try to capture words that describe the pain and suffering of a family destroyed.

I have always been the glue to hold our family together.  Each branch of personalities so vastly different from the next, so harshly entangled with thorns and thistles of racial oppression.  I am a graduate of Tuskegee University with a conferred Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  Through harsh brutal torturous racism, three different positions, two different States, and ten years (a decade), I went through a life similar to Carl Brashear as portrayed in the movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Men of Honor, in the nineties.  Is this the twilight zone?  Still in the nineties, this is happening!!!  White managers gather to watch me nearly lose my life in a work assignment just as they did in Carl’s divining assignment.  I was nearly dead (uncontrollable blood pressure and kidney failure at 34 years old) and full of anger for the harsh treatment.  I left out on disability solely for this issue.  I sacrificed what would be today an 80,000.00/year position for sanity and peace, no regrets.

Less than twenty years later, mother gets dementia and the thugs of our family are set over me and my mother due to our race, poverty, and my disability only.  No other fault so whatever than the power to discriminate.  Our family is caught in a living never ending nightmare of utter oppression due to a society with no respect of person or the elderly to remotely just LOOK AT THIS CONDITION and consider what happened to us.  No one of power to stop this inhumane conditions care.  I am forced daily to beat back a memory of ever having a loving and caring mother just to survive the reality.  Our family has set goals and are committed to getting the word out about racism and the systematic destruction of dark skinned people of America.  The original name of our Facebook group Global Citizens Unite to Fight Corruption in America proved to long, thus we later changed it to Global Citizens Unite with 8000 members in less than three months of existence.

Sandra A. Black

Case Summary for: Sandra A. Black, *************** Marion, Indiana,

Case number: 27D03-1008-GU-185

Case Name: Guardianship of : Mildred Barber, an Adult

Case Jurisdiction: Grant Superior Court 3

Judge(s): Dana Kenworthy (Recused) current Warren Haas

Relationship to you: Mother

Opposing counsel: no counsel

Service: Was not an issue because the protected had been overcome by her predator son. Thus yes she was always sent information that was inadvertently handled by her predator.

– how were they notified (phone/email/mail/in person)?

2. Isolation
The order removed my (Sandra Black) as the original petitioner and all rights of any interest so whatever in the guardianship of Mildred Barber

How are the visits limited? No visits so whatever. Mildred Barber is under strict isolation of her abusive son in which the family has had to surrender and succumb to the corruption of the judicial system, State Adult Protection Services that couldn’t admit fault in handing Mildred Barber over to her predator, which is undoubtedly now evident, but through concealing and cover-up by pure avoiding the abuse, destroyed property, stolen property, which is still in continuance due to the need to keep Mildred Barber enslaved to her high school drop out, seriously marijuana addicted, cruel and abusive son that is not wanted revealed how badly devastated her existence has been reduced due to corruption, incompetence, and purely lack of concern for the quality of life of Mildred Barber.

Are there medical records indicating visitation limits: None, no care as to her activities or visits. She is purely a slave for her income. No love

Is there a list of “permitted visitors”: No, what ever happens, they just allow to happen.

Who made up the list: No list, no visitors due to the horrid condition of abuse and bullying over the years family had to vacate interest due to the torture and agony forced to partake in by guardians and Judge Haas as a condition to visit.

Who is your loved one not seeing right now (list name and relationship) where the visits are limited and how are they limited: People who used to force a visit includes:

Myself 1. Sandra Black daughter 55 years old
2. Felicia Ogunbuyide granddaughter 29 years old
3. Kemuel Eliyahu Ben Shem grandson 19 years old severely scared
4. Chrisdeon Ogunbuyide great-grandson 10 years old
5. Victoria Goree great-granddaughter 4 years old
6. Isaiah Goree great-grandson 3 years old
7. Jewel Nadrowski Niece 49
8. Jessica Ganaway Niece 32
9. Jessie Gilmer Nephew 55
10. Yania Westbrook Niece 36
11. Lester Barber Nephew 57

Friends and other family that can not visit due to near physical violence and severe verbal abuse of fowl language

3. Chemical Restraints

Is your loved one taking any forms of chemical restraints or psychotropic drugs: Not known have not had contact since October 2015.

