Lookie here– I told Judge McCarthy NOT to appoint they OPG, they’re evil, and 3,000 petitioners and a case and family on the South Side agree!


I think this says it all.

How in the heck can the OPG get away with such violations of civil and human rights AND WHEN AGAINST THE ELDERLY?!?!?!

what foxes are guarding this hen house?  The OPG, that’s for sure.

Now poor Janie Thomas lives in a locked down nursing home and her family is isolated from from her.

I warned Judge MacCarthy about this and she ignored me.  She was elected by the voters of the south side and said in her videos she would be “fair and just”.  But then she appoints the OPG for Janie Thomas and says “she has no choice”

Well, yes she did.

It’s like the judges in Roman times throwing the Christians to the lions.  Read or reread the story of Perpetua and Felicity.


another good story left out of the “bible” for being too feminist. shessh.

From the corruption report–the Red Light ticket scandal and a politician pubicly against corruption

First the red light ticket scandal, where everyone got a ticket, red light or not, turns out to just be a money laundering scheme for the rich and connected:


and from Palm Springs, ONE conservator (guardian) is replaced after years of incompetence and abuse:


Interestingly enough, read the article carefully and this Conservator had many other clients being neglected by her, and the court did not order an investigation into those wards either.


And now we have the Allen Frake estate where millions of dollars in investment properties are unrented, a court appointed nimrod never returns phone calls and is not renting them out at all.  The son, Gary Frake wants to take over the property management, rent them out and ensure profitability, but the court just hands it back to the care nothing guardian of the estate where nothing got done for 20 months, ignoring the son’s and only heir’s pleas for competent management.

Business as usual.

And now from a singular politician who acknowledges rampant corruption and vows to do something about it.  Why aren’t there more?  Why do the American citizens suffer so much?

Andy Ostrowski
Andy Ostrowski shared a link: “Family Law Report – Richard Fine Part…
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Looks like Bev Cooper stepped on JL/Myrrah’s last nerve!

I have to admit, I have never really seen such a letter from an allegedly professional organization.

As you will all recall, after 99 year old Alice Gore was guardianized, out of all the Gore/Cooper family members, a granddaughter was selected to become her guardian by the court and agreed to by the attorneys involved (see letter)–despite the fact the young woman had a long and extremely troublesome history of severe mental illness (which they were all informed of) and being in and out of psych hospitals and treatment!  Next Alice Gore is isolated for 10 months from over 20 long time friends and family, and the next time her beloved daughter sees her, 29 gold teeth (onlays, very expensive) have been pulled. She was perfectly capable of eating, she loved to eat!  With all teeth, she enjoyed steaks, hamburgers– you name it at age 99.  But, it takes too long for her to eat, so some miscreant tied in dentist (Bev has the name) pulls 29 gold teeth to mine them from poor Alice’s body while she is still alive, then they insert a feeding tube because she takes too long to eat.

Now, mind you, Bev Cooper offered to take her mother into her home and feed her herself, and take care of her–but those attorneys and the judge blocked that, instead opting for the mentally ill granddaughter, complete isolation of Alice Gore, pulling her teeth and forcibly putting in a feeding tube all because it takes too long for her to eat and the nursing home staff won’t be bothered!

So this is the response from the ARDC–Ms. Myrrah, who apparently squeals like a squish video victim so loudly it comes right thru in her letter, which I find to be amazingly unprofessional.  Ken’s comments are below too.


From Ken Ditkowsky to the Coopers who are shocked with outrage by the tenor of this letter:


same letter with my sticky notes:


This is exactly what I have been complaining concerning.    Why is Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission so complacent when serious crimes are committed by the attorney mentioned in the attached letter!
I submit that when a 90 year old woman is isolated from her family, her 1.5 million dollar estate is ravaged, her civil rights have been forfeited, and he teeth prospected for he gold filings at least one felony has been committed.  The corruption at Mr. Larkin’s Attorney Registration and Distortion Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois is documented by the attachment!    If Mr. Larkin felt the need to do the job that he is paid six figures to do, he would have discovered that the Alice Gore estate was so badly mismanaged and ravaged that the attorneys from the offices of the last guardian appointed were impressed by the obvious felonies that had been committed and were ignored by the authorities.  Of course Larkin recognizing the names of the miscreant attorneys just swept the felonies under the table.    An investigation as to why is more than called for!    18 USCA 4, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, fraud, and malfeasance of office are the first set of charges that come to mind that local and Federal authorities ought to consider bring against Larkin and those who act in concert with him.
Robbing the estate of a elderly person, who has been found disabled, is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   As Larkin has been informed of this conduct his culpability certainly is an issue!
Equally important in this case the suggestion that I personally received from a confidential source that the placing of Ms. Gore in a nursing home resulted in a ‘kickback’ for the orchestrating guardian ad item.    This ‘kickback’ is believed to be substantial.    N.B.   The kickbacks to guardians and guardian ad litem is something that Larkin is reported to be aware of for some time.    I suggested the same in an e-mail that Larkin received.    Why did averment (in light of the Gillman case) was not investigated is just more evidence of Larkin’s being an accessory to these criminal acts against the elderly.
Copies of this e-mail have been forwarded to law enforcement.   Health Care fraud and in particular guardian fraud has been ignored way too long!    Illinois is reported to suffer from a per capita fraud tax of $3008.   Public Officials such as Larkin who aid and abet these fraud by either incompetence, acting in concert, or otherwise must be brought before the Bar of Justice!    The attached letter is a gross insult not only to the taxpayers of the State of Illinois, but to every honest citizen.    Thumbing an official nose at the core values of America can not be forgiven!   Larkin should be made an example of, and the Alice Gore (like the Mary Sykes case) are posterboard examples of the perfidy that exists in Illinois!  (N.B. Please note – Larkin has used his office for the purpose of trying to stifle Attorney reports pursuant to 18 USCA 4. It is time for a demonstration by the United States of America that the First Amendment has meaning and that the United STates of America will not sit on its hands when the disabled and the elderly are being ravaged!
Ken Ditkowsky

