From Ken Ditkowsky. Who Atty Leah Black really wants to testify…

Ms. Black does not want Connors to testify, nor does she want Gloria to testify.    She would like to limit the testimony to Farenga and Stern and deny me cross examination.    Unfortunately she knows that is not going to happen.     The Alternate reality is not going to fly.     The strategy was to frighten me!    A Judge, especially, an appellate court judge testifying against you is supposed to be a terrifying prospect.     It is not if you realize that if Connors does testify she might decide to be truthful.    If she is truthful her testimony will be that there is a pattern of conduct in the probate division of the Circuit Court wherein seniors are all too often railroaded into guardian-ships in which they lose their liberty, their property, their civil rights and their human rights.   
Connor’s testimony if contains even a scintilla truth is going to have admissions that:
1) she was told on August 31, 2009 that the applicant for plenary guardian was unable get Mary Sykes’ doctor sign a certificate of incompetency  CCP211 and even though charged by the jurisdictional statute to hold a hearing in which the standard of proof was clear and convincing she never held a hearing.    Ms. Black denied that no hearing was held in answers to Request to Admit.    Thus, Ms Black is going to prove herself a bit aggressive with the her answers to the Request to Admit.
2) that she knew or should have known the record in the case before her and the record revealed that a) the petition was faulty as it did not name all the close relatives and b) the close relatives were not served with a written 14 day notice prior to the hearing.    In fact there is no certificate of mailing or service.
3) that there were other irregularities.    I’ve listed them previously so I will not do it again, but these irregularities were also jurisdictional and continue to this day.
I do not see how it is unethical or immoral to refuse to attorn to what in my opinion is corruption of the court significantly worse that the parent – Greylord.     How can any right thinking person sit quiet an allow seniors to have their estates looted and  their liberties forfeited.    
Ken Ditkowsky