From Atty Barbara Stone — A simple request to the ABA President of the Florida bar–save our seniors!

From: Barbara Stone
Sent: Dec 15, 2014 10:17 PM
To: Douglas Kinan
Cc: “” , FBI- , “” , “” , Adrian Wyllie , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , Carol Holden , “” , Dave Wilson , “” , “” , “” , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , Angela Woodhull , “” , “”
Subject: RE: Criminal exploitation and abuse of elderly disabled Florida residents by the Florida Bar attorneys

You know Doug I got an email tonight from a  lady whose mother died from abuse in guardianship.   She was subjected to threats, tyranny and her assets were stripped by a band of guardian thugs.  She was forced to leave the country and go to Ireland.  She wrote me to tell me about a professor in Holland who is awarding a prize to a PhD student working on victim’s rights.  She wants to work with the university to expose this crime.  I got a call last week from the daughter of another woman who died in an abusive guardianship.  She called me from South America – she too was forced to leave the country because she was not given her inheritance as it was fleeced by predator attorneys and guardians.  I had spoken to her months ago before her mom passed away and both of them – a family that had assets – were almost destitute because they were financially raped by the attorneys and judges.
Lawyers acting as terrorists cannot be tolerated in civilized society. People around the world know of my false arrest and that my OWN MOTHER WAS KIDNAPPED by mobsters masquerading as “guardians” – I get well wishes from people whose parent was murdered by these mobsters with a law license.  Every day I pray my mom can make it one more day so I  can bring her home to me.   My mother is not only being embezzled, she is being physically assaulted.   I feel like I am in a crime riddled third world country.
Greg Coleman is a party to this crime.   He is an accomplice to the crime of racketeering and elder abuse and exploitation  that the Florida Bar empowers.  There are attorneys and blogger and website all over the country who post these threads exposing Mr. Coleman’s abetment.  Florida Statutes 825 is very clear – the actions of the guardian cartel are crimes.
How is it possible that a probate judge “Michael Genden”  erases a mother from her daughter and ignores her abduction from her family and prior life on the basis of fabrication and perjury by Roy Lustig.  Any moron would see fraud and more fraud.  Certainly my mother is not benefiting.  It is not in her best interest to be deprived of food, isolated chemically restrained,in a feeding tube when she can eat and in a wheelchair when she can walk and forcibly removed from her home.  Any moron could see the only person who is benefiting by the crimes he engineered is Roy Lustig.  This  charade is played out all over Florida and the country because attorneys like Greg Coleman, the president of the Florida Bar are ignoring, in fact abetting crimes of people who they license.  My mother is being killed while Greg Coleman and the bar association are watching her life being taken by Roy Lustig who has orchestrated her isolation, the forcible removal from her home, she was ordered not to see her daughter and Roy Lustig prevents her from seeing her spiritual leader – all of this is a diversion while her assets are being stolen.
 How is this possible?
I hear from people all over the country that are terrorized by lawyers.  They are losing their homes to these bandits.  They can’t see their families.  It is like another world – we live in constant fear from a reign of terror because these attorneys know they are “protected” from whatever atrocity they want to commit.  We talking crimes.  We are talking malicious assaults on our families and freedoms.
Greg Coleman knows my mother is being deprived of her life by Roy Lustig, an attorney with a criminal past.  This must be exposed to the world and the public must be made aware.  Please send this along to others and the media.
Barbara Stone
212.994.5481 (fax)

