Extremely distraught court abuse victim needs IMMEDIATE temporary emergency housing

Please call me if you have anything. She was rendered homeless and penniless in cases either without summons and complaint and no jurisdiction, or she received orders without notice or hearing.

She needs a clean place to stay, preferably with loving and very patient support.  She is clean, honest and a staunch conservative Roman Catholic.

Anything you might find or hear of would be most grateful.  Experience dealing with Legal Abuse Syndrome will be helpful (see book on this blog or youtube.com and search “legal abuse syndrome” for more information.

Please call me on my cell or text me.  773 255 7608 joanne


take care and thanks

From Atty Barbara Stone in Floria–ground zero for probate problems!

From: bstone12@hotmail.com
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Subject: My beautiful mom whose death was ordered by a black robed predator
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:16:16 -0400

Dear Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey

Please protect my beautiful defenseless elder mom, Helen Stone from life threatening danger.  She has been abused by being punched and shaken until she is black and blue.  She is being drugged by drugs so powerful that a 300 pound man would be knocked out.   Her speech is very slurred – she cannot speak because of the chemical restraints that are forced on her.  She was given fake glasses and cannot see.  She is isolated and is forcibly kept in a lock down facility in Miami, Florida. 

 My mom weighs less than 90 pounds because she was deprived her food money.  She was emergency admitted to the hospital after my spiritual leader visited her and found her unconscious and incoherent.   My vibrant mom who was always impeccably dressed now looks like a refugee from a third world country because she was emaciated.  She suffered surgery to implant a feeding tube although she is perfectly capable of eating because the criminal enterprise that owns her does not want to spend the time to give her food. 

My mom’s property and her treasured possessions have been looted.  She has been forcibly removed from her apartment that I found for her that she and my father proudly fixed up and made it their home.  My dad always wanted to be on the ground floor of an apartment building so I spent months finding them the perfect place that would suit their needs.

My mom always called me her heart.  We were inseparable – wherever we went, we were always told we looked alike. 

Now my mom can’t see me because someone who wears a black robe, operates under color of law abuse and issues death edicts wants her to die in isolation so the cabal that operates a criminal enterprise called “guardianship”  can steal her assets and possessions.  

Taking my mother’s possessions by theft ordered by a black robe predator is a sordid, discriminatory and criminal felony under Florida laws statute 825 and Federal laws 18 USC 4, 42 USC 1983 and 1985.  It is a heinous affront to a law abiding citizen.  Yet the plundering and beatings and atrocities committed on a vulnerable defenseless widow that has now been made public is tyrannical.  

 I wonder why the word ‘guardian” seems to have some different connotation when it is referenced by that term instead of the definitions that accurately describe the activities being perpetrated by the guardian enterprise- human trafficking, money laundering. crimes against humanity, color of law abuse, criminal enterprise, RICO crimes, identity theft, social security theft and discrimination.   

These are Federal and State crimes that fall under the purview of the Department of Justice and the FBI.    

I am the target of malicious retaliation for trying to protect my mom that is so vicious that I have no frame of reference to even comprehend.  I have been slandered and vilified with perjured with repeated stay away orders.   I have been denied the right to see my mother.  My mother does not even know why she cannot see me. 

The mastermind of this operation is an attorney who was found guilty of fraud, perjury and lying under oath by the 3rd DCA.   He uses my mother’s assets as his slush fund.   He has taken the law into his own hands with the collusion of a criminal wearing a black robe. 

This attorney, a criminal is thumbing his nose at you and taunting the law enforcement profession.  I have notified the police.  In utter astonishment and disregard for their duty to investigate, instead of doing so, they contact the very people who are abusing her who shut them down.  I have contacted Governor Rick Scott who is well aware that Florida’s citizens are being deprived of their life  by this criminal enterprise who informs me that although “he cares for our citizens”, there is “nothing” he can do.  


These are crimes of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. 


Please deputize me to enforce the law if law enforcement will  not enforce their laws..


How is it that our American justice system has come to this – where I must plead for my mother’s life? 


How can you tolerate this shameless unlawful abuse of an innocent law abiding defenseless citizen? 

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey- my parents were the foundation of America.  They meet in college after my dad did a tour with the army and served in Vietnam.  He received an honorable discharge and married my mom. the town beauty of a small town in the deep south – Canton Mississippi.  They moved there after college and opened a retail store.  The Kl Klux Klan reigned at that time.  My grandfather would go to the jail in the middle of the night to bail out persons who were discriminated against.  My parents would give clothes from their store on trust alone to the townspeople to take home and try on without being bullied by other customers.  My dad was a steadfast believer in human rights.