You don’t have to go to the Mideast to find lawyers severely disciplined for protecting Human and Civil rights

Yep dissidence in the ranks of attorneys protecting human and civil rights is firmly dealt with by the likes of Jerome Larkin, head of the Ill. Atty. Discipline Commission, and not even the U.S. Sup. Ct will move a quill pen to stop it.

Read on from Tom Fields:

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Oct 19, 2014 11:07 AM
To: Tom Fields
Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Barbara Stone , Harry Heckert , Probate Sharks , Tim NASGA , “J. Ditkowsky” , Nasga Us , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Chicago FBI , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago Tribune , BILL DITKOWSKY , SUNTIMES , Janet Phelan , Ginny Johnson , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Cook County States Attorney , Illinois ARDC , Bev Cooper , FOX News Network LLC , Scott Evans , Diane Nash , Edward Carter , ISBA Main Discussion Group , Fiduciary Watch , Cook Sheriff , “tips@cbschicago.com” , Glenda Martinez , Jay Goldman , Garr Sanders , Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik , Elaine Renoire , Alyece Russell , RosANNa Miller , Robert Sarhan , Mary Richards , “Mr. Ray Kim” , Sylvia Rudek NASGA
Subject: Re: Ken, I Mentioned You in a Comment That I Posted Online at http://www.twcc.com/articles/2014/10/19/i/iran-bans-human-rights-lawyer-from-practicing-law

Thank you for thinking of me.  I view the suspension of my law license as a badge of honor.   As a lawyer grows to the maturity of having practiced law for over half a century, the lawyer looks back on the practice and wonders if he/she has made a difference and in what way.   It is very discouraging to recognize that the impact is significant only to you, your family, and your clients.    Thus, the lawyer wonders whether things would be different if he had to make clear stand between “right” and “wrong.”
In my case, when Adam Stern and Peter Schmiedel called me and made outrageous threats in April 2010 I had a choice.   I could walk away from a situation in which an elderly widow was being ravaged by a corrupt judge and her appointees to the point where she had been railroaded into a guardianship (sans jurisdiction, was isolated from her family, deprived of every civil liberty and her prior life, and her estate was being pillaged or I could stand up for the “core” principles of America that gave rise to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.    To the benefit of my self esteem, I had no hesitation!   I waded in with both feet.   I did my mandatory investigation and when the information my clients gave was verified I requested Law Enforcement do an Honest, intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation!    The result was I woke up in what appears to North Korea, and received from the Illinois Supreme Court a four year suspension from the practice of law – and grudgingly I am seeing some minute progress being made to re-mediate the health care fraud and to punish the miscreants.
It is abhorrent, but the most ethically challenged individuals that I’ve had contact with in my half century in the 2nd oldest profession still continue their assault on my First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments and the elderly widow (Mary Sykes) is still be exploited and treated as a non-human.   I’ve written to law enforcement every day in the hope that the words and phrases of the Congress and the Illinois Legislature will be given some force and effect.    I intend to write every day until the ‘cover up’ of elder cleansing ends.
Tom – thank you for not forgetting about me.   The retaliation by the miscreants and in particular those judicial officals who ignore the Core values of America is disheartening.   Lawyers (and public officials) take an oath!   As illustrated by the campaign ads that are no flooding the media – tooooooooo many of the public officials (including judicial officials) will say anything to get elected.   Here in Illinois we have a Senator who is running for election.  I wrote him concerning the elder cleansing holocaust.    He sent me a copy of some stupid speech he gave before congress on social security!!!    I have no doubt he will be re-elected!    We get the government we deserve!
Ken Ditkowsky

From: Tom Fields <tvfields@oh.rr.com>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 8:20 AM
Subject: Ken, I Mentioned You in a Comment That I Posted Online at http://www.twcc.com/articles/2014/10/19/i/iran-bans-human-rights-lawyer-from-practicing-law

