Can columnists operate in the face of occupational licensing laws? YES

And, here we have a court correctly answering what columnists can and can’t do under free speech (of course if the licensing boards tracked down every blog and column in the US, and charged them with UPL or unlicensed Practice of Law their jobs would be never ending and they would only get a tip of the ice berg regardless.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Judge Scolds Kentucky for Trying to Censor Parenting Columnist

Associated Press
A federal judge spanked the state of Kentucky for trying to censor a prominent parenting columnist in a First Amendment ruling handed down this week.
The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology engaged in an unconstitutional “exercise of regulatory zeal” when it ordered syndicated advice columnist John Rosemond to stop referring to himself as a psychologist in the state, ruled U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove.
As Law Blog reported earlier, Kentucky officials accused Mr. Rosemond of giving parenting advice without a proper license. In 2013, at the behest of the state psychology board, the Kentucky attorney general’s office issued a cease-and-desist affidavit to Mr. Rosemond in response to a Feb. 2013 column he wrote.
The article, which ran in the Lexington Herald-Leader and dozens of other papers, concerned a couple who sought his advice on dealing with their “highly spoiled” underachieving teenage son. Mr. Rosemond wrote that the kid was in “dire need of a major wake-up call” and urged the parents to take away his cell phone and and driving privileges.
The state objected to Mr. Rosemond identifying himself as a family psychologist and giving individualized parenting advice, citing a law that makes it a crime to present oneself as a psychologist in Kentucky without a board-issued license. Mr. Rosemond is a licensed “psychological associate” in his home state of North Carolina. But because he’s not licensed in Kentucky, the state claimed he was engaging in “unlawful practice of psychology.”
In response, Mr. Rosemond sued, alleging that the state was violating his First Amendment rights to free speech. “It’s an outrageous attempt to limit a citizen’s right to seek advice on issues of living from whomever they choose,” he told Law Blog in an earlier interview. “I refuse to cooperate with their absurd demand.”
In Wednesday’s opinion, Judge Van Tatenhove said the speech at issue in the case deserves “the highest level of constitutional protection,” concluding that the psychology board had failed to articulate a compelling reason for curbing it.
[H]ad Rosemond represented himself to be a Kentucky-licensed psychologist or had he actually entered into a client-patient relationship in Kentucky, the outcome might be different. In the case at hand, he did not. All he did was write a column providing parenting advice to an audience of newspaper subscribers. To permit the state to halt this lawful expression would result in a harm far more concrete and damaging to society than the speculative harm which the State purportedly seeks to avoid, and perhaps that is the “wake up” call best drawn from the facts of this case.
The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology declined to comment on the ruling.
“This case raised one of the most important unanswered questions in First Amendment law,” said Paul Sherman, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, a public-interest law firm that represented Mr. Rosemond. “That question is: Do occupational licensing laws trump free speech? The district court correctly held that they do not.”
This means all of you out there are still free to write your “legal advice”, “medical advice”, and “counseling advice” on your blogs and to your friends without some licensing board charging you with violating licensing laws.  You don’t have to be licensed to have “Free Speech”–it still is an inalienable right under the US Constitution.  The federal judge was absolutely correct on this one.
Of course, I’m not even sure this was any sophisticated therapy, but more or less common sense.  It’s no secret if you teen acts out, take away whatever privilege they cherish most–driving, cell phone, internet.  It’s not hard today to discipline a teen, they rely on so much junk they think they need to be happy.  And you don’t even need to have a fight with them to do it.  The cell phone and internet companies are happy to not charge or charge very little to just shut the darned thing off during certain hours of day or night.  No fights involved.  No pulling the circuit breaker or anything.  I know certain parents to have thrown the X box out a 2nd story window when the grades came out.  The thing was lying on the front lawn when “Johnny” got home.  Amazingly, the darned thing survived (it’s solid state, no hard drive).  So this parental advisor’s advice wasn’t even particularly controversial.

From Ken Ditkowsky–Nursing home deaths that hide dirty little secrets

This morning on the MaryGSykes blog you exposed a dirty little secret, to wit: assisted INVOLUNTARY SUICIDE  is not gentile and the word involuntary is not the equivalent of voluntary.    In fact the word involuntary suggests that the people who assist a senior to kill himself/herself are not nice people and in fact are murders.

