Carolyn Toerpe VS Gloria Sykes 7/13/2012

Below is a link to the full transcript of the proceeding on 7/13/2012 between Carolyn and Gloria in eviction court.


It is clear that this Judge clearly understands that what Carolyn and Fred Toerpe have done IS WRONG. Here are some highlights in the transcript:

Page 24: Attorney Soehlig does not want to cross examine Gloria.
Page 32: Judge Garber makes the decision that Fred Toerpe’s actions are wrong.
Page 52: Carolyn Toerpe’s testimony starts
Page 60: Judge Garber grants the rule to show cause and found Toerpe in contempt of the court order:’You are not the Gestapo here, m a’am.  You’re not to make the decision when the Judge has already made the decision where she can move.”
He reminds her of the contempt later on.

Transcripts go missing…or just simply being hidden?

Transcripts are always important for any trial case, especially one that is as highly contested and contorted as the Mary G Sykes case. After ordering a transcript form the official court reporters for the court date, March 18, 2011, an AFFIDAVIT from SUSAN COSGROVE was mailed to Denison and Assocs saying it was IMPOSSIBLE to produce the transcript for that date because she could not READ the stenographic notes (something she is paid and trained to do).


It’s funny how the truth always comes out in the end because on July 12, 2012, Ken’s law assistant actually sent that transcript to us via email. THEY ordered the transcript and got it but we could not. Did someone tell the court reporters not to give us that transcript? What is happening here?


Attached is the affidavit from SUSAN COSGROVE and the front page of the the transcript that was “impossible to produce” (There are 162 pages in all to be uploaded in another post)