I hope this meets with your approval.  If it does, I hope you and others will add your own comments.  I might look to see where else this story has been published and post this comment there too.
Tom Fields
—– Report That I Commented Upon —–
Iran bans human rights lawyer from practicing law
AP | Associated Press
Published October 19, 2014 08:28AM EDT
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency says a court has banned a prominent human rights lawyer from practicing her profession for three years.
Nasrin Sotoudeh claims that her country’s Bar Association has been under pressure to cancel her license to practice law since she was released from jail in 2013.
Sotoudeh, a mother of two, was sentenced to 6 years prison in 2011 on charges of spreading propaganda and conspiring to harm state security. She was granted an early release in September 2013, three months after the election of moderate President Hassan Rouhani.
—– Comment That I Posted —–
I am familiar with several U.S. attorneys (ex. Doug Schafer @ http://www.dougschafer.com and Ken Ditkowsky @ http://www.ditkowskylawoffice.com) who feel that they have been suspended or barred from the practice of law in the U.S. for similar reasons.  As Doug has explained online, he was disciplined in retaliation for exposing and bringing about the removal from the bench of a corrupt Washington State Superior Court judge.  Unfortunately, there are many U.S. attorneys and judges who have acted unethically, even criminally, who have never been disciplined.  I personally have conclusive evidence of this, but what is even more important (and needs to be reported) are the questions which I pose online in the 2-page PDF file at http://tvfields.com in connection with a Dallas, Texas case which ABC News and others reported.  I strongly encourage readers of this comment to go to http://tvfields.com, follow the link there to the 3-minute video from this case which ABC News broadcast, consider the questions posed there, and consider writing me (tvfields@oh.rr.com) for more information related to this questions.

From Glenda Martinez and Kenneth Ditkowsky on the need to report

From Glenda Martinez:

Dear Ken,
When I repeatedly reported the abuse of my husband Col. Alan Smith, to the APA, Ombudsman, and finally had to report his last injury to the local Law Enforcement agency, the results were:  RETALIATION BY THE VICIOUS GUARDIAN AND HIS EVIL ATTORNEY:  To isolate Alan from me,  by the guardian immediately requesting a fraudulent stay away order in the court.   This order was issued not even two weeks after my having law enforcement come to see the latest serious injury to my husband.
And I have not been permitted to lift it, the judge refuses to hear me, and my two attorneys….!    As a matter of fact, I could not even testify at that false hearing…later on I heard that my attorney was concerned that they had that day two bailiffs in the courtroom, and one woman bailiff, and they were going to proceed to arrest me….
In conclusion “retaliation” is what happens each time when I reported abuse, I reported it knowing that the guardian would retaliate, because it needed to be done, uncertain of consequences I would have to suffer.
**the guardian’s retaliation will escalate until they get you arrested, by the same law enforcement that was supposed to have looked into the incident of abuses!  My husband now has been deprived of all food and water, and a force feeding peg food put into his stomach!
In our case, the abuse reported was a half inch round shaped laceration to Alan’s right eye, with 6 steri strips put on it,  with severe black and blue all around the eye!
This was something serious enough,  for the police to see and investigate and so something about it, since this was the sixth injury reported to APS, elder abuse hotline, DCF,  ombudsman, and several other agencies each time it happened, with no results.
What came out of the “investigation” by the police, was nothing other than the guardian being called up and he and his cohort attorney, lying with complete fabrications, to the detective, who afterwards told me that “i had not told the truth, and that nothing had happened” even with the pictures of that and other incidents, and even after the police actually saw the injury, and even after the lieutenant told me,  “If it had been my wife, I would have had a whole squad there to investigate, you did the right thing”…his words…!
And the same thing happened with the state attorney investigation…a reply  letter sent to me with seriously wrong information on it.
I have even gone to the grand jury to testify, and never officially heard back from them…!
I have gone to the state reps, congressmen, all types of official agencies and entities, and no results…
My research into abuse by these deviant guardians, attorneys and judges goes into hundreds if not thousands of phone calls, web sites, addresses, etc. I can share the list with anyone who needs it.
**furthermore, the weirdest thing that has happened to me, is being stopped by two police cars with lights on following me  after I  recently visited a person under house arrest, having also to do with guardianship abuse!!!
Cannot name the person I had visited that afternoon,  but the police followed me as I left their parking garage,  and stopped and abused me with 3 huge false tickets. But from my auto I called an attorney, who instructed me to stay calm, and sign the tickets.
I really think that these corrupt young officers were under instructions from the guardian of this person under house arrest to follow and provoke me, and they thought I was going to be provoked sufficiently by that incident that they would have a reason to arrest me…..!  But I remained very calm, and casually did ask them, “why are you doing this, you know these are false tickets, and this is fraud…” I had called internal affairs and chief of police at that city, and they said they would investigate…
So now I had to go to yet another attorney, to defend me with this new matter!!!! the abuse just continues…
Anyone can call me with any questions…or comments or anything that may help me to see my husband which I
Have not seen now in months…! thank you…
Dear Glenda;
Thank you for sharing that painful story of abuse in Probate in Florida.  We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
On Sunday, October 19, 2014 8:38 AM, kenneth ditkowsky <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com> wrote:
There is no excuse for not reporting to law enforcement and in particular the United States of America, Department of Justice the incidents of Elder Cleansing that are being experienced by you and your loved ones.   The retaliation is also a matter that should be reported.
Yes, I am aware that for demanding an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of Elder Cleansing in the Mary Sykes case I was suspended from the practice of law for four years by a corrupt public figure (Jerome Larkin) who acts in concert with other corrupt public figures in the pro-active promulgation of elder cleansing.   The fact that I have not been silenced demonstrates to everyone that you are not alone and the First Amendment is still alive and well.  It also demonstrates that each person affected by the elderly cleansing cottage industry has a person duty to themselves to stand up and be heard.
To make a complaint you do not need a form, you do not need to jump through any hoops, all you have to do is put your complaint in writing and communicate it to law enforcement.   If you send me a copy I will forward it.   Dr. Sugar, Ms. Barbara Stone, Attorney JoAnne Denison and others will also forward it to law enforcement.   Please include the following in your complaint:
1) your name, and the identity of the person affected by the abuse, exploitation, or cleansing.
2) contact information
3) chronological concise statement of the facts upon which your complaint is based.
4) such other information as you feel is important.
Retaliation by corrupt Judicial,and Political people is just as criminal as the act of separating a citizen from his/her liberty and stealing their savings!    As an example, 18 USCA 4 requires that felonies be reported to law enforcement and thus, Mr. Jerome Larkin (administrator of the IARDC) in attempting to thwart the reports by attorneys is an accessory, obstructing justice, aiding and abetting, and acting in concert.    His retaliation against me is an independent offense.    I’ve made complaints to the Justice Department and law enforcement and I am prepared to join in the prosecution.
There is no magic in this situation.    The assault on the Bill of Rights and the Elderly (and disabled) by a small group of corrupt Judicial and Public figures cannot be tolerated.   The retaliation, if any, that has occurred is similarly unacceptable and has to be dealt with vigorously and without further delay.
I hope by these e-mails I am setting an example as to what is required of an American citizen when faced with a domestic ISIS attack on our and America’s core values by people who we trusted and owe us a duty of honesty and honor, but have dishonored themselves!   We honor our heritage by the simple act of reporting to law enforcement the  acts of people such as public figure Jerome Larkin and demanding that Law enforcement do its job and require a Grand Jury to do an Honest Complete Intelligent and comprehensive investigation of individuals such as Larkin, his role in the obstruction of justice, and whatever pro-active promulgation of the War against the Elderly and the disabled he has in fact participated.  In particular we want to know why Larkin and the IARDC was so upset with the Call for an Honest, complete and comprehensive Investigation.   We want to know why Barbara Stone was jailed for being a good daughter.   We want to know why Gloria Sykes’ insurance settlement was literally stolen from her.   We want to know why *******