Your point out the following in your blog, to wit:
He died in January 2007 at age 76. On Shepter’s death certificate, Dr. Hoshang Pormir, the nursing home’s chief medical officer, explained that the cause was heart failure brought on by clogged arteries.   Shepter’s family had no reason to doubt it. The local coroner never looked into the death. Shepter’s body was interred in a local cemetery.
But a tip from a nursing-home staffer would later prompt state officials to re-examine the case and reach a very different conclusion.
When investigators reviewed Shepter’s medical records,  they determined that he had actually died of a combination of ailments often related to poor care, including an infected ulcer, pneumonia, dehydration and sepsis.
Investigators also concluded that Shepter’s demise was hastened by the inappropriate administration of powerful antipsychotic drugs, which can have potentially lethal side effects for seniors.
Prosecutors in 2009 charged Pormir and two former colleagues with killing Shepter and two other elderly residents. They’ve pleaded not guilty. The criminal case is ongoing.   

In the Jaycox matter, a similar situation occurred right here in Chicago.   A quick cremation eliminated any consequences and the nursing home operator was able to trot happily to the Bank with his booty.   In the case you cite, charges were brought in 2009.   It is now 2015 (almost 2016).   
Angelia Woodhull informed today that the money that the Guardian outright stole from her (with the appropriate court orders) still has not been returned.   Glenda still has not received the money stolen by the guardian from her husband ****.    What good is a remedy in which the bad guys never are required to make restitution even if a court orders it.
It may sound old hat and tired, but, as long as those public officials – such as Jerome Larkin –  who engage in the 18 USCA 371 conspiracies are immune from the justice system, paying the taxes due etc Justice will not only be delayed but will be farce.    Corrupt public officials such as Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 conspirators have to be vigorously prosecuted and every dime of taxes, interest and penalties due based upon their overt actions pursuant to the felonies of elder cleansing must be extracted.   Only by vigorous enforcement of the Rule of Law to eliminate Larkin and his co-conspirators from the equation will senior citizens and disabled people be safe!    (In other states the same approach has to be implemented)   Larkin et al teaching legal ethics is an affront to every intelligent citizen of America.
The outrage created by the silence of the legal community to your suspension for exposing the fraud of elder cleansing and the cover-up is outrageous and illustrative of the decline of American citizenship.    There must be people out there who still treasure America’s core values!
Dear Ken;
And to add to that, I have a string of nurses who have told me that abuse is not reported by nurses under threats they will be fired.  Some nurses have tried it, and were then fired AND blackballed.
One current client told me he was a nursing home orderly in college and soon as either the government did not pay or the family didn’t, a quick death was conveniently arranged from management.
If this is the way we treat our seniors, then the US still is a 3rd world country.  There is evidence we belong more in the 3rd world status, to wit:  1) we do not have free health care for the middle class and poor; 2) our minimum wage is not a living wage, as most industrialized countries; 3) the disparity between what a CEO makes and management continues to rise to 300 to one, whereas it used to be 15 to one (that is, it used to be a worker making $15,000 per year had a CEO making $225,000 per year); 4) we still have the death penalty in some states; 5) vacation time in the US is not mandated by law and falls into the 2 to 3 week category, while Europe has 4 weeks for the average worker; 6) we still do not have an Equal Rights Amendment, and most European countries have passed that and eliminated pink collar discrepancies; 7) survey after survey, our workers are in general more dissatisfied with their pay and benefits than the same workers in Europe; 8) college is low cost or free (many US students study abroad now to save money); etc.
Of course, the retort to that is that we have more minorities and are not as homogenized as Europe, but that’s not really true either.
So, I guess unreported deaths and cover ups are just one more indicator.
But they need not be.  We know who the culprits are–Jerome Larkin and staff and they can and should be replaced by the Supreme Court of Illinois.  SCOI created them and if they turn into a bad apple, SCOI should take them out.
Lawyers should be honest, ethical and trustworthy.  They should speak up and out for every injustice–especially in the US where so many, many immigrants come from 3rd world and unjust countries.  England at one time was a horribly unjust monarchy and many of our first immigrants were from there.  King George was a tyrrant upon us, and the US Constitution was established to remedy that.
Now we find the mobs and their family members infiltrating our court system and states attorneys offices and nothing is done (Madigan–daughter of drug lord lawyer Joel Murray, NY, Marilyn F in the Official Court reporters directs reporters to alter transcripts, the ARDC hires Morgan and Messina to change my transcript, Presiding Judge Timothy Evans has 2 daughters in the court scheduling department for $100k each, plus Rosemary Roti, daughter of a mob member Frank Roti from New York.  We have to stop all of that.  Pennsylvania has shut down its Kids for Cash program and Illinois must do the same.
To wit:
1) the Illinois ARDC must file ethics reports as mandated by the Illinois Legislature (can’t believe they stand for the fact that the ARDC is essentially flipping the Legislature the bird on this one and the Legislature takes it);
2) all lawyers and judges have to be tested with brain scans for psychopathy, narcissism and sociopathic brain responses;
3) same for the Judicial Inquiry Board.  It should either be directed by SCOI to do it’s job or it should be wiped out.