Ken Ditkowsky–an open letter to Jerome Larkin

To:  Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
From:   Ken Ditkowsky
Subject:    Why are you afraid of an HONEST complete and comprehensive Investigation of “elder cleansing?”
Date:  December 14 2014.
Dozens of people have noted that in the ‘star chamber’ proceedings that your and the cadre of miscreants you lead what is missing is specifics facts.    For instance, both Ms. Denison and I have requested specifics as to the charges that you brought, to wit:
1)      You claim certain statements that we made were false.   What are those statements?
2)      You claim certain statements that we made were reckless.   What are those statements?
The Courts have not forced you to reveal that information, but the Court of public opinion is demanding answers.    At some point in time honest judicial officials will also demand the answers.    
In an effort to address the fact of ‘elder cleansing’ ( i.e. the railroading of a senior citizen or a disabled person into a guardianship for profit, the systematic cleansing of the senior of his/her liberty and property by isolation of the senior and the eventual assisted involuntary suicide of that individual senior of disabled person) we asked you and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission to join with us in requesting law enforcement to do an Honest Complete and Comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing scenario.     The reaction has been pre-determined  proceedings that you deem “disciplinary” proceedings.
To say that the proceedings are bizarre is an understatement.   With you having the burden of proof you call no witnesses who have knowledge to testify.     Material that is relevant to the proceedings (such as the two Farenga letters in my case and the Sykes file (09 P4585) are excluded.     In the Denison case you even excluded the testimony of Gloria Sykes who is reported to have an ownership interest in the safety deposit box that contained an unaccounted for million dollars (plus or minus) in gold coins.     The guardian who is alleged to committed fiduciary theft was not called upon in either case to deny the charge or explain how she went from being insolvent to exhibiting great wealth!        Indeed, every piece of evidence that might be deemed exculpating was excluded or ignored [1].   
Corrupt disciplinary proceedings unfortunately are legend, but, you have a sworn duty to defend the Constitution and are holding yourself out as the defender of the morality of the legal profession!    As “Caesar’s wife” you have a duty to demonstrate to the public that in the bowels of the legal profession resides a bureaucrat who is intellectually honest and the very model of a lawyer.    Thus, even though you have proven to be lacking in substance, it would be expected that ‘form’ would be demonstrated, especially, if you had nothing to hide!
The last statement is the most ‘telling!’      “If you have nothing to hide!”       The obfuscations that you and the your highly over paid staff have put forth are to say the least intellectually dishonest and culpable.    Elder cleansing constitutes a number of felonies.     It also includes violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and probably RICO violations.     On the civil side a breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event and it is horn book law that those who act in concert share liability.     By not joining in the call for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation by law enforcement it is quite apparent that were the bodies are buried.    The documents that are now on Ms. Denison’s blog now provide ample proof of the ‘conspiracy!’   
It is too late at this point in time for you to CYA, but, it is not too late for the truth to be told.    We want to know why you are so adamant against law enforcement conducting an HONEST intelligent and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing.     We have now placed on the net the Cynthia Farenga letters, the videos of Mary Sykes (demonstrating that she was indeed quite competent), and evidence of your acting in concert with the miscreants in their War against the elderly and the disabled.    The Wall Street Journal article of Friday and the editorial on Saturday indicate that the express train of ‘reform’ is coming our way.   
Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to demonstrate that the ordinary citizen demands that government honor their Constitutional Rights and they are joined by the victims of elder cleansing and their families.   Your assault on citizen (especially lawyers) civil rights has been documented and noted.    People are still shocked by your “attorney” asking me if I was repentant for exercising my First Amendment Right and writing to the Attorney General of the United States.    Many are still shocked by the question!    Mr. Larkin the handwriting is on the wall!       It is time for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing and it is time for you to resign and disclose the nefariousness that you acted in concert with and promulgated.

[1] A pattern of your personal corruption is appearing on the horizon.     In the L. Amu case, even if we ignore the racial nexus of the proceeding, the lack of proof is amazing.   How can you claim fairness when not one of the judges who was accused of corruption denied it!     That is an admission!

Even the Wall Street Journal Admits there’s $ millions in medicare waste in overbilling

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Judy pointed out that their is a pattern in the disciplinary cases of suppression of any evidence that is contrary to the predetermined result that is ordained.    The fact that there is no evidence to support the position that Larkin advances is irrelevant.    Illinois’ corrupt system operates upon the credo – “do not confuse me with the facts, I’ve made up my mind.   
The fact that the IARDC and Larkin have all this material (or should have all this material) under their exclusive control under the IPI instructions means that they are admitted against the ARDC.   However as the proceedings are wired it makes not difference as to the final result.   
In particular, in my case the two Farenga letters are of supreme importance.    In the letter to the Judge early on in Sykes case proceedings Farenga makes two points:
1) she is aware that there are serious problems with jurisdiction and  (August, 2009)
2) she is aware that Mary has had pre-hearing isolation and therefore has been moved out of Cook County and into DuPage County.
In letter number 2 to the IARDC she urges the cover-up and intimidation by the IARDC as we are exercising our first Amendment Rights to discuss the criminal felonies that are being promulgated in the Sykes case, and worse yet they were reprinted in the Probate Sharks blog.    These e-mails tie the IARDC into 18 USCA 4 and 18 USCA 1001 violations and as Alice Gore died and Mary Sykes has suffered grievous bodily injury the enhance penalties should be appropriate.    Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 Larkin might owe the IRS and the IDR very serious taxes.  
The cleansing of Judge Stuart’s testimony is also quite interesting.     This all should be addressed in your petitions.