From Ramsey Bawrey, Esq. in Mass. – Warning signs of abuse and the same issues found elsewhere in the court system

From: Ramsey Bahrawy
Sent: Oct 18, 2014 11:02 AM
To: JoAnne M Denison
Cc: Atty Barbara Stone , Atty Ken Ditkowsky , “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” , Candice Schwager Law Firm and blog fan , Atty Diane Soderberg blog fan , Atty Susan Brazas Rockford blog fan , Dr Richard Cordero corruption consultant and blog fan , Tom Gearhart Baker Miller Law
Subject: Re: Read last line…to all of us who tried to report our story of – Abuse, Neglect, Financial Exploitation

Dear  Ms Denison,
Thank you for your email. May I suggest that you helped make my point. The corrupt professionals you reference can only be successful because they are trusted.
I want it known that in the 33 years that I have operated and   maintained  my private practice, neither I nor any of my associates have never sought to be appointed as a guardian, guardian ad litem or conservator. I have also never acted an executor. I have always acted as he lawyer advocating for my client.
Elder abuse is a scourge that our society needs to eradicate. Unfortunately the Elder Justice Act has been grossly underfunded as a large number of  conservative members of Congress believe  that elder abuse should be a handled as a family issue without government intervention.
Ramsey Bahrawy, Esq
On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 11:42 AM, JoAnne M Denison <jdenison@surfree.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Bahrawy;

My blog and most of the focus on what we do is not elder abuse from individual members of the public, but on the professionals that prey on the elderly–probate attorneys, professional GAL’s, tied in service providers that bill but are not needed but do not perform, guardianships by non relatives that deplete the estate and are not wanted by the alleged ward, guardianships without jurisdiction–no summons or complaint to the alleged ward and family.

These situations cause millions of dollars to fall off inventories and accountings.

Further, the “symptoms” you report are common in nursing homes where wards are placed against their will and homes are sold–are de regiueur in for profit nursing homes in Illinois.

The problem isn’t so much an individual spouse that is elderly that neglects, or a child that neglects to ensure safety, food, medicine, etc. for aging mom and dad, but it’s mostly our own probate system, I have found that causes the problem, and since it’s “professionals” that are involved they know how to take the money and run and cover their tracks.