Are you allowed to check to see if they are taking such medications? No contact to avoid abuse

Do you have the disabled person’s medical records? No Why or why not: Not allowed involvement no one cares about the disabled’s health or wellbeing other than going through pretenses. She goes to doctors appt. and leave with no one to care about asking questions or suggestions for her health. All is pure protocol, no personal care of interest for Mildred Barber.

Is the person drooling or do they have slurred speech? Dramatic shut down of communication from onset of abuse and isolation. Mildred Barber lives with no one to set up entertainment or activities. She ends up psychotic arguing or playing with herself to survive the utter loneliness. This is all for a son who utterly has contempt for her, but neither the court nor Adult Protection Services would remotely try to ask people who KNEW, like mother’s home care providers to her home for her brother. In the end, as it was self evident they all chose to conceal and cover-up abuse and thefts by her son.

Does the Guardian have a court order permitting the administration of psychotropic drugs? Court and Guardian by law have final say, but son runs all day to day care.

Has the disabled person ever been held down and shot up with drugs against their will? No

4. Abuse of Disabled

Since the guardianship proceeding, has your loved one been abused? YES!!!

Please state all ways in which they have been abused.

Mother’s dogs, plants, and most all possessions either died, were sold off, or just disappeared. My brother took her home and made her the prisoner in her own home. One plant was from my grandmother’s grave who died in 1989, I was supposed to pass it on to my children, but he killed it. Her car was taken away prematurely because the doctor was told about mom’s visions (HALLUCINATIONS) that mom experienced every since a child in her awaking state. All my life I have heard of her visions and dreams some came true. Elijah did not know mom so he couldn’t tell the doctor that this was what occurred regularly in mom’s life. When asked to do so and explained that mom always saw things when waking up as she had reported to them of a man over her bed. I was told he would not deal with those white folks; I had no business going to court.

After mother was ordered finally stuck she, then realized that her son was not going to get her all the things he had promised her to go against me in court, in court mom would say that she only wanted me to visit not for guardianship and immediately protested the final decision in October, 2013. By November, 2013 Mildred and Elijah my brother were in an all out war, guardians ignored all complaints. Mildred was threatened bodily harm and to burn down her home cursed out, horrendous verbal abuse. Then when she wouldn’t succumb, he began isolation. Mom told me that she tried to kick him in his balls and my brother told her if you do that again motherfucker you’ll be a dead mother fucker. This is my brother, I know it was not dementia. It was told to guardians and ignored. He took her phone stating that she would try to call the police on him. Guardians stated that she couldn’t afford a phone. All her income had been badly mismanaged by the state by allowing Elijah to run the household.

Mom got so bad off from the abuse that we did not leave from our visit and the police were called by my brother. They said they wouldn’t order us to leave because there was no order. The guardian came out Jared Quarles and ran the ENTIRE FAMILY out and kept my brother in the home. Present were Sandra Black, Felicia Ogunbuyide, Kemuel Shem, Jessica Ganaway, Daniel Batchelor, Jewel Nadtowski. We were told that mom did not have 12.00 dollars to her name, that’s why she couldn’t afford a phone and we would all have to get out and stick to our hours of visitation. We all left and mother and he were in a fierce battle for him to get out.
Then he forced her out of her room off upstairs, with no phone, no TV, sealed bathrooms, into utter solitary confinement. All reports were in vain as the guardians didn’t care and it continued for months until Mildred had a complete psychotic break. In one week’s visit (At this time guardians set up that I could only visit 5 hrs once per week actually in order to get five hours I had to agree to bathe my mother or be restricted to only 2 hours, I took the 5 hours. And also one weekend visit once per month). Every week mother reported horror stories. I would find her forced to stay in her room also video documented. Thus all manner of lost privileges not due to illness, but inadequate persons to care. This extreme and very harsh abuse went on from the end of court in October till around April, 2014. When mom psychotic broke my brother got real scared contacted me and family member to help mom to stop talking to herself. He had began to hid all mom’s possessions like her TV, Dishes, glasses, cups, silverware, Towels, face cloths so that on our scheduled visits neither she nor we could have access to necessities. Again the guardians didn’t care. Visits were sometimey due to both the guardians and Elijah sabotage of the few hours that I did get.

