From Ken Ditkowsky–a synopsis of a large part of the pattern on display to the public of how the ARDC and Illinois courts are currently (mal)functioning

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 2:33 PM
Subject: 18 USCA 4 Retaliation Complaint pursuant to Americans with Disabilities
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The retaliation and discrimination against people who report episodes of ‘elder cleansing’ is systemic in the now waging war against the Elderly and the Disabled.   I have previously focused on the disingenuousness of Mr. Jerome Larkin and those miscreants who are at all times relevant acting in concert with him (Larkin) in attempting to create a wall of silence.    Thusly I have not revealed the most sinister of the plots.    These maladies graduate from the benign humiliation by Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (and the companion corrupt Judicial officials and public officials who just ignore the just complaints of the elderly and their loved ones who complain of the Americans with Disabilities violations and felonies) to outright discriminatory practices and felonies.    The felonies perpetrated are seemingly ignored by local law enforcement as the corrupt political and judicial officials are ‘above the law.’
The Barbara Stone, Janet Phelan, and Gloria Sykes sagas are clear and concise examples of the perfidy and arrogance of the ignored corrupt political and judicial officials.       The examples of what these three women have had to endure as retaliation for loving their parents and attempting to resist and report to law enforcement the discrimination and violations of the Americans with Disabilities act is shocking.     Resisting the whim and caprice [1] of the Florida miscreant guardians for profit of the State of Florida resulted in the retaliation of criminal charges for Stone.    Resisting the involuntary assisted suicide decreed by her mother’s California guardians Phelan has been stripped of her beneficial interest in her trust and literally forced to flee the United States of America.   Gloria Sykes similarly in Illinois has been not only stripped of her property, but is literally in hiding and openly and notoriously herself denied the reasonable accommodation of the Americans with Disabilities act.
Last week Ms. Sykes filed an Americans with Disabilities Act Federal Lawsuit.    A copy was previously spread of record and Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.    The lawsuit only touches on the highlights of the travesty that Ms. Sykes has had to endure.
One day one of law school the novices are cautioned – “you take your plaintiff as you find him.”    Indeed, on day one the Judge and the appointed judicial officials had to take Ms. Sykes as they found her!   Even though Ms. Sykes was (and is) a respected award winning journalist she had a disability.    A reasonable accommodation was not to aggravate it or to make it worse.     Ms. Farenga (Guardian ad Litem) and Judge Connors were aware from the public record that the Lumberman’s insurance claim had been litigated long and hard by Ms. Sykes.    Sykes had successfully defended her homeowners insurance claim for damages and was engaged in repairing the damage that had been caused by the loss, yet, even though both were aware or should had been aware of Ms. Sykes disability ignoring the fact that it was in the best interest of everyone that the repairs be made, not only did Farenga obtain the ceasing of the repairs, but allegedly conspired with others to have loan payments not properly credited and other obvious stresses applied so as to injure Ms. Sykes.     In my opinion, the actions taken were not only ultra vires but clearly improper [2].
A person with a disability is particularly vulnerable to un-necessary stress and the In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 reveals a concerted and long term effort by a Corrupt Court and judicial authorities to increase the stress on Ms. Sykes.    The gambit of preventing both Mary and Gloria Sykes to have the aid of any attorney is most distressing and obvious from the record in 09 P 4585.    One example is the outrageous disqualification of Attorney JoAnne Denison under the absurd proposition that a ‘conflict of interest’ existed because Ms. Denison notarized Mary Sykes’ signature.     Another is found in the record of the “judge” attempting to intimidate the lawyers Ms. Sykes employed with threats of reports to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     The most striking even is found in the record 09 P 4585 in regard to Attorney ****.    Attorney ***** was so cowardly as to turn turtle on Ms. Sykes and after collecting some twenty five thousand dollars plus or minus in attorney fees claimed openly and notoriously that she was bi-polar.    He then delivered his diagnosis after alleging conferring with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (Black) to the Court.    Of course he did not mention that during this period he was attempting to obtain more money from Ms. Sykes.   Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission found nothing ethically challenged by Attorney **** conduct.
The retaliation was further manifest and is supported by the record in case 09 P4585 by the Judge (and some of the successor Judges) continuing to prevent Ms. Sykes from obtaining representation for either herself or her mother.     The sans jurisdiction Supreme Court Rule 137 sanction motion against me was much more than a technicality – a Court that openly and notorious attempts to intimidate attorneys and especially attorneys in the role as citizens is not worthy of any respect as it is at best a criminal enterprise.      Certainly the Judge (who has a primary obligation to determine if she has jurisdiction) and her appointees knew or should have known that 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was jurisdictional and no effort had been made to comply.    Even the form summons required was never served on Mary Sykes!     As late as early 2014 the Clerk of the Circuit Court did not even publish a form that met the requirements of 11a – 10.
Even though the Courts make due process a requirement for the appointment of a guardian, In Sykes due process was a total stranger.      So that the alleged incompetent is not railroaded, not only does a special summons have to be served, but the closest relatives have to be notified 14 days prior to any hearing on incompetency 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.    The petition for incompetency did not specify two of the persons that the Statute required to be given 14 days prior notification and of course they and Ms. Sykes were not given any prior notification of any hearing to be held as to Mary Sykes’ competency. [3]   The fact that there is no record of any hearing or any specific factual finding of the extent of, if any, incompetency Mary Sykes may have had similarly is evident in the record.   [4]
Ms. Sykes mentioning this fraudulent lack of jurisdiction subjected her to even more retaliation.     Her privacy was invaded, her personal property was ravaged and one morning she found a strange man wandering in her home.    The uninvited intruder claim to be from Chase Bank (the claimed mortgage holder).    He further claim that Chase had been allegedly informed by one or more of the miscreants that the dwelling home that Ms. Sykes lived in was vacant.   The intruder fled when Ms. Sykes attempted to call the Police.     When one retaliation after another [5] had been unsuccessful in causing Ms. Sykes to cease her attempts to rescue her mother Ms. Sykes was evicted from her home, she was beaten by the guardian’s husband, and her property confiscated.     As in most of these retaliation cases so far attempts to obtain a remedy have been unsuccessful.    Local law enforcement refuses to prosecute this criminal activity including by not limited to Ms. Sykes’ beating.
As I’ve seen the marks and bruises that Ms. Sykes was gifted with by the beating, the e-mail from Mr. Stern, and the file in case 09 P 4585 and had to endure similar retaliation I have no doubt that the retaliation that Ms. Sykes has averred in the Federal Complaint is the tip of the iceberg.      The Room 1804 incident I witnessed and was absolutely shocking as I personally saw a sitting judges extremely rude, disrespectful and lacking in compliance with the standards of the United States of America.     In my over fifty years in the practice of law, I appeared before some extremely excellent and some extremely inappropriate jurists; however, the sitting judge was brimming with bias and total disrespect for a citizen.      The averments in Ms. Sykes’ ADA complaint must be classified as benign understatement.
The fact that this Sykes case is not an isolated case or incident is very disturbing.    Are American Probate Courts either ignorant of the Rule of Law or will they not comply with it?    How different are we from ISIS (ISIL) or North Korea?