Sykes–$1 million missing in gold coins, no jurisdiction, no summons or complaint, advance directives ignored by tied in court; Wyman– husband wanted to get rid of wife and concocted a deal with probate attorney Sharon Rudy to place mom in worst nursing home in Rockford where she was beaten and sexually abused near daily and the court granted guardianship without jurisdiction first–summons and complaint (read his book), Fracke – placed in nursing home against his will, millions in real estate not rented out for 2 years by professional guardian, hip problems not investigated by guardian after constant complaints by him and family, court ignores (to be published today on my blog), Alice Gore had 29 gold onlays mined from her after she was isolated first from 20 friends and family for 10 months, Alice Gore took “too long to eat” in nursing home so they put in feeding tube, etc., etc. the list goes on (see my blog).

Those are the most disgraceful, insulting cases there are and authorities refuse to investigate, no action is taken against the actors, except for the embarrassment from my blog.

The few cases the public sees–a spouse that is elderly, a child that is neglectful of his or her duties–those are rare and not much of a problem compared to many, many cases my blog and supporters see each and every day.  NASGA and Probate Sharks blogs and my blog currently work together in this fight to publish and expose, publish and expose because the authorities do NOTHING.  Our own ARDC or Atty Discipline Commission does nothing at best, and at worst goes after any attorney that exposes the corruption.

The media won’t publish because they are threatened with lawsuits from powerful judges and attorneys.

The only attorneys I know that will speak out against the corruption are myself, Ken Ditkowsky (suspended for 4 years for telling the truth about Sykes), Mr. Amu (suspended for 3 years for telling the truth about the Law Division judges) Tom Gearhart and myself who is awaiting my discipline from the ARDC for telling the truth about Sykes and other horrendous cases such as Gore, Bedin, Spera, Wyman, Sykes, Drabik, Tyler–all horrendous, unresolved and uninvestigated cases.

thank you for listening.

may I publish your original email on my blog?



—–Original Message—–
From: Ramsey Bahrawy
Sent: Oct 18, 2014 9:19 AM
To: Alyece Russell
Cc: ginny johnson , Glenda Martinez , rudy bush , LFE Siwo , Linda Kincaid , Barbara Stone , Bev Cooper , David Cox , JoAnne M Denison , “ken@ditkowskylawoffice.com” , kev@cbsnew.com, Danielle Jesserer , Elaine Renoire , Marti Oakley , Sylvia Rudek , Bennett Blum , Joe Roubicek , Randy Thomas , “Wilson, Diane L.” , kit fay , feb3al@aol.com, Wes Bledsoe , carolberry2013@gmail.com, Mary Forman , Bill Campbell , Curt Baggett , peisler@usatoday.com, Gerald Neuman , Nancy Vallone , Maria Adams , hadrian , joe bonturi , johndubose51 , Lisa Bokesch , Lindsey LaRocque , JOHN RUSSELL , Jim5229@aol.com, J B Simms , doraiola , jody kennington , melbashealy , bonnie haag , bill@lawlessamerica.com, Sam Sugar , SUNTIMES , Human Rights Watch , “ElderAngels, Inc.”
Subject: Re: Read last line…to all of us who tried to report our story of – Abuse, Neglect, Financial Exploitation

Excellent information. However it is important to remember 2 important facts 1. most elder abuse is perpetrated by someone the elder knows and trusts, and 2. financial institutions are potentially on the front line when it comes to reporting suspected elder financial exploitation . Yet, unfortunately. many  financial institutions fail to recognize both their liability in failing to report suspected financial exploitation and their customer service responsibility to report suspected elder financial exploitation.

I believe it is going to take a mega lawsuit to get financial institutions to recognize that it is in their  interests to report elder financial exploitation.

Ramsey Bahrayw, Esq
On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 7:31 AM, Alyece Russell <llessura@gmail.com> wrote:

Three Indisputable Facts about Elder Abuse:
Other than the victim’s age, elder abuse is a CRIME which is indiscriminate in choosing who it strikes,  Factors such as one’s socio-economic status, gender, race, ethicity, educational background and geographic location do not provide an impregnable barrier against its broad, horrible reach.
Elder abuse victims often live in silent desperation, unwillinging to seek assistance because they
unfortunately believe their cries for help will go unanswered and they fear retaliation from their abusers.  Many remain silent to protect abusive family members from the legal consequences of their crimes or are too embarrassed to admit that they have fallen victim to predators.  Others fear that no one will believe them – chalking up their allegations to the effects of old age.
Thus, it may take the courage of a caring family member, friend or caretaker to take action when the victim may be reluctant.
With your vigilance, care and cooperation, elder abuse can be stopped and its perpetrators arrested and prosecuted.  In the past four years alone, social service and law enforcement resources have expanded dramatically to meet the growing need.  Help is available.
REMEMBER:  If you suspect abuse, report it!
Confused or extremely forgetful
Helpless or angry
Hesitant to talk freely
Isolation of an elder is an insidious tool used by many abusers.  Accomplished with the systematic exclusion of all real outside contact, the elder victim is eventually driven to distrust
friends, doctors and even close family members.  Ultimately, the elder victim becomes a pawn -
manipulated into trusting only the abuser.
Family members or caregivers have isolated the elder, restricting the elder’s contact with others, including family, visitors, doctors, clergy or friends.
Elder is not given the opportunity to speak freely or have contact with others without the caregiver being present.
Physical assault
Sexual assault
Unreasonable physical constraint
Prolonged deprivation of food or water
Inappropriate use of a physical or chemical restraint of psychotropic medication
NEGLECT includes:
Failure to assist in personal hygiene
Failure to provide clothing and shelter
Failure to provide medical care
Failure to protect from health and safety hazards
Failure to prevent malnutrition or dehydration
Self neglect
Verbal assaults, threats  or intimidation
Subjecting an individual to fear, ISOLATION or serious emotional distress
Withholding of emotional support
The existence of any ones or more of these does not necessary mean that abuse has occurred.
Instead, treat them as signs that diligent attention or investigation is needed.
Uncombed or matted hair
Unkempt or dirty
Poor skin condition or hygiene
Patches of hair missing or bleeding scalp
Any untreated medical condition
Malnourished or dehydrated
Foul Smelling
Torn or bloody clothing or undergarments
Scratches, blister, lacerations or pinch marks
Unexplained bruises or welts
Burns caused by scalding water, cigarettes or ropes
Injuries that are incompatible with explanations
Any injuries that reflect an outline of an object, for example, a belt, cord or hand
Any person who suspects that abuse of an elder has occurred should report it.  When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and report.
Abuse can continue and often ESCALATES it there is NO INTERVENTION.  Known or suspected
cases of abuse should be reported to the appropriate agencies or to local law enforcement.
I tried my hardest.   All I heard this is a family matter (law enforcement, this is a sister vs. sister (my first attorney)….
Intervention can often save the assets, health, dignity or even the LIFE of an elder.
If a known or suspected incident of elder abuse has occurred in a long-term care facility, the report should be made to the Long-Term Care Ombundsman, the local law enforcement agency or the Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse.
If abuse has occurred anywhere other than in a facility, reports should be made to the local county Adult Protective Services agency or to the local law enforcement agency.
The reporting person is protected from both criminal and civil liability.

Ramsey A. Bahrawy, Esq.
“Building Your Trust”
55 Main Street, PO Box 455
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 682-1141

Watch Attorney Bahrawy’s videos on this YourMoneyYourLife YouTube channel.


From Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq. — a special request to recruit Talk Show Hosts

From: Richard Cordero
Sent: Oct 17, 2014 8:05 PM
To: Jim Davis , newsdesk@wews.com, dstellner@americanpublicmedia.org
Subject: Organizing talkshows into a media force and rallying point for honest judiciaries and public accountability

Strategic thinking to turn a talkshow into a rallying point for those who have experienced judges’ unaccountability and consequent riskless wrongdoing, and who can implement a realistic plan of action to expose judges’ wrongdoing, outrage the public, and cause it to make such wrongdoing a decisive issue of the mid-term and presidential elections From a talkshow to a civic movement that brings about public servants’ accountability to We the People:

The People’s Sunrise

http://Judicial-Discipline-Reform.org/OL/DrRCordero-Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >ol:146


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England

M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School

D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris

Judicial Discipline Reform

New York City




A. An anecdote that shows a talkshow’s potential
for empowering the People

  1. The following anecdote provides a realistic basis for a strategy that shows how a talkshow host and guests on a show dedicated to the issue of judges’ unaccountability(* >jur:21§A) and consequent riskless wrongdoing(* >jur:5§3) can turn what normally is a one-off event into a series of shows and then a regular program that serves as a venue for ever more judicial wrongdoing victims to rally and gradually grow into a civic movement that asserts.

2. “[1] This is how Author Larry Hohol’s homepage, www.TheLuzerneCountyRailroad.com, describes his talk with Host Sue Henry as part of a Barnes & Noble Author Event about his book The Luzerne County Railroad on judicial corruption in Pennsylvania: “The scheduled 20 minute appearance was extended to two hours after the switchboard lit up solid with phone calls from listeners”.

3. It is quite rare for media stations to throw off their carefully matched schedules of shows and sponsors to respond on the fly to even overwhelming audience reaction to their current show. That this happened demonstrates that even within the limited geographic reach of an FM station, i.e., WILK-FM, 103.1, his story of judicial abuse of power and betrayal of public trust stroke a cord with the audience. This experience supports the reasonable expectation that people elsewhere would react likewise to similar accounts because judges have been allowed to engage in such conduct with impunity long enough to have victimized and outraged many people everywhere. They have become Judges Above the Law.”

4.  This anecdote with my comment on it appears in my study of the Federal Judiciary titled Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing: Pioneering the news and publishing field of judicial unaccountability reporting.*

* The file containing the study together with emails turned into short articles or letters on specific related subjects can be downloaded through any of the following links. All (parenthetical) blue text references herein are keyed to the several parts and pages in that file. This article is at * >ol:146.