I began a daily protest in July, 2014 through February, 2015. My city is racist and the local paper would not cover the story nor would anyone else. Buy August, 2014 Marion Police investigator for abuse Tammy Wolf, went out and found that she suspected bullying by my brother and called both the guardians and APS. By now all is hopeless due to corruption. They ignored her totally and the APS lied to her that they went out in 2012 and there were no more complaints. I told her, Tammy Wolf that was a blatant lie as not only had I been calling the APS, but also Mr. Joe Newman, retiree from the City of Chicago and friends to me and my mother called them too. He was told that any manner of abuse to my mother is of no concern to APS as it would have to be handled through the courts. When I called, my son, and daughter called APS would never pick up and we always left messages that went unreturned thus ignored.

Soon after Tammy Wolf’s investigation, mother started reporting how happy she was, then it turned into her being interested in my brother. Remember this would be told to me 5 hr visit one week and then 5 hr visit the next week where she told me that he was having sex with her. I thought that someone might care about the fact that unrelentlessly mom tried to get rid of my brother from Oct 2013 till this point and now after T. Wolfs investigation she’s all excitedly happy. Like what happened, in 2012 with the first order by Kenworthy, but the APS announces to my brother that they would come out so that he could have time to take her to dinner and whoo her over so by the time they come out mom is happy so no problem. This was now well documented with Marion Police involved that mom was not happy with my brother and now again T. Wolf comes out and mom’s life magically changes and she’s happy. I was sickenly supprised when mom told me that she was having sex with my brother. So confused as to what to do as mom no longer had any rights. She was ill so does her saying she is having sex with her son even matter to this system? I 100% didn’t know if my brother could do it to keep mom under wrap as he had been doing through out the entire case. It was so horrid of a possibility that I couldn’t go to the police that my mother was saying my brother was having sex. Then after talking much with family over the weekend, I decided to report what mom told me and give them the video recording of it. Just as I was horrified so was the police to request a rape kit. I attended the rape kit investigation which took in access of one hour because mother continuously said that she was married to my brother and that he told her not to tell because the police would get him. Mom repeated this story continuously and the guardians were told that they would prefer even though they couldn’t tell if a rape had occurred mom shouldn’t go back into the home. The guardians said there was no proof of a rape and therefore she is to go back. The next week visitation mom is very sad and depressed. I asked her why because she told me that GG (my brother) was so very good to her. She said, “HE GOT OUT OF THAT.” This was immediately sent to guardians all ignored. After this Elijah stepped up the abuse and refused to leave and allow visits. Tammy Wolf would help by calling the guardians who just began ignoring. From November, 2015 until March, 2016 no visits were allowed without abuse until the State Reps got involved to reestablish visitation, but NOT TO END ABUSE.
Mother was brought to my home from March thru October 2015, she would go straight to her bed as she was ordered at my brother’s I would work to get her out of that behavior have a couple of nice days, then mom would be forced where she didn’t want to go with a person didn’t want her, but did want her house and not to look like an evil person. I couldn’t get the guardians to work with me to free mom by just telling my brother that he would be needed to keep the house (of course give him mom’s house so that she could be free to be a person again). Always ignored, no answers to fix the abuse. We knew it would never end after a lawyer was finally hired by my daughter who came into money. That lawyer said that nothing could be done, no one in my family ever could have my mother because of the judge’s prejudice against me. He offered to take money to talk to the APS to change mom’s case because it was clear that they were not listening to me. I asked my lawyer, doesn’t it look bad if all the time I had told these people that mom was not liked that all the horrible things would happen and then if they hear you say it and it is already set that they do not want to look bad. What will happen? He said, you’re right. I couldn’t get the abuse to ever stop our family would live in hell forever with my mother. So after the lawyer, the entire family gave up and left mom to one son who despises her and no family.