From the Pro Publicia Website – Senior deaths rarely investigated

Making the cover up of crimes especially easy for public official hired to “look the other way” such as Jerome Larkin.

Read On:

A retired U.S. government scientist, Shepter spent his final two years dwelling in a nursing home in Mountain Mesa, Calif., a small town northeast of Bakersfield. A stroke had paralyzed much of his body, while dementia had eroded his ability to communicate.

He died in January 2007 at age 76. On Shepter’s death certificate, Dr. Hoshang Pormir, the nursing home’s chief medical officer, explained that the cause was heart failure brought on by clogged arteries.

Shepter’s family had no reason to doubt it. The local coroner never looked into the death. Shepter’s body was interred in a local cemetery.

But a tip from a nursing-home staffer would later prompt state officials to re-examine the case and reach a very different conclusion.

When investigators reviewed Shepter’s medical records, they determined that he had actually died of a combination of ailments often related to poor care, including an infected ulcer, pneumonia, dehydration and sepsis.

Investigators also concluded that Shepter’s demise was hastened by the inappropriate administration of powerful antipsychotic drugs, which can have potentially lethal side effects for seniors.

Prosecutors in 2009 charged Pormir and two former colleagues with killing Shepter and two other elderly residents. They’ve pleaded not guilty. The criminal case is ongoing.

Note this article is from a journalist associated with NPR (National Public Radio) and Frontline

How much longer will the ARDC cover up deaths such as Sykes, Drabik, Nash, Richards, etc.–so that connected attorneys in probate can continue to run their cottage industry of death and greed?

Files need to be pulled and audited, statements need to be taken, discovery issued and attorneys and their tied in service providers (that often provide no services at all) need to be called in and deposed.  All staff and managers and attorneys at the ARDC and in our court system need to be tested for psycopathy and narcissism before they continue on their jobs.

The public and other lawyers are paying huge, huge sums of money when milllions fall of the inventories of probate wards, caring family members are granted bogus protective orders when they stand up in court for their loved ones, they are maligned, slandered, libeled, false lighted  and told they are crazy when they insist on no psychopathic drugs (these are illegal and not FDA approved to give to seniors), and due process for their seniors.

The articles are getting worse and worse Mr. Larkin.  They do not support your position of covering up the suspicious death of hundreds of seniors every year.

Join with us and start investigating these deaths.  Call in attorneys such as Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel who falsely claimed $200,000 of Gloria’s money and sold Mary’s home for 25% of it’s true value and $1 million loss in coins was never investigated and discovery was quashed repeatedly, even by the ARDC.

Your complaince, and the aid and assistance of Ms. Opryszek, Ms. Leah Black Guiterrez and Steven Splitt–an (no) ethics attorney is about the worst behavior I have seen of a group of attorneys whose sole purpose is to PROTECT the public and not cover up for clouted attorneys.

Join with me and Ken and start to clean up this mess.

There is no way that any of the miscreants deserved a dime of the $160k in fees that they took from poor Mary–narcotized to death when the money ran out.