From Janet Phelan–Got Free Speech to out corruption? Not if you are an Ilinois Attorney!

Janet does an excellent job of summing up my case.  As in Lanre Amu’s case, at every twist and turn, I was told “do not litigate Sykes”, WE will determine what happened in Sykes, then we will invite the miscreants as honored guests to say things such as:

1) my career has been ruined because Google puts HER articles at the top (and not my BS awards) (Peter Schmeidel, Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern) well, do something charitable, kindly or saintly, write an article about it or get a reporter to do it and then get people to click on it.  As with all things on Google, your skeletons will move to the forgotten back pages of Google.

2) the blog is a pack of lies (without pointing out any specific lie)

3) I don’t like what is written on the blog (if don’t like what is written post a correction comment, believe me, it will be posted.  Bev Cooper has repeated invited ANYONE part of probate on their blog or my blog or NASGA’s Most Wanted list to appear on her show and not a single probate attorney on that list has appeared.  But, Judy Barr Topinka did, rest her soul).

4) She can’t say just anything (Quote Melissa Smart, ARDC litigation attorney).  Protection of political speech is the hallmark of the US. We consistently chastise other countries (China, N. Korea, mideastern courntries) for disbarring lawyers (Iraq), imprisoning those critical of government (N. Korea and China), and the ARDC’s actions makes up squarely hypocritical in the eyes of the world.  My blog has plenty of clicks on it from the Mideast and Asia and even Russia.  I’m sure they’re laughing.  I get emails from around the world, and yes, directly people email me that they have the same problems in their country and the US is just a bunch of bullying hypocrites.   Like it or not, JL, your actions in MY case reverberate around the world.  Most certainly with the New Eastern Outlook Article by Janet Phelan.  Each of her articles gets a minimum of 1 million clicks, she gets paid by the click, and prior articles on myself and Ken Ditkowsky receive 1 million click times X.  All you are doing is making activist reporters drawn to this content–the content you create–crushing internal dissent in the US.

5) And I’m not even sure if the litigation attorneys at the ARDC realize that Ken and I and Mr. Amu won’t back down.  We don’t want the courts to be like this. We do not want corruption to prevail in the Illinois Courts.

6)  Change the definition of corruption from “a deviation from laws, morals or ethics” to Greylord type bribery and then say I said on this blog the attorneys received cash in the courtroom.  How preposterous.  Even the witnesses argued with the tribunal on that one.  Corruption IS a deviation from laws, morals or ethics.  1) lack of jurisdiction–no service on Mary or her elderly sisters; 2) failing to follow 1401 when illegally seizing Gloria’s $200,000 to give to attorneys. 3)  Liquidating all of Mary’s assets on the premise she needs the money for her care, and then handing it all over to the attorneys on the case, 4) PS saying he didn’t have to file a fee petition when in reality the 18th floor is forcing all attorneys to do so, even those under a Power of Attorney (Janie Thomas case), plus the estate has been comingled with the trust the house was held in, so a fee petition would be proper.  I will go pull fee petitions this week and publish.  Where did Mary’s $350,000 from her home and from Gloria’s accounts exactly go to? 5) terminating heat where Gloria lived in contravention to the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance–see the list of the Famous Table of Torts.

I had witnesses ready to go, Gloria appeared and was turned down.  I don’t want to violate the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and she should have been able to appear and claim that and only turn over the emails she wanted.  I cannot force a witness to violate Illinois Law.

And yet they persist.  I dropped off my exceptions of Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, and right on that day they issed the briefing schedule and they issued to me a record on appeal. Now the ARDC has never been 1) electronic (that was most of the pretrial fight they claim I aggravated their work, seriously? pretrial has to be conducted circa 1960?) 2) prompt in issuing anything, but we’ll see.