[1] As the Florida Statute is very specific and mandates the criteria of the Americans with Disabilities Act be observed the actions of these guardians for profit is clearly ultra vires and therefor arbitrary and in many cases multiple felonies.    Confiscating the savings of an alleged disabled person is not reasonable accommodation!
[2] The only assured on the Homeowners Policy was Gloria Sykes.   Mary Sykes was not a named insured.    Mary Sykes was on the record title – having been placed on it by her daughter Gloria as part of Gloria’s estate plan.    Corrupt Judicial officials and their appointees ignored a final court order awarding the proceeds of the policy to Gloria and entered a series of mesne orders (without jurisdiction) that literally stripped Gloria of the insurance proceeds.   735 ILCS 5/2 1401 was totally ignored even though the very judge who entered the wrongful orders concurred in a subsequent Appellate Court opinion that section 1401 was the only method of obtaining relief from an out of term attack on a final judgment.
[3]  Larkin in his ‘cover up’ had his ‘star chamber’ panel claim –without a scintilla of evidence – that the un-named siblings of Mary Sykes had knowledge of some hearing and therefore obviated the requirement.    Exactly where Larkin and his co-conspirators obtained this information will have to be determined by the inquiry of the Department of Justice as there is no evidence of such fact in any record whatsoever.
[4] Mr. Adam Stern is reported to have admitted in an e-mail to Ms. Sykes that Mary Sykes was found incompetent by virtue of an agreement between himself, Ms. Farenga, and the attorney for the petitioner.    (Stern in the e-mail in one of his economies with the truth suggests that Ms. Sykes agreed – she did not and in the return e-mail so informs him).     As 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 b and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit guardianships that exceed that which is absolutely necessary the wrongfulness of the actions of a corrupt judge and those she appointed is illustrated by the fact that there are no specific findings or testimony in the record that even suggest that, if any, disability or disabilities that Mary Sykes may have had.      A reasonable accommodation is not had when all the civil and human rights of a person are taken from her!    As an example, prior to being adjudicated (sans jurisdiction) Mary Sykes was doing all her own banking!
[5] Ms. Sykes had to endure her  home being broken into and her furnishing vandalized,  being chained by Judge Stuart and threatened with dire consequences including the killing of her therapy dog if she did not reveal the Banks that she kept her personal funds and a Court order on an Indiana Bank tying up her personal monies.    The Court proceedings that she was subjected to were bizarre at best and no attempt was made to afford her any reasonable accommodation as required by ADA.     The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission in addition to refusing to even investigate the outrages alleged to have been committed against her by judicial officials and their appointees even suggested that one of the primary miscreants had been appointed as her personal guardian ad litem.