The above story is worse that that of Mr. Shepter because we know ATTORNEYS and JUDGES covered up some serious deviations from the law to take $160k in fees.

Someone will eventually investigate and correct the severe derrogation of the human and civil rights of Mary G Sykes with sooooo many attorneys outraged by the mis-behavior of the miscreants.  It should have been you and your staff in connjunction with Ms. Madigan, but nothing happened.  18 USC section 4 applies to you and your staff.  18 USC section 371 says that you and your staff are jointly and severally liable–fees, fines, penalties and punitive damages.

Time to step for ward and do your job.  Investigate poor Mary, who now lies in a crypt at a local cemetary.


From Ken Ditkowsky — Elder abuse, the Ultimate Betrayal

From Ken Ditkowsky;
JoAnne – you and we disciplined by the Illinois Supreme Court for pursuant to Rule 8.3 and our First Amendment Rights asking for an HONEST investigation of the corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials who were carrying on a WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.   It looks like out persistence and refusal to attorn to the intimidation meted out by Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators is paying off.
A lawyer who I’ve known for about a decade, approached me this morning to inform me that Consumer Reports had a bunch of articles this month dealing with Elder abuse/exploitation.   The treatment of the subject was benign, but at the very least it was a recognition that there is a serious problem.    The corrupt judicial aspect of the problem does not appear to be the focus of the articles, but, if an when law enforcement efficaciously investigates the problem they will connote the role of the corrupt lawyer whether he be judge, disciplinary official, appointee, judicial official or guardian appointed by a Court.    (I did not specify corrupt court, as even judges involved in these wrongful guardianships can be duped.   The perfidy of the GAO in the Gore case is so extreme that her being a practicing lawyer is dumbfounding.   (the prospecting for gold in Alice Gore’s mouth, the removal of 29 teeth, and the harvesting of the gold blows my mind.   Any lawyer who can participate in such a crime against humanity ****).
An article was able to retrieve states:

The ultimate betrayal

Tabloid coverage of the Brooke Astor case helped raise awareness of elder financial abuse.
The New York Post called it the “swindle trial.” Jurors likened it to a “Shakespearean tragedy.” When New York socialite Anthony D. Marshall was convicted of defrauding and stealing from his elderly mother, philanthropist Brooke Astor, reports detailed how he conspired with lawyer Francis Morrissey to amend her will in his favor, took millions without her consent, and lifted paintings from her walls while she languished in her Park Avenue home. The trial painted a portrait of greed and filial neglect. Both men were sentenced to one to three years in prison and are currently out pending appeal.
Elsie Brooks’s lifestyle was a world apart from Astor’s, but their stories are tragically similar. When she was 72 she sold her mobile home and moved in with her daughter and granddaughter in Monterey, Calif. She decided she didn’t want to deal with her finances any longer and let the two take control. But her daughter, Lisa Karen MacAdams, and granddaughter, Christi Schoenbachler, drained Brooks of jewelry, furniture, and an annuity worth almost $90,000, and abandoned her at a nursing facility, according to court documents. They were convicted of grand theft and financial elder abuse, both felonies, and two counts of misdemeanor elder abuse. Last summer, a California appeals court stayed one of Schoenbachler’s misdemeanor charges.
Elder financial abuse is “the ultimate betrayal,” says Colleen Toy White, a superior court judge in Ventura County, Calif., who sees roughly 40 cases of such abuse each month. “It’s shocking to see how vulnerable the elder person is.”
We’ve told you about scams by strangers, among them fraudulent sweepstakes phone calls and investments, and grandparent scams (“Scamnation!,” October 2012 issue). Far more insidious are deceptions by neighbors, friends, employees, and relatives—the very people entrusted to care for and protect seniors.
Such abuse can be financially and emotionally devastating. And experts say it’s likely to increase because of a stalled economy and an aging population. Awareness is rising thanks to cases such as Astor’s. Yet because seniors might not recognize when it happens to them or are too ashamed to speak, the crime lurks largely out of sight.
For more tips, read the Consumer Reports Retirement Guide.
In a randomized New York telephone survey released in 2011, for instance, seniors mentioned being victims of financial exploitation more frequently than any other type of abuse. Yet the study estimated that only 1 in 44 incidents of financial elder abuse is officially documented.