List any hospitalizations and approx. dates where abuse was a problem. Unknown, uptil October 2015, my mother was a very healthy woman other than dementia. We went to parks, restaurants, walks, the fair, shopping, to my knowledge my mother is nor allowed anywhere, but the doctor and her room. She is not allowed to use any other restrooms in her own home. Last I was visiting her there. I learnt that mom was forced to wear TWO diapers to go wet longer. Proof will be seen in how my brother used 2 to 3 times more diapers that I did the months we shared my mom. They didn’t care.

Was the disabled returned to the same abusive situation? YES

Did the court direct that the abusers (attorneys, GAL’s, case managers) investigate allegations of abuse? My mother is not allowed any investigation since court accept for the rape kit, which said she should not be returned. Also there were two other occasions that went unreported due to our family is not allowed any way to stop abuse. There was a small bruise on the inner leg that looked like rubbing it was on one leg. Then there was a tall man, used for relations, this was never said as sexual by my mom, but he was always mentioned and when I told my brother, it stopped. Mom quit asking for her tall guy that she wanted to talk to who liked her. Nothing else we can do.

Abuse can consist of bruises, cuts, broken bones, broken skin, bed sores (very serious), aspiration of food into lungs (because patient was not sitting while eating, very serious), malnutrition, dehydration, etc. There was only ONE injury looked like a bb gun shot, found out later as guardians and my brother tried to hide it from me. The sore was deep perfectly round and meaty? Mom said the kids were hurting her, spring of 2014, but her foot was in so much pain (FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES) and I wasn’t allowed to help her get medical treatment.

Was a feeding tube inserted against the disabled’s will? NO, my brother is not going to allow them to take mom out of the house because he wants to have the home free. During the time that I was literally not allowed visits, the police and prosecution said that my mother would be thrown into a nursing home. This was over a year ago, because mom was nearly bed ridden from lack of care or concern. Now nurses work for my brother and may be forcing her to sit up and walk around?

What is the hygiene of each place the disabled has been placed into? Please list any incidents where the disabled was living in filthy conditions and the approx. dates. Hygiene meets the bare necessities, but seem to be legal. The worst is that she does not have help to remind her to go to the toilet and the use of two diapers for her to sit longer.

Have you made any complaints? If so list dates and brief summary of complaint and its outcome. There are hundreds of emails to the guardians, letters to the APS, the Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Calls to State Reps Amanda Banks and Kevin Mahan.

Were you told you could visit, but then you were blocked by the guardian? No, just couldn’t take the abuse anymore and the ignoring of how the ENTIRE family was suffeing. Once Lester Earl Barber, accompanied my son to pick up medicine for my mother and was afraid that he would be physically attacked. The guardians could NOT send a lady to my mom’s home alone because they were all afraid of my brother so they had to hire a man to deal with my brother. But mother is forced to live in it. Because of a cruel and corrupt judge who told me that he didn’t care if I never saw my mother again.

Did the court issue orders you could visit, but then the visits never happened? No

Did the disabled want to live at home or with a relative but the court ordered them into a nursing home? No, the disabled wanted me to care for her immediately after court as my brother promised her that she would drive her car again and have total control over her home if she just keep me blocked away and if she didn’t do it that she would be put in a nursing home and lose everything. I was told this immediately after court October, 2013. I didn’t report it until later in November because mom was easily tricked by my brother, which would make her forget all he did to her and do what he told her to do.

Did the court find it was all right to pay a nursing home for care but not pay a family member to care for the disabled at home or in the relative’s home? Unknown, my brother has sole care, but tells my children that he rarely ever sees her because a nurse does that. Also he cut her nails off because she was supposedly attacking him.