From Tim Lahrman — on the ADA and the Illinois Supreme court

From: kenneth ditkowsky
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Subject: Re: this is interesting — ADA page at Illinois Supreme Court

It is quite clear that the Illinois Supreme Court’s offer of accommodation is not in insincere, but is another exercise in futility.    
The Supreme Court is fully aware that in these guardianship cases the Courts that it supervises are openly and notoriously violating the mandate of the Illinois Constitution and the ADA.  The Illinois Supreme Court is fully aware that in violation of 18 USCA 371 (and 18 USCA 4) is fully aware that Mr. Jerome Larkin and his merry cohorts have been consistently and openly and notoriously ‘covering up’ and ‘aiding and abetting’ the criminal enterprises that have been going on in these cases by corrupt judicial officials and their appointees.   The proceedings filed by Larkin against Ms. JoAnne Denison and myself were at best spurious and clearly in retaliation for our joint complaints that the Americans with Disabilities Acts was violated in In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 and the Gore case.  
The Supreme Court was very well aware that (and had before it affidavits from interested parties) there never was any compliance with 755 IlCS 5/11a – 1 et seq. and in particular 11a – 10.    The Court was also aware that Gloria Sykes was being subjected to numerous ADA violations both in the Circuit Court and by Mr Larkin.  Yet like the Gore case in which 90 year old Alice Gore had her  29teeth prospected for gold (and the gold removed) Larkin did nothing to remedy the situation.
In addition the Court was well aware that Larkin was openly retaliating against Ms. Dension and myself for our speaking out against these ADA violations.  (For detail see my Petition in the Supreme Court of the United STates 13 -1473.)   Larkin’s perfidy is also illustrated in a disciplinary proceeding with a racial nexus against attorney L. Amu.   Of course the retaliation continues as the Supreme Court of the United States allows Larkin to continues his discriminatory conduct.   This pernicious activity discourages attorneys from representing in an appropriate manner the hundreds of elderly and disabled people who the Americans with Disabilities Act seeks to protect.
Recently the Supreme Court further retaliated against me by fining me a $1000 for something or other on the application of Mr. Larkin.   Whatever these proceedings entailed was of course tardy!  Not only had 30 days elapsed but I had filed a Petition before the Supreme Court of the United States.  
Just for the record – your argument that the Illinois Constitution of 1970 bars guardianship appointments just like it bars the Justice of Peace and the Master in Chancery fiascoes has extreme merit.   I’ve copied the ADA (Justice Department) as in any investigation that Justice makes it should address all the violations.   (I understand that in a not dissimilar situation an Indiana Supreme Court Justice had to resign)
Ken Ditkowsky
Where to file an ADA grievance against the Illinois State Courts:
Ken’s grievance he filed:

Photos from Today’s Rally for Justice with Justice United

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I believe the photos tell the best story that I took and each of us stood in front of various video recorders and gave  short story to the media, of how the court system has grossly failed them. Interestingly enough, the Roosevelt college project on “Stop Mass Incarceration” was next to us and they also had some harrowing tales of incarcerations without justification. Some 2% of the US population is now incarcerated at any given time, and many times it is not for the violent crimes of rape, robbery, theft, arson, but for petty drug and disobedience offenses.

It’s time to stop that nonsense also.  We don’t need to railroad more people into our nation’s prisons.

And remember, when you see these pictures, each is of a court room victim with a harrowing story.


justice rally 100114 pic7justice rally-100114-pic6justice-ralley-100114-pic5justice rally 100114 pic8

And I would like to give a special thanks to Denise Rothmeier who put this together…

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Photos from Today’s Rally for Justice with Justice United

I believe the photos tell the best story that I took and each of us stood in front of various video recorders and gave  short story to the media, of how the court system has grossly failed them. Interestingly enough, the Roosevelt college project on “Stop Mass Incarceration” was next to us and they also had some harrowing tales of incarcerations without justification. Some 2% of the US population is now incarcerated at any given time, and many times it is not for the violent crimes of rape, robbery, theft, arson, but for petty drug and disobedience offenses.

It’s time to stop that nonsense also.  We don’t need to railroad more people into our nation’s prisons.

And remember, when you see these pictures, each is of a court room victim with a harrowing story.

justice-ralley-100114-pic2 justice-rally-100114-pic1

justice rally 100114 pic7 justice rally-100114-pic6 justice-ralley-100114-pic5justice rally 100114 pic8

And I would like to give a special thanks to Denise Rothmeier who put this together with the Libertarian candidate who also will appear on the videos soon as I get them.