“Nearly every time I lecture on financial abuse, people will approach me with their personal stories,” says Elizabeth Loewy, a Manhattan assistant district attorney and lead prosecutor on the Marshall case. “They will talk to me about their grandmother, aunt, or neighbor, usually a senior with cognitive issues, who had ‘this problem.’ And it’s like a light will go on, and they’ll ask, ‘So this could be a crime?’ ”

Imagine for the moment what Alice Gore, Helen Stone, Carol Wyman, Mary Sykes et al all felt as they were being elder cleansed.    Mary Sykes was no incompetent and no shrink so testified prior to the guardian was appointed to abuse, exploit her, and separate her from her liberty and property.    Each of the corrupt attorneys involved in the case was fully aware of the criminal activity.   The Judge knew or should have known that she never held a hearing and had a file before her in which fraud was patent and no jurisdiction had been obtained.    Everyone involved knew the score including Mary, her daughters, her friends, the members of her church etc BUT  because of Jerome Larkin’s participation in the ‘coverup’ Mary died without vindication or Justice.

The amount of money that was garnered by the miscreants was more than sufficient incentive for one of the guardian ad litem to panic when she saw in the blog “probate sharks” a reiteration of JoAnne and my calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.     It was no real surprise that Lea Black and Jerome Larkin felt the need to try to intimidate me into silence with disciplinary proceedings and it was a foregone conclusion that when JoAnne Denison took up the torch and published the Call for Justice on her blog that her license to practice law in Illinois was doomed.    Larkin and his band of co-conspirators could never allow any HONEST investigation of the elder cleansing scandal as it applied to Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carol *****.    
How does a senior protect himself or herself?     Unless the tax man collects the State and Federal Income taxes due from Larkin and his 18 UsCA 137 group; or unless there is a vigorous and public prosecution of Larkin and his 18 USCA 137 group there is no way.   Appearing before a corrupt judge who is profiting by the elder cleansing (directly or indirectly) is a vain act.   Writing to frightened elected officials who are afraid to mention the word “elder cleansing” in the same sentence with the names of any of the co-conspirators gets us nothing.

Ken Ditkowsky

From Michael Volpe–an excellent book on corruption in the courts

My review for Amazon:

Michael Volpe’s Book on Chris Mackney–describes court corruption in amazing detail.

I have just finished Mr. Volpe’s book on court corruption, and in particular the experiences of Mr. Chris Mackney-as he worked his way through a highly troubled divorce with a ex-wife with an interesting family secret that came out during his own internet research: it was there he discovered that his wealthy father in law had been convicted of murder, had likely been involved in much more criminal activity, and his ex-wife conveniently forgot to tell him during their long marriage.

As a result, the father-in-law, a Mr. Scamardo (what an apropos name), went to great lengths to fund a divorce for $1.2 million which of course involved dozens of failures of the court to simply follow the law, set reasonable child support for the father and a fair co-parenting schedule. What happened instead was a complete nightmare leading to his own suicide when judgments against him ended up for over $100,000.  Mr. Mackney never in fact did receive his share of equity in the marital residence which would have wiped out the debt; instead he continually struggled to fend off multiple unfair motions, one after the other.  His ex-wife had him arrested and jailed four times.  Once she and her attorney claimed attempted extortion when, after multiple attempts to reduce his child support to a level he could afford, he threatened to go to the media if it wasn’t reduced.  He spent 3 months in jail awaiting trial, only to have the jury acquit him of extortion, deciding that child support is for the child so no money could be extorted from the ex-wife.

During the overly litigious divorce, the extreme motion practice of his ex-wife cost him his job and all future job prospects.  One job was lost when Mrs. Mackney went and tried to depose his boss.  That was the end of that job.

Mr. Mackney’s child support was based on an old tax return when he happened to make over $250,000 for the year as a Realtor in 2007, at the height of the real estate boom–something he never did before, or after that year.  But the child support was set at $2,800 per month year after year and the court refused his many motions to decrease it at any time, even after Mr. Mackney lost his job, had no income and his ex-wife continually hounded him in court and harassed him outside the courtroom.