A 65 page decision requires a thorough brief.

1) Why did the ARDC quash all my discovery, refused to properly my Answers to Admit, but they say I acted improperly during discovery?  These are all traditional Discovery safeguards available in all the Illinois courtrooms–Except the Sykes case.

2) Why did the ARDC refuse my expert witnesses on blogging–Bev and Ken Cooper from Probate Sharks, Sylvia Rudek from NASGA, John Howard Wyman for his website and book about his experiences in Probate–the ARDC moved to quash them?

3)  No witnesses, no discovery means the ARDC is engaging in the same tactics where they protect certain favored attorneys and then make up nonsense to viciously go after any whistleblowers that are out there.  How can PS, AS and CF possibly charge a client a single dime to a family when they know, but do not warn: 1)  the accused ward with have restricted access to an attorneys and that attorney will come from a “secret list” and their former attorneys they have come to love and trust (Sykes case) will be threatened with sanctions and/or disbarred (Denison and Ditkowsky); 2) the accused ward will not received a Summons or a Notice of Rights in accordance with Illinois law (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman, etc.), the family members will not be notified in accordance with Illinois law (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman, etc.); 3) discovery will be quashed (Sykes, Bedin, Wyman); 4) a hearing will not take place (LDL, Wyman) or just a few controlled questions can be asked (Sykes) in a done deal (Sykes) and if the personal physician will not certify incompetency, the GAL will be told to “find a doctor” that will (Sykes); the person will be isolated from 20+ former friends and family and will NOT engage in former activities, in contravention to the Illinois Probate Act (Sykes, Wyman) (Bedin threatened to be placed in a dangerous South Side nursing home and isolated); ward isolated (Frake, Thomas); forced feeding tube so a bag can be hung twice per day (Tyler, Gore); 29 gold teeth pulled and a forced feeding tube because ward took a long time to eat (Gore)– you get the picture.

If you complain to the ARDC, what responses do you get (published elsewhere on this blog); Sykes–Adam Stern is now Gloria’s guardian; Gore – we find no problems with pulling 29 gold teeth; Wyman, no response, many, many cases get no response or one that makes no sense.

I tell every to write a letter to the ARDC, except no response and then forward it to the FBI.  Eventually they will clean that house.  They already have no ethics reporting mandated under the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 for years and years–that should do the trick.

We’re waiting, we’re all waiting.