Thanks to all that turned out at the rally so the public can see there is great unrest of grave concern in the Illinois state Court System that simply cannot be suppressed.  We, the People of the US will take to the streets.

TOMMOROW AT 4:30 THOMPSON PLAZA (Wed, Oct 1). Ralley for justice

I know this is short notice, but Denise Rothmeier and Unite for Justice wants to start a Justice in the Courts Ralley at 4:30 tomorrow. Music will start at 4 pm and we’ll be making up tunes for justice.  Ride sharing any one?  I will be leaving from Niles at 3 pm.  Others are looking for south suburban rides.  Please email me at

Suggested songs:

1)  Where have all the Flowers Gone

2) Amazing Grace

3) Get on board little Children (and fight for human rights)

4) Simple song of freedom (Bobby Darin)

and others.  bring your own music too!

bring posters for justice and be ready to show you support justice at the daley center.



From Denise Rothmeier:

NEWS ALERT: For Immediate Release
Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Governor and Unite for Justice
Press Contact: Chad Grimm (309) 363-9737,
Press Conference
4:30 PM – 5:00 PM, Wednesday, October 1st
Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph Street, Chicago
Chad Grimm, Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Governor will join Unite for Justice, acitizen’s group that seeks to enact two Illinois state laws that will create a Commission on Prosecutorial Misconduct and an External Review Commission for Officer involved criminal offenses.  Testimonials will be presented by victims of the system to humanize the financial and human costs of injustice.
            a democratic republic the people across our state have a
            right to hold their elected officials accountable, not
            unaccountable! That’s why I am standing with Unite for
            Justice today and invite you to do the same,” says,
            Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Governor, Chad
            are pursuing public policy that will enforce our
            Constitutional right to remedy and justice in the laws for
            all injuries and wrongs by government officials. Our
            Constitutional right mandates that we shall obtain justice
            by law, freely, completely, and promptly,” says Denise
            Rotheimer, founder of Mothers On a Mission to Stop Violence
            and legislative author of Jasmine’s Law and the Victims’
            Rights Sign-Off Sheet. “Currently, victims of the system
            have no access to the courts to seek justice because the
            laws deny us a cause of action.”
            sons Rosendo and Juan Hernandez are innocent,” says Esther
            Hernandez, founder of Innocent Demand Justice. “They have
            both spent 17 years in prison for a crime they did not
            commit. Juan’s son is fourteen years old and he has had to
            grow up without his father at home. This injustice has
            caused our entire family to endure severe hardship. My fight
            for justice will not end until both of my sons return home
            and my grandson is able to go to a baseball game with his
            am the mother of two, now adult sons. We have been the
            victims of government-based, racketeering activity in
            Illinois’ family court system for over a decade. No Illinois
            State or Federal officials have taken the point to stop the
            now fully verified crimes taking place in Illinois’ family
            court system on the taxpayers’ tab. Enough to the Illinois’
            ‘Pay-to-Play Parenthood’ Family Courts,” says Dr. Sheila
            Mannix, co-founder of Illinois Family Court Accountability

From Joel Handler who was not amused by lack of jurisdiction in 1804

As you are aware, an order was entered by Judge MacCarthy which rendered Joel Handler’s $4,000 judgment against Janie “unenforceable.”

When Atty Carrie Fung of the OPG was told by Judge O’Brien in 1401 that she was to give the key to storage to Atty Handler so he could assess and manage these assets–and he is a judgment creditor, it seems she did not like the order of Judge O’Brien, so Carrie Fung went and filed a 27 page 150 paragraph motion in court room 1804 to invalidate are more than 2 year old judgment that Atty Handler had obtained in June of 2014.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

Obviously I have to file objections to the entry of a void ab initio order (void from the outset) because I don’t want it to appear my client is condoning such behavior (and liability), but Mr. Handler says it well to Ms. Fung–what on this green earth is she thinking?

I guess Judge MacCarthy can just blame everything on Ms. Fung because she wrote the order and Ms. Fung wrote the motion, etc., but 1804 is still her courtroom.

Here is Mr. Handler’s letter:

I will publish a response if I get one.

Also, here is Carrie Fung’s Motion she sent out, which of course is in the wrong format and waayyy too long.

Perhaps Judge MacCarthy is more favorable to grant motions by the pound, even if there is no jurisdiction, because Ms. Fung definitely showed she was good at writing motions by the pound.

I didn’t put up the entire motion because it contained a lot of bank account records with account numbers on the statements and the rule is you’re not supposed to file documents with bank account records, so I left those out. For some reason Ms. Fung does not redact.  The rules are you must remove bank account numbers and social security numbers prior to filing.