If there was isolation, how many times did you see your loved one per week, month or year? For the first year, 5 hrs, one day per week and one weekend. Then just not allowed at all from Novemeber 2014 to February, 2015. Then from 1: 00 PM Monday to 1: 00 PM Friday then my brother took mom for the weekend from Friday to Monday when she always clearly was unhappy and voiced it to guardians. But the guardians FORCED her to go to the abuse they said because the judge wants it like this. I was losing my son, my health is such that I don’t handle being abused I literally get uncontrollable high blood pressure and kidney problems. Watching mom tormented like this with absolutely no way to end it was making me life threatening ill so for the sake of our family and my health I had to give up in ordered not to live in the abuse. My mother and I were best friends. We were so much caring for one another. I realized that my relationship was highly unusual in that mom and I never had any serious arguments while she did not suffer from dementia. I loved just laying in bed with her and going to her world of her child hood. Since my brother doesn’t know my mom he can’t talk to her like that. We listened to music, watched the same movies together, Mr Ed, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Archie Bunker, and mom loved it. Nothing for mom, with my brother just walls. He lies that he reads the Bible to mom because mom loves to hear a man read the Bible. Any of mom’s friends, co workers can reveal this to be a lie that mom just wants to be read to and no company or conversation. Mom did not know who my brother was since 2014. But if you mentioned Sandra or Sandy, mom always was happy to hear of me. By now she may have forgotten, but I think my mom will still know me just by the mention of my name. My brother was shocked when my daughter was able to say the first syllable and mom could finish her name while she doesn’t even know my brother’s name even if you mention it. That’s because they were NEVER close in life.
5. Abuse of Family

Have you or any family members been falsely arrested because of the guardianship? Please provide details, if so. NO

Have you been defamed, false lighted, slandered or libeled by the court or any attorneys?
Elijah, who was never in mom’s life changed his life, for my life and told the court that I was everywhere, but Marion, Indiana. Misleading the court to think that I wasn’t in mom’s life. In reality, my brother was never in mom’s life other than what he could take from her and they both despised each other in the end until dementia, when mom seemed to forgive him. I didn’t think of mom’s character. If you ask my brother he will tell you that mom’s favorite saying. I’ll forgive, but I’ll never forget. My brother made me out to be so poor I was trying to rip my mother off. I have a life insurance policy of 100,000.00 dollars for incase anything every happened to me that I have kept up since I was 35. My brother has nothing for his children. Has no relationship with any family member other than a son who plays Xbox for now. His two daughters, myself, and my daughters, nor son have any relationship with me. I have his daughter on my AT&T phone account. I have never ever yelled or cussed his children, nor do they LOATHE me. My children loathe him for the severe dishonesty against me and the abuse they told me later he did to them BOTH physically and emotionally. My children report horror stories of being beat with a boot, hair dryer, having to hide under the bed from him out of fear of him, and several beatings.

In my family, my brothers were together, and mom and I were together. My Brother Pat’s letter in my book will verify that as truth even though he is trying to support our brother Elijah. Trying to say that mom is not sick that I was making it all up because I never saw mom mad at me. So now it was my turn to get what the boys always got. But they were judged for dealing drugs, taking drugs, being cruel, abusive, and unappreciative. I was a complete opposite.

Warren Haas was given a deposition by a nurse (Barbara Daniels also in my book) for my mother who explained that my brother was not close to my mother. In his order he make ZERO mention of mom’s nurse to her home for years testimony and goes solely off what mother was told to tell the GAL that I said if she didn’t give me control of her money I would throw her into a nursing home. It was this testimony that the judge said that he didn’t care if I never saw my mother again.
If so, please list approximate dates and what was falsely said about you.
Have false civil charges been brought against you or a family member? NO, I tried to have the prosecutor get my brother for perjury which is 100% provable. I was told it can not be done unless the judge in the case wanted to pursue it. Yes, the corrupt judge who wanted my mother stuck in hell for my forcing his colleague to recuse.

False accusations of theft, missing assets blamed on the wrong person, etc?