There are great descriptions of many of the lengths his ex-wife went to engaging in deception, trickery, parental alienation, describing him as mentally ill, when he clearly was not.

Mr. Mackney lost his custody rights when he failed to fax in one receipt to the court–he simply forgot or was confused.

Of course, all of Mrs. Mackney’s sins were always forgiven by the court.

Mr. Mackney, for most of the divorce proceedings, was forced to attend court pro se because he had no income and no attorney.  In addition, “professionals” assigned to the case always sided with the wife, because, as many of you already know, he who pays gets the total cooperation from any professional assigned to the case and will attack the less wealthy litigant, engaging in slander, libel, false light and defamation, unless and until the appropriate fees are paid.  Make no mistake, there are court appointed experts that can be bought and who can change their testimony for the highest bidder and most prompt payer.

The book is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it for those going through, or might possibly face, a contentious and overly litigious proceeding with someone hell bent on utter destruction of their ex.  Utter destruction of a spouse, parental alienation, Legal Abuse Syndrome, suicide by men during divorce and other concepts of outrageous unjust litigation are aptly identified and discussed.

Highly recommended.  Thank you Mr. Volpe for bringing this to the attention of the public, and more particularly those who are in need of your expertise and analysis to protect them.  The book is interesting and well written.  The emails of Mr. Mackney during all his troubles and tribulations were preserved by Mr. Volpe and they are republished at the end of the book.  The ex-wife somehow was able to wrest a copyright registration out of the court, and she then went on a campaign of unconstitutional gag orders to remove all derogatory information about her and her ex-husband from the internet.

—–Original Message—–
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Sep 29, 2015 10:30 AM
To:  (write me for Ken’s list of people to email for assistance)
Subject: Re: Fw: Bullet points on Larkin

It is a shame that these stories are repeated over and cover again.   It is a bigger shame that Law Enforcement does not take the BULL by the horns and put these bastards out of business.     In each of these cases we have to address the issues of due process even before we can get into the issues of breach of fiduciary relationship.
That solved problem for her.    The Attorney Disciplinary commission did not have to go that far – they just clairvoyantly made up the facts that were missing.    In my proceeding acknowledging that the prior notifications were not provided and the Supreme Court of Illinois ruled that they were jurisdictional — THIS FACT MAKING THE PROCEEDINGS A LIE — they just said that the family had knowledge of the hearing and therefore there was no need for notice.
They forgot one fact!    There had been no hearing, so having knowledge of the fact was impossible.
Do not confuse me with the facts – I’ve made up my mind is the credo of the Illinois Disciplinary Commission under the ‘cover up’ administration of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court.
If you remember – as kids we played a game of treasure hunt:     Let’s have a treasure hunt in each of the cases:   For me let’s do it in Sykes:
Find the following in the Mary Sykes file 09 P 4585:
1) Summons that complies with that required in 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.
2) Return of summons properly verified by a Sheriff’s deputy.
3) Notice 14 days prior to hearing on Mary Sykes’ competency addressed and served on either of Mary Sykes two siblings or her younger daughter.
4) Any indication that a single word of testimony was taken as to Mary Sykes’ competency.
None of these items exist!     Thus, every dime taken in the Mary Sykes case has been obtained by theft!    Every judge who signed an order in this case is a co-conspirator in the criminal activity.    Every effort at cover – up is a criminal activity and a disbarment offense.
JoAnne Denison and I, as ordinary citizens, asked for an HONEST INVESTIGATION – instead we got suspensions of our law licenses.   You and others like you complained in your respect States and you received abuse and loss of your inheritances.     AT THE VERY LEAST THE MISCREANTS OUGHT TO PAY THE FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAXES!
From Joanne;
And Ken, I would like to have you note for the record that NONE of the Kids for Cash judges was granted immunity for their roles in corrupting the Pennsylvania judicial system.  They’re all in prison for 15 to 30, and all the lawsuits filed by children and their parents will result in judgments against them.  It’s only fair and just.  Kids went to prison for years over things such as throwing gravy, food fights, shouting obscenities at adults,–one kid even went there because he criticized the school administration on his own blog! Talk of the injustices.  Many of these kid’s lives werer ruined, they did not go to college or even finish high school and many still live in terror and will not leave their home. They fear police, the schools and most adults.  I don’t blame them.
In many ways the Disableds for Cash program is the same.  They are put in locked down nursing homes, drugged against their will (Wyman, Frake, etc.), they never see the light of day (Spera) and their homes are sold at deep discounts to cronies and real estate investment companies (Sykes, Wyman-attempted), many are put in highly abusive situations (Frake, Sykes, Wyman, etc.) and for them death is the only way out, narcotized to death when the money runs out (Drabik, Richards, Tyler, Gore, Baker, etc.)  Soooo many people read and like the blog and can identify with it, hundreds of views per day, plus the other blogs, this is a situation that will eventually explode, as you said, in many ways it is far worse than Greylord which just involved DUI’s and penny ante traffic tickets.
This involves the hundreds of millions ushered via Probate Court every year, and there are many nefarious undertakings which surface–which Jerome Larkin will cover up in a second to protect cronies.