5. A leader giving direction out of a problem, not a beggar asking for pity

a. You, Advocates of Honest Judiciaries, should use your time on a talkshow to make a professional presentation of the subject rather than of your personal cases. It should appeal to the most people in the audience because it explains the underlying circumstances and forms of judges’ wrongdoing so that as many individuals in the audience as possible feel that you are enlightening their understanding of a most confusing situation:

b.They went to court for justice, but came out abused. They will feel thankful to your for reassuring them that they did not do anything wrong so that it was not their fault. It was the judges who took advantage of them.

c. Compare that approach of giving to the audience to the one where you concentrate on the details of your personal experience and demand that the audience give you their time and attention to show interest in your case and in addition give you their support. This is the attitude of beggars preying on the audience’s pity.

d. You and your colleagues are leaders. You take people to a new understanding of their predicament and show the way for them to deal with it under your guidance. This requires strategic(ol:6) thinking to craft a concrete and realistic plan of action.

6. Appearance segments: problem presentation,

plan of action, audience reaction

a. You can conceive your appearance in three well-defined, purposeful, and integrated segments.

b. Scene setup: presenting causes and forms of judicial wrongdoing

1. Connivance between politicians and judges: At the root of judicial wrongdoing is the connivance between judges and politicians. Politicians help put on the bench people of the same ilk as themselves. They recommend, nominate, confirm, appoint, endorse, donate to, and campaign for, judicial candidates on whom they have something and who will never forget to whom they owe their office.

2. From those judges politicians expect that they at the very least uphold the legislation that they have passed or will pass to enact their political agenda; and that they be lenient toward the politicians if on charges of their own corruption they have to appear in court before those judges or their peers.

3. For their part, judges depend on politicians to be reelected or elevated to a higher court, for they do not have the power to promote their own to a higher court. They are connected by a mutually beneficial relation that is essentially inimical to the fair and impartial application of the law to Joe Schmock, the kiosk on the corner, and you, one-time, run-of-the-mill parties from whom judges cannot expect any problem, never mind any benefit.

4. The question whether appointing, electing, or other form of selecting judges is preferable should be left unanswered. At this point, the only concern is to expose the nature and gravity of judges’ wrongdoing and their practice of it in such widespread, routine, and coordinated fashion as to constitute their and their judiciary’s institutionalized modus operandi. This should outrage the public and stir it up to force politicians to investigate and hold judges accountable and undertake reform.

a. Pervasive secrecy: Judges operate in pervasive secrecy by holding all their adjudicative, administrative, policy-making, and disciplinary meetings behind closed doors. Such pervasive secrecy breeds abuse and ensures their riskless wrongdoing. What is not known cannot be controlled. Uncontrolled power is the hallmark of ‘absolute power, the one that corrupts absolutely’28, 32.

b. Retaliation of judges: Judges can retaliate against politicians that authorize or allow investigations against them by declaring their laws unconstitutional17a or interpreting them in disregard of their black letter or intent. the power of retaliation that judges wield against politicians who allow investigations against wrongdoing judges to be conducted. In addition, judges retaliate through many forms of chicanery, petit forms of harassment or disregard of procedural requirements that can doom a case and exhaust a party financially and emotionally(Lsch:17§C). This is judicial power wielded as a sword.

c. Forms of wrongdoing: Judges gain material213(jur:27§2), professional69(56§§e-f), and social benefits(62§g; a&p:1¶2nd) from their wrongdoing. This is judicial power wielded as a spoon.

d. Laying out a concrete and realistic plan of action

In this segment, you can briefly describe what you propose to do to establish a fundamental principle underlying the exposure of judges’ wrongdoing

In a democracy, We the People are the source of all public power and the masters of all public servants, including judges, who are hired to perform services for the benefit of the People and are accountable to their masters for their performance. The People did not entrust, and it is unreasonable even to think that they would ever have entrusted, a portion of their power to servants who in turn would make themselves immune to accounting to their masters for their exercise of such power.

e. Hence, you can state that your objective is to bring about judicial reform based on transparency, accountability, discipline, and liability to compensate the victims of judges’ wrongdoing(Lsch:10¶6).

f.  Those principles can be implemented through citizen boards of judicial accountability and discipline(jur:160§8).

5.  Your and the audiences’ experience of judges’ wrongdoing

a. Your experience to illustrate different categories of wrongdoing

b. Each of you and your colleagues can briefly describe, in two minutes or less, a different kind of judicial wrongdoing experience had by you or another person, such as:

i.  foreclosure on mortgages;

ii.  execution of wills

iii. handling of criminal cases and sentencing;

iv. dismissal of complaints against judges

v. appointment of guardians for children or the elderly;

vi. divorce cases involving custody of children or partition of matrimonial assets

c. Take calls from the public

i.  Then the host can open the line for him to take calls from those in the audience who want to give a brief account of their experience with wrongdoing judges. You and your colleagues can comment on it as appropriate to try to highlight what is the most important feature: patterns of wrongdoing that point, not to individual rogue judges, but rather to coordination between judges who thereby make their wrongdoing more riskless, effective, and profitable (jur:122§§2-3)

2.  Using the talkshow to appear as professionals and leaders

Appearing on a talkshow is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to demonstrate that the problem is not with you: You are not a bunch of sore losers in court; you are not ‘disgruntled litigants’ who have nothing to offer but the hot air of your bumbling pro se handling of your own cases in court.