Yes, my brother just lied about everything and since he had mom (by changing the locks and kicking me out of the house) to make it easier on the case they GAL and Judge Dana Kenworthy just said it was truth without asking anyone so whatever about my brother’s character. Then just made it automatic that I had a disability therefore no matter what that was automatic unfit.

Were you the subject of a gag order not to talk about or post information on social media, blogs and the internet (please attach order). No

6. Constitutional Rights

Has the court issued any gag orders or “location” orders where the disabled person cannot travel as desired. No, we just don’t have access by the guardian.

List dates of all gag or location orders, a brief summary of the content.

Did the disabled ask for an attorney and receive one prior to the hearing for guardianship? no

Was the attorney clearly independent, or did s/he not fight for the disabled’s rights? no

Were you told that the attorney must come from a secret list the court keeps? no

Was the disabled given a choice of attorneys? no If the disabled could not choose, did the family choose freely? no

Did the disabled come to all court hearings? yes

Was anyone told not to talk about the case on social media or on the internet? Explain. no

Were they prevented from coming to any hearings? I was ordered REMOVED as a person of interest even though I petitioned the court. The clerk was ordered to throw away any motions or attempts by me to move the court. If not, why not? Was transportation provided? no

Was the disabled ever told not to speak in court when they wanted to make a point? no

Were any of the family members told not to speak in court when a family member wanted to make a point? Yes, my son, but he was a minor at age 14. He wanted to tell how abusive my brother was, but the court Dana Kenworthy said he could not speak.

Did the disabled person want to waive any rights (right to a hearing, right to an attorney, right to be present at their hearing, who would be the Guardian?) Was the waiver of rights recorded? no

7. Mental Exam

Did the disabled get a full and fair mental exam by an independent doctor of the disabled’s choice? No

Why or why not? They didn’t ask

Did the court appoint any evaluators? Only a GAL who did not try at all to determine what type of person I was or what type my brother was. Just my brother had her, although I testified that he did not like my mother, it did not matter. Same with APS if you were able to con the elderly then that meant your were the one who should be with her. There were several predators into mom’s home. The first a man who mom got angry at me for telling her that he was a predator. So when the lady (Shynithia Cook) came around the first part of 2010, she moved in on my mom with her daughter and I was too afraid of alienation by mom to tell her that this woman was a predator. So I called the APS out to look at what was going on with my mother. I told them about the delusional AT&T rants, and the fact that mom moved this person who is practically a stranger to her. He did not investigate, instead he went out and socialized with my mother and the predator and since the house was clean. Steve Sumner went back and reported that I was the problem because the house was clean and the predator had mom happy. The GAL never contacted APS to know this had happened. She did the same things with my brother. When Dana Kenworthy orders mom stuck with my brother. My brother then kicks out the predator Shyinthia Cook who was using mom to baby-sit her daughter while she went out on the town. And I happened by with no one in the home but mom with her eyes swollen shut from crying and I write letters to congress to get help for mom. This is when in 2012 Blackwell (I believe) calls my brother so that he can fix the visit and have mom happy.

Did these evaluators come from a secret list the judge had? no

Was a full physical exam conducted before the mental exam to determine if there were any treatable conditions? No, mom was determined incompetent solely due to the doctor’s stated of dementia and our family statements. The GAL had planned to say nothing was at all to matter with mom, but when she called about the 5,000 dollars mom took out of her savings to pay my brother’s loan that he made her take out and mom didn’t remember. That made her automatically incompetent. Elijah got angry because he wanted full control so he filed that the court was racist. I too requested reconsideration and then at this time the APS was called in and ordered to fully investigate mom’s cause. By the day of the court BOTH GAL and APS said they didn’t have time to investigate that they knew that did enough and stand by their reports. They NEVER investigated and the judge ruled.