New FBI Agent in Charge of FBI — Michael Anderson with a degree in accountancy and white collar crime

from the FBI website press release:

Michael J. Anderson Named Special Agent in Charge of Chicago Division

Washington, D.C. September 21, 2015
  • FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691

Director James B. Comey has named Michael J. Anderson special agent in charge (SAC) of the FBI’s Chicago Division. Mr. Anderson most recently served as SAC of the New Orleans Division since 2012.

Mr. Anderson began his career as a special agent with the FBI in July 1995. He first reported to the Miami Division, where he investigated public corruption, including a juror bribery case involving a continuing criminal enterprise that imported more than 75 tons of cocaine into the Miami metropolitan area.

In 2001, he was promoted to a supervisory special agent position in the Public Corruption Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division, where he served as the FBIHQ liaison to numerous investigations, involving judicial, law enforcement, contract, regulatory, municipal, and congressional corruption.

Later that year, Mr. Anderson reported to the Washington Field Office to supervise investigations into public corruption, government fraud, and civil rights. During his tenure, he supervised the investigation of super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson.

In 2006, Mr. Anderson returned to the Public Corruption Unit at FBIHQ as its chief. In this role, he oversaw the Hurricane Fraud Initiative to address Katrina-related public corruption and government fraud, and he launched the International Contract Corruption Initiative (ICCI) targeting Iraq reconstruction-related fraud and corruption. The ICCI eventually evolved into a permanent unit in the Criminal Investigative Division.

In 2007, Mr. Anderson reported to the Dallas Division as an assistant special agent in charge overseeing intelligence, public corruption, white-collar crime, civil rights, covert operations, and the foreign language program.

Mr. Anderson returned to FBI Headquarters in January 2011 as the chief of the Employee Services Section in the Human Resources Division. Among other duties, he oversaw the FBI’s performance appraisal and management system, awards, payroll and benefits, retirements, the on-boarding new employees program, and the Human Resources Division service center.

In July 2012, Mr. Anderson reported to the New Orleans Division, where he oversaw all FBI operations for the state of Louisiana. Notable successful investigations involved the Deepwater Horizon environmental disaster; former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin; and the Harvey Hustlers, a notorious neighborhood-based violent gang.

Before joining the FBI, Mr. Anderson received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Iowa and was employed by KPMG. He also received a Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University in Los Angeles. He is a certified public accountant and attorney.

Mr. Anderson is a native of Alexandria, Minnesota and is married with one daughter.

Mr. Anderson reports to Chicago in mid-October.

From JOanne

Sounds like this guy might be perfect to clean up both probate court and the ARDC with his degree in accountancy he will be well aware of the tax penalties for criminal activity at both the state and federal level, and he will also be aware that often attorneys, judges and court connected service providers can rip off, endanger and even murder (Sykes, attempted Carol Wyman, Gore, Drabik, Jaycocx, Richards, etc.)

I hope we can at least get autopsies and tox screens for all seniors  that die when the money runs out, such as Sykes, Baker, etc.