 This is a photo of my mom and I when I arranged a surprise birthday party for her before our encounter with this underworld operation.   The other attached photo is my mom’s emaciated body after the cabal took human possession of her and her money and deprived her of food.

This enterprise is a massive financial fraud scheme that dwarfs the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandal.   It is way overly ripe for your investigation.  It is rampant and as our population ages, it will explode and infiltrate crime into every pore of our country.

Massive emergency measures are needed.

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey, my mother is in imminent danger.  She is being kept isolated, denied her right to eat, she is being chemically restrained, denied her right to see me, her daughter and is kept in a lock down facility in Miami,  Florida.  Her body is frail and she is in life threatening danger.  

Please take my mother to safety and save her life.

Please, please have someone from your organization contact me and proudly carry out your law abiding protection of my mother.   



Barbara Stone


212.994.5481 – fax’



Favorite theme of this blog–how nursing homes threaten residents and their families if the family reports abuse

Below is a very sad story sent to me today from another state where a woman was isolated from her children after the children posted in detail how the nursing home was abusing the mother and other residents.

The nursing home used the GAL then to isolate the children from their mother and lock her down.


Unfortunately, these stories are rampant. Nursing homes get worse and worse with little meaningful inspections. Resdients (and the US govt) pay $4,000 to $7,000 per month (depending on the size of the estate), to put the resident in a nursing home bed, provide 1/10 of a $8 per hour employee per day (at home you would spend $150 per day for 100% hands on care and it would be less), feed the seniors cheap processed food from a food service (read, balogna sandwiches, processed eggs or mostly cereal for breakfast, etc. or about $2 per day for meals) and reap huge profits in a variety of ways already published here.


Nursing homes are inspected about once every 5 years across the US, if that.  A report of abuse (beating, starvation, hydration) will NOT bring an inspector out necessarily.  As in the Sykes case, the agencies are peppered with “inspectors” that ignore and do no meaningful inspections and just about always find in favor of the nursing home (ask John Wyman, his mother was beat with bruises, near death, and he had to submit the paperwork 3 times to get a finiding of “abuse indicated”–months later).


Now the nursing homes check social media, Yelp, etc. and demand the information come down.

Then they further abuse and isolate the senior–with permission of the court and the investigative agencies.

Dissidence in the US is no longer protected in the US where lucrative nursing home contracts are involved–it is crushed, the seniors further abused, and with a vengeance.

Of course, Ken and I have reported to askdoj@doj.gov and you all should do the same.


Keep on investigating and publishing. The canaries are starting to sing loudly.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 31, 2014 10:39 PM
To: Candice Schwager , Barbara Stone , JoAnne M Denison , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Harry Heckert , “J. Ditkowsky” , Tim NASGA , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Chicago Tribune , Chicago FBI , “FBI- ( (” , SUNTIMES , BILL DITKOWSKY , Ginny Johnson , Illinois ARDC , “Y. ACLU” , Fiduciary Watch , “hannity@foxnews.com” , Janet Phelan , Human Rights Watch
Subject: Re: Texas Complaint: Eligible for Steward v Perry?

Read 18 USCA 4.    It requires all citizens to report felonies to law enforcement.   What is happening in the elder cleansing scenario is a Felony.   We are just complying with the law.
The laws that are being violated in elder cleansing are:
1) Equal protection of the law – ADA, Texas guardian statute
2) Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment – right to liberty – ADA point out that reasonable accommodation must be made for a disabled person.    The state by declaring a person disabled invokes the rules of ADA.   This means that the guardian does not have carte blanc and a State court judge who does not make a reasonable accommodation is guilty of serious violations of ADA and civil rights.
3) The right to access a person’s funds requires due process – not a rubber stamp judge acting beyond his authority  = i.e. the felony of theft, fraud, theft by fiduciary etc.
4) as these actions are public officials acting in concert we have a conspiracy 18 UsCA 371.    As the mails and the wire is being used we have mail fraud 18 USCA 1341 and wire fraud.     As a pattern of felonies is being committed we also have a criminal RICO case.
5) As these transactions are  breaches of fiduciary relationship the funds obtained are ordinary income.    Tax evasion occurs when the event occurs!    the tax that is due is 100% of the funds that could be obtained (constructive receipt).
The responsibility to protect the public is with the Attorney General of the STate of texas and the United States of America.     I do not have an e-mail address for the AG of Texas or for Governor Perry so I would appreciate you forwarding this information to them.
Governor Perry should be sympathetic – he was the victim of a drunken states attorney of Texas who misused the grand jury – I wonder how he would feel if the miscreant pubic official had had him declared incompetent and appointed a guardian for him.   
Here in Illinois not only is that possible – in the case of Mary Sykes such a fiasco not only occurred but is still be covered up by public officials and the Courts.   Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC openly and notoriously has assaulted the First Amendment and laughs at the Rule of Law.    
Ms. Schwager – we here in Illinois support your efforts to rid Texas of elder cleansing.  This elder cleansing situation is a National disgrace and a black mark on America.    Our local ISIS is not made up of solely Muslim extremists – but corrupt public officials.    These people have driven up health care costs so that in the near future health care will not be affordable for the richest 1% of American.      Already many of the families of the elderly and the disabled who are being elder cleansed have lost patience with law enforcement and are looking for a 2nd amendment solution!   
I’ve copied the Justice Department!    Please forward to Texas law enforcement.    America does not need the war on the elderly and the disabled that is being conducted by the corrupt judicial officials and those acting in concern with them to turn violent.   Mr. Holder has the key and the solution – just see some indictments.   Here in Illinois we should start with Mr. Larkin!
Ken Ditkowsky
And apparently there are more attorneys now willing to talk about this extensive system of felonies.  I have a few more interviews coming up. Most likely without names, but I prefer the information of what the system is, how extensive it is, how it is covered up and how it operates to peddle influence and racketeer.