Was the disabled informed in advance of the exam to prepare for the exam? no

Was the disabled told in advance the results would be used in court to guardianize him or her? no

Did the disabled sign a waiver they knew the results would be used in court against them to guardianize them? no

During the exam did the disabled have their glasses and hearing aids and did they function properly? She had dementia

8. Final Days on earth – not for our case yet

Did the disabled receive appropriate medical treatment and medicines at all times? unknown

Was the disabled put in hospice against his or her will or instructions?

Did the disabled leave a Medical Power of Attorney or living will that said “no hospice”?

Does the disabled’s religion prohibit hospice (Roman Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.)

Was the disabled narcotized to death with psychotropic drugs while food and water were withheld?

Was the disabled cremated to destroy evidence of the murder?

9. Assets

Were any assets missing from the inventory or accounting that you were aware? YES, mom’s burial insurance is gone and the guardians have told me that they are going to lie and say that it never existed even though the GAL recorded it as existing. Mom’s furniture, car, many assets were sold all her movies, her home was rented out by my brother he is on recording saying that he collected the first and last rent. I suspect him holding the mom’s things hostage.

Please list any valuable asset that was missing and if an inusrance or Bonding claim was filed and the result of the claim.

I didn’t know the name of the insurance, I just knew of its existence. Anyone who knows my mother knows our family believes heavily in insurances, but not my brother as he did not consider himself family with us. I always tried to unite him and get him to change how he didn’t see us (Mom and I) as family. That’s how he found out to take mom from me is because I called him for help to let mom have a break so that she wouldn’t be so angry and then he voiced no, he wanted to take mom over.

Did a nursing home get paid any kickbacks for placing the disabled there? NO, But mom’s car was given away to someone, but no one was allowed in the family. The guardian was stating that my brother thought he would get the car if I was happy he didn’t. I told her of course not. I know that I, my daughter, and mom’s niece all inquired to buy or sell the car, but we were all blocked away. Then when my brother does what he does, took over and went to the bank to buy it the guardian sold it out from under him. I would rather my brother have the car than an outsider. Now my brother is the type who would rather see mom or I lose than what’s fair due to his hatred. But even after all that my brother has done I do not hate because he’s been sick all his life. From the age of about 4 or five years old my brother sold our baby brother Pat to our neighbor for a candy bar and never tried to get him back. This is the way he was from birth just sick greedy.

Did the disabled get the funeral and burial of his or her choice? My brother does not KNOW my mother he will not be able to fulfill her wishes because he doesn’t know them.

Further Comments:

If you need the daily documented emails you can create a folder for my emails and I can send the many of them. Or I could send a sample of a few emails. The video of mom talking about having sex with my brother can be available here is the video EXACTLY ONE WEEK LATER with mother depressed for losing her lover. My brother said that I brain washed my mother into saying that she was having sex with him. But you could see the video this is a pure academy award acting. How could a person of dementia be taught to act like that and what was she going to gain? When my brother said to say that she did not want me to have guardianship she would get everything back from the court and her car and drive again. Of course mom didn’t want me for guardianship. She wanted her promise he had offered her. But what possibly can I offer mom with a five hour visit to act like she was having sex with my brother. And by the time she goes to the rape kit on Monday two days later she still is having a serious relationship with my brother, but by Friday she’s depressed and I supposedly made that all happen. Here’s mom depressed over losing her boyfriend, my brother.
This is so sad for me, but I can’t believe they forced mom to live like this. This was 2014. I can up load her happy excited about having sex with my brother but would put a privacy code. I can’t allow that video to be public it is so horrible for her to be on top of the world and happy because she’s having sex with her son.

This video is exactly one week later. Remember that I can’t have but 5 hours with my mother ONCE PER WEEK. They said mom can not be moved solely because no sperm was found even though the nurse told me that she can not RULE OUT that sexual act didn’t occur because this was three days later and mom could have not shown it, but just how mother talks about him not wanting the police to get him and her saying that she was married to him, that they are together this is a problem. Once week later you can see that mom understand that the relationship changed and that what my brother was doing before he is no longer doing. But the police over the rape, the guardians, prosecutors, APS all don’t want to help my mother out of this ordeal.

Let me know if you want more documentation of action emails.




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