From Ken Ditkowsky — We face real problems here in America

To:     American Civil Liberties Union
Subject:     Assaults on the First Amendment – When Lawyers are threatened with loss of license for speaking out as to Judicial corruption.
Date:   December 13, 2014
From :    Ken Ditkowsky
I tossed out your survey as it is irrelevant.   
We face real problems here in America.     We face the collapse of our judicial system and the destruction of our core values.    Ordinary citizens who have never broken a law, never engaged in a terror act,  never assaulted a store clerk, never belonged to a gang, and who just want to be left alone by government are being herded into guardianships by corrupt public officials and judicial officials.    They are then stripped of their prior lives, their liberty and property.     Calls for help are ignored = especially by the ACLU, and ultimately when there is no more pecuniary gain the guardianships end by the victims enjoying involuntary assisted suicide [1].    
The most egregious assaults on the First Amendment emanate from the Courthouse itself.    Therein, men and women who have sworn to uphold the Constitution place their law licenses on the line and subject themselves to loss of their right to practice law for speaking out against judicial corruption.      I am not speaking of proceedings wherein a litigant or a lawyer acts in a disrespectful manner, but, wherein ethically challenged judicial officials have created cottage industries such as ‘elder cleansing.’     (Elder cleansing is the railroading of a senior citizen into an abusive guardianship, isolated from his/her prior life, and systematically separated from his/her liberty and property.)
Incidents of elder abuse and elder cleansing abound and have been reported by the Government Accounting Office to Congress only to receive bureaucratic benign neglect.         Citizens by the score have reported incidents of jurists (and lawyers) totally ignoring the Constitutional protections that form the core values of America and isolating targeted seniors from their life savings and the life that they enjoyed prior to coming into contact with the judicial system.     These citizens (and disabled people) become non-entities except for the purpose of enhancing the pecuniary aspirations of corrupt miscreants.
The Mary Sykes case pending in Cook County Illinois is a poster board example (09 P 4585) of the problem.     Therein Mary, a 90 year old senior who did her own banking, had an audience with President Clinton, was active in her church and garden club and almost totally independent was herded into a questionable guardianship by lawyers and a judge who totally ignored every safeguard that Illinois and Federal Statutes provided.      Litigation commences with the service of summons.   The service is reported to the Court by the Sheriff filing a document called a ‘return.’    When I inquired of the Sheriff as to whether he filed a return, the Sheriff could find no evidence of a return of prior summons ever being prepared, and none appeared in the Court file.     As an incompetent might not understand a summons, Illinois requires 14 days prior notifications to close relatives (jurisdictional) to be given.     This was never done, and it appears that there was no hearing on incompetence.   That step was skipped and the Court went on to determine a ‘care plan!’   The elder cleansing case considered Jurisdiction a technicality and thus is ignored.  
The Court record in Sykes is replete with actions by the presiding jurist that are highly questionable.    Mary’s isolation is a glaring example.   The judge appears to have made no inquiry as to jurisdiction.    Her concern was not in ascertaining the extent of any incompetency or disability that Mary might have, but to get the paper work in the file.      In August 2009 Mary’s treating physician refused to certify that she was incompetent.     The Judge counseled the movant that she should obtain another doctor (doctor shopping).   Both guardian ad litem and the Court was aware that Mary had been literally herded off the street and totally isolated from her two elderly siblings, her younger daughter and life friends–for the past 5 years.    She was removed from Cook County to DuPage County.    The case record is clear that Mary was denied an attorney and a concerted effort was made to silence any objections being made concerning the felonies that Mary was enduring including a transfer of wealth.   Mary’s substantial estate including about a million dollars in collectible gold coins has been dissipated.   Most without the transfers appearing in the inventory.
Mary was not alone in this outrage!    Alice Gore was herded into a guardianship, separated from her family and her 1.5 million dollar estate reduced to zero.   The exhibited avarice included harvesting the gold filings from her teeth.    I have been copying the law enforcement and whomever will listen with the reports that I receive on a daily basis of this elder cleansing.     
I and other lawyers joined in the chorus of complaints to legal authorities of breach of civil rights of Mary Sykes, Alice Gore **** and the other elder cleansing victims.     According to Court records, my first foray was to have the temerity to attempt to investigate the facts of the Mary Sykes case.    I wrote a letter to the guardians and to the treating physician making inquiry as to their view of the facts.    The response was immediate.    Guardian Stern called me on the telephone to inform me that the Court had ordered that no outsider could investigate the file and if I did do so I would be sanctioned by the Court.   A similar called followed initiated by the attorney for the guardian.    I refused to be intimidated and continued my investigation.
To my surprise Guardian Stern, Guardian Farenga and the plenary guardian all brought sanction motions against me.    To my further surprise the court rubber stamped their request to sanction me.     When the Court determined that the injury was $4500 and issued a final order.  I appealed.   The Appellate Court had to vacate the sanction as there was no jurisdiction and did so.     Having practiced Law for half a century I was not intimidated and continued to investigate and call for an Honest, intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation by law enforcement.     Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission apparently were offended by my call for an investigation by law enforcement of the felonies occurring open and notoriously in the Circuit Court of Cook County and they stepped in to attempt to stop my complaints and retaliate for my demanding an Honest intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing going on in Illinois [2].
Grant Goodman, an Arizona attorney, observed similar elder cleansing in Arizona, and filed suit.    The Arizona lawyer regulators tried to stop him in his tracks.    He was sanctioned by them.    JoAnne Denison published a blog wherein she made a website available to report the abuses and felonies that are common place in the Court houses across America.    Again Jerome Larkin stepped in with another of his ‘star chamber’ disciplinary complaints [3].      Larkin ignored the SCOTUS cases of United States v. Alvarez 132 S. Ct 2537, Brown v Entm’t 121 S. Ct 2729, Ashcroft vs ACLU 124 S. Ct 2783 Synder v Phelps 131 S. Ct 1207, Citizens United v FEC 130 S. Ct 876, McCutcheon v FEC 2014 WL 1301866.     He also ignored Peel vs ARDC of Illinois 496 US 91 wherein SCOTUS made it clear that even Illinois lawyers were entitled to the protection of First Amendment.
I understand that the Denison record before the IARDC can be accessed at . [4]    It and the file in In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 speak for themselves.
The bottom line is that when lawyers cannot speak out as to corruption in the Courts no citizen can be confident that the First Amendment has any meaning whatsoever .     Illinois in Operation Greylord enjoyed more than a score of our judges being sentenced to prison for criminal conduct and scores more having to resign, yet, right now in Illinois a lawyer who speaks out and complains (not in the courtroom, but in the public forum) that a particular elected judge is corrupt risks losing his license to practice law.   Attorney Lanre Amu complained to judicial authorities concerning several judges.    He received a three year suspension from Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court. [5]
When the ACLU is interested in the War on the Elderly and the disabled and the rights of free speech of ordinary individuals who ask no more than being able to be left alone then ordinary people will contribute to the ACLU.          