Ill. Supreme Court law on excessive legal fees — Cripe v. Leiter

See  http://www.state.il.us/court/Opinions/SupremeCourt/1998/October/Opinions/HTML/84117.htm

where the Ill. Supreme court confirmed that lawyer’s fees are excluded under the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, but for those of you out there that are livid over your trust’s or estate’s legal fees, read the case:

This court’s regulatory scheme extends to the area of attorneys’ fees. Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct specifically addresses the subject, providing, in pertinent part:

“(a) A lawyer’s fee shall be reasonable. The factors to be considered in determining the reasonableness of a fee include the following:

(1) the time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly;

(2) the likelihood, if apparent to the client, that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment by the lawyer;

(3) the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services;

(4) the amount involved and the results obtained;

(5) the time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances;

(6) the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client;

(7) the experience, reputation, and ability of the lawyer or lawyers performing the services; and

(8) whether the fee is fixed or contingent.” 134 Ill. 2d R. 1.5(a).

Rule 1.5 also addresses the attorney’s obligation to communicate to the client the basis or rate of the fee. 134 Ill. 2d R. 1.5(b). 

1.5 sets forth guidelines for contingent fee arrangements and the division of fees among attorneys. 134 Ill. 2d Rs. 1.5(c) through (j).


I think there is an argument that while the Illinois legislature said legal fees are not to be included under the CFA (which provides for legal fees in the enforcement thereof), the Illinois Sup. Ct. could have said, THEY are adopting the CFA as it applies to lawyers.

They had a chance to do some good, but did not.


This information was was Pat Smith, a new volunteer at Justice4 Every1, NFP.  We are always looking for volunteers to do investigations, case research and file research. Thanks

Interesting case, In Re Boyer In re Estate of Boyar , 2012 IL App (1st) 111013, on taking of benefits under a testamentary instrument

From a blog fan who pointed out an interesting legal concept that is alive and in force in Illinois

The Summary from the Reporter of Decisions:

In an action arising from a dispute over the trust established by
petitioner’s father during his lifetime, the trial court properly dismissed
the surviving son’s petition challenging an amendment naming
respondent as the trustee on the ground that under the election doctrine,
the son’s acceptance of benefits under the trust prohibited him from
contesting the validity of the trust, notwithstanding the son’s argument
that the doctrine applied only to wills, since it applies equally to wills and
trusts, his taking of personal property belonging to the trust as a partial
distribution of his interest in the trust ratified and confirmed the trust in
its entirety and precluded him from challenging the operation of the
document, regardless of his claims that the property taken was “nominal”
and that he lacked full knowledge of the circumstances when he took the
Upshot: if you’re thinking of contesting a will or trust, do NOT accept anything under that will or trust before you get your motion to oppose on file.
But, you should also be aware that in Illinois that “drop dead” clauses in wills and trusts are valid also.  These are clauses whereby if you contest the will or trust you take nothing or just a small percent of the estate.
I have drafted “drop dead” clauses for quite a few parents out there who had squabbling siblings.
take care

42 USC section 10201–the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, can it help Probate Victims and their families?