3. Rather, you are professionals. You have studied the problem and understand its causes and forms: Judges who are held unaccountable by politicians and media people much less courageous than the host(jur:81§1). As a result, they engage in riskless wrongdoing that benefits themselves and a clique of insiders.

4. Neither you nor your colleagues can wing it. To begin with, you should only take to the meeting with host two or three of the most articulate, self-controlled, and knowledgeable people. If you take more, everybody will want to put in their piece of performance and you end up with a discordant mob of people whining about their personal problems. It will make a terrible impression.

5. Remember, this is not an opportunity for you or your colleagues to vent your frustration and anger at the judges.

6. Rather, this is an occasion for you and your colleagues to show to the host that you are a group of highly polished civic movement leaders. You are people who can attract the attention of the thousands and thousands of people out there who have been victimized by judges but who can do little more than scream the pain of the injustice that they have suffered.

a. Thus, be professional.

b. Hold yourself to high standards of professionalism.

c. Make a highly organized and informative presentation of the issue. Practice your roles!

d. Discard personal trivia and choose content that will inform, outrage, and stir up into action the largest audience.

e. Show that you are capable of leading a movement to coalesce all victims of wrongdoing judges into a civic movement. The Tea Party is precedent therefor. However, your main concern is not lower taxes, but rather Equal Justice Under Law administered by judges accountable to We the People.

D. What the talkshow host stands to gain

1. new audience to be tapped and developed

2. At the meeting with the host, you should convince him that there is an untapped audience who can regularly listen to his program and to you and your colleagues. The passionate commitment of that audience in search for justice can attract sponsors. The latter may be regular commercial advertisers or civil rights organizations and foundations willing to underwrite his program. You need to show that you are business people.

3. You show concern for the host’s money-making needs and he takes care of your need to establish an avenue of communication with the public through which the latter can also communicate with you. This is part of strategic thinking. This audience can also express themselves on a website opened by the host and you that can be developed into a money-making center by selling advertisement and receiving donations. You need money to spread your message widely, cover travel expenses, organize presentations and conferences, etc.

4.Launching a generalized media investigation of judicial wrongdoing.

5. The host together with your support can contact journalists that to let them know there is a story worth investigating and an audience avidly awaiting their reports: the story of judges’ wrongdoing. This work needs your leadership.

6. Eventually, it can become a self-reinforcing process because the more the audience share their experience of judicial wrongdoing victimization and journalists report their findings, the more public outrage will be provoked and the stronger the demand will be for more investigation and reports.

A. That is how you can launch a Watergate-like generalized media investigation of judges’ wrongdoing. It can be guided by a query with a proven devastating impact in that it caused the resignation of President Nixon in 1974 and the incarceration of all its White House aides(jur:4¶¶10-14). It can be reformulated thus:

1. What did President Obama and the Supreme Court Justices know about Justice Sotomayor’s wrongdoing –suspected by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico- with the complicity of the other justices, judges, and staff of the Federal Judiciary, and when did they know it?

2. Consider the case of Former Arizona Superior and Appellate Court Judge and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the alleged corruption in Arizona courts144d

3. Hold out the prospect that the public outrage provoked by the audience’s experiences and the journalists’ findings can turn judicial wrongdoing and reform into a dominating issue of public debate that be-comes decisive of the impending mid-term election campaign, which will lead right into the primaries and the 2016 presidential election campaign. An outraged public can force politicians to:

a. take a public, unambiguous stand on judges’ wrongdoing;

b. call for official investigations of judges’ wrongdoing

c. undertake judicial legislated(jur:158§§6-7) judicial reform that imposes concrete duties of transparency, accountability, discipline, and liability on judges and their judiciary to compensate their victims.

There is no doubt that your meeting with the host and eventually with other media people like him offer a great opportunity to turn it into a multiplier of your presentation to the public and journalists of the causes and forms of judicial wrongdoing and the need for reform. It can be the beginning of the formation of a civic movement that forces politicians to undertake such reform and holds judges accountable: the People’s Sunrise(ol:29).

You can be the leader in building with hosts and journalists a Coalition for Justice that multiplies those presentations.

I look forward to hearing from you all and in light of the facts discussed at ol:19§D, will appreciate it if you would acknowledge receipt of this email.

Dare trigger history!(jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Judicial Discipline Reform

New York City


Watch the interview with Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, on the issue of exposing judges’ wrongdoing and bringing about judicial reform, at:



Dr. Cordero: U.S. Judiciary goes Rogue – 99.82% complaints vs. Judges are dismissed; U.S. Justice Sonia Sotomayor hides assets with impunity.

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