[1] Just about every victim of elder cleansing has written to the ACLU and each has been told by your people to go pound sand.     Government is disinterested – almost 100% of the nursing home residents vote for the dominant political party – ergo – why bite the hand that feeds them.    This is especially true when corrupt judges routinely rubber stamp whatever is put before them.
[2] Without a scintilla of evidence of wrongdoing being demonstrated I was suspended for four years.    Had I participated in the theft of Mary Sykes assets a year suspension would have been provided.
[3] Larkin, knowing he has no evidence to sustain any of the outrageous charges that he makes, adjusts the proceedings so that he has almost total control over the proceedings.    For instance, the Sykes case file is strong evidence of misconduct not only by the Judge, but by the guardians.   Ergo, the subpoena for the file was quashed.     Even though Larkin is required to prove his claim by clear and convincing witness, fact witnesses are not tendered to the panel.    Key documents are not produced in discovery.    (In my case two very important letter written by Guardian Farenga were not produced)   The panel appears to have script.    It was most evident in the Amu case wherein the panel made factual findings without a single fact witness (other than Amu) being called to testify.   In my case, the panel’s lawyers have to ‘wing it’ and made a telling mistake.     Pursuant to 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 close family members are required as a jurisdictional requirement to receive 14 days PRIOR notice of the incompetency hearing.    This was not done, and therefore even by Larkin’s rules he could not prevail.    This did not bother the panel.   They found that Mary’s two sister had knowledge of the incompetency hearing.    There was no testimony as to that fact and in fact there was no incompetency hearing.    But, even if Larkin could prove something happened that did not happen the criteria was not met.    The statute requires PRIOR notice.    The panel apparently could not claim that their clairvoyance was that efficacious.
[4] Attorney Denison’s situation is protected by 47 USCA 230 in addition to 320 ILCS 20/4 and various other State and Federal Laws including the Bill of Rights and the Illinois Constitution of 1970.
[5] Mr. Amu is a special case.    Amu is an immigrant from Africa who fortuitously has a dark hue to his skin.     He is guilty according to the Illinois Supreme Court and Mr. Larkin’s cadre of rubber stamp panels of practicing law while ‘black!’    Mr. Amu has filed a Petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.    (A lawyer who has ‘white skin’ received a five month suspension for speaking out)

Jerome Larkin’s racism in the Amu case is intolerable.    How any attorney working for government can face himself/herself after being involved in these assaults against the Constitution is a real mystery.     I thought that the Nazi war crimes trials after WW 2 put to bed the concept of “just following orders!”     

Ken Ditkowsky

Entire Record on Appeal–now availbe ARDC v. JMD

the trial transcript starts on p. 311.

this will be used for my brief.  Let me know if there are any volunteer attorneys out there willing to write my brief and that would help me very much because I am very, very, very busy helping probate victims.

writing the brief should be very easy because we have all the case law, you will learn a whole lot about first amendment rights, and it’s merely a matter of assembling together the brief.



PS–for all of my mutterings during pretrial about the ARDC getting organized electronically and moving into the 21st century, I dropped off my exceptions today and my assistant (volunteer, thank to Susan, very, very much) was handed the entire Record on Appeal!  Very good.  A hundred gold stars to the clerks of the ARDC today for that.

Now, if they can only get it on gdrive or drop box, a next step.