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 28, 2014 4:59 PM
Cc: Eric Holder , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Matt Senator Kirk
Subject: ADA

 Lets start putting this together.
Guardianship has been sued by the criminal element within the legal profession for a bunch of purposes.    In the Wyman case it was used to get rid of wife!    In **** to dissolve a business relationship.    In Tyler to steal eight million dollars, in Gore 1.5 million dollars, in Sykes almost 2 million dollars *****.   
I am certain that the funds obtained were not reported on either their State or Federal Income taxes!     It therefore follows that we have tax evasion.    
To translate into simple terms.    Let us assume that the guardianship statute was used to get rid of a business partner.  The business partner is a fiduciary and therefore no matter how many court orders are obtain from the Court, any benefit that is obtained is taxable for Federal Income Tax and State income tax purposes!     Also the partner is liable for the breach of fiduciary relationship to the subservient partner.    A fiduciary cannot profit from his/her misdeeds.
When others join the foray they become conspirators and share the liability – including the criminal liability.    The outrageousness of invasion of privacy adds to the liability (tort) and is entitled to redress.
The foregoing notwithstanding society pays a price for the wrongful conduct of the guardianship and the corrupt public officials.   An adjudicated person cannot enter into contracts and an entity that deals with the adjudicated person is guilty of a misdemeanor.    The contract is void!    However, the only rights that are taken from the victim are those that he/she cannot reasonable perform.
Let me suggest that the Court appointed guardian who allow a situation to exist in which a person is wrongfully placed in a guardianship  – and does not on his/her own end the guardianship has personal responsibility (pecuniary) for all the expenses incurred.    Taking the Mary Sykes case as an example – Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, et al are all aware that Mary Sykes was never legally incompetent and more importantly was never properly adjudicated.    The videos that JoAnn published on her blog demonstrate the wrongful incarceration, sequestration, and taking of Mary’s liberty and assets.     By participation in this fraud each has proactively caused Mary harm and should be liable to her and Gloria for this tort.  (See Article 1 Section 12) of the Illinois Constitution of 1970.     
Mr. Larkin for his participation and assault on the First Amendment should share jointly and severally the liability.      Certainly Larkin is aware of Congress’ statement, to wit:

42 U.S. Code § 12101 – Findings and purpose

Current through Pub. L. 113-142, except 128. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
prev | next
(a) Findings
The Congress finds that—
(1) physical or mental disabilities in no way diminish a person’s right to fully participate in all aspects of society, yet many people with physical or mental disabilities have been precluded from doing so because of discrimination; others who have a record of a disability or are regarded as having a disability also have been subjected to discrimination;

(2) historically, society has tended to isolate and segregate individuals with disabilities, and, despite some improvements, such forms of discrimination against individuals with disabilities continue to be a serious and pervasive social problem;

(3) discrimination against individuals with disabilities persists in such critical areas as employment, housing, public accommodations, education, transportation, communication, recreation, institutionalization, health services, voting, and access to public services;

(4) unlike individuals who have experienced discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, or age, individuals who have experienced discrimination on the basis of disability have often had no legal recourse to redress such discrimination;

(5) individuals with disabilities continually encounter various forms of discrimination, including outright intentional exclusion, the discriminatory effects of architectural, transportation, and communication barriers, overprotective rules and policies, failure to make modifications to existing facilities and practices, exclusionary qualification standards and criteria, segregation, and relegation to lesser services, programs, activities, benefits, jobs, or other opportunities;

(6) census data, national polls, and other studies have documented that people with disabilities, as a group, occupy an inferior status in our society, and are severely disadvantaged socially, vocationally, economically, and educationally;

(7) the Nation’s proper goals regarding individuals with disabilities are to assure equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for such individuals; and

(8) the continuing existence of unfair and unnecessary discrimination and prejudice denies people with disabilities the opportunity to compete on an equal basis and to pursue those opportunities for which our free society is justifiably famous, and costs the United States billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses resulting from dependency and nonproductivity.

(b) Purpose
It is the purpose of this chapter—
(1) to provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities;

(2) to provide clear, strong, consistent, enforceable standards addressing discrimination against individuals with disabilities;

(3) to ensure that the Federal Government plays a central role in enforcing the standards established in this chapter on behalf of individuals with disabilities; and

(4) to invoke the sweep of congressional authority, including the power to enforce the fourteenth amendment and to regulate commerce, in order to address the major areas of discrimination faced day-to-day by people with disabilities.
The do not think that the American government has ever had to deal with a cancer such as elder cleansing.      The corruption of certain judicial officials and certain members of the legal profession who facilitate this criminal behavior is so obnoxious that it warrants the strongest rebuke!     The Florida case of Stone is so obnoxious as stripped to its core is extortion by court order and misuse of the Courts.    It has the same ugly twin that give rise to the foreclosures of homes in which the plaintiff had no mortgage or note!    The distinction is that human beings are being treated as chattels!     Shades of Dred Scott and Buck vs. Bell!     
Democracy is not a spectator sport!     If we could just get State law enforcement to enforce the law diligently and honestly all of this will go away – unfortunately there is too much money to be made by the dishonest court appointed guardians and those who conspire with them.    
Ken Ditkowsky