From Ken Ditkowsky–the arrest and incarceration of Mr. Lahrman is despicable

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Subject: Re: Indiana – I think you will want to know and hopefully report on this injustice! Please see Re:Tim Lahrman’s arrest on fictitious illegal summons and warrants, Elkhart, Indiana [1 Attachment]
Date: Apr 7, 2016 12:50 PM
how do such illegal and unconscionable arrests and harassments such as occurred to Tim Lahrman occur in the Americana!    How are fundamentally decent people lead into such horrible and wrong activities?    
Any one of us can find ourselves n the very same position as Tim Lahrman.    Herein in Illinois more than one Mary Sykes was literally kidnapped off the street for elder cleansing. In Florida Helen Stone was a victim *****.    It has been reported that homeless people were herded into nursing homes so that the government could be defrauded of their social security, medicare/medicaid etc.    
late in the day we are waking!   Lahrman is the straw that breaks the camel’s back!   These e-mails serve several purposes, to wit:  1) they alert the authorities to a miscarriage of justice and given them the opportunity to DO THE RIGHT THING and join in the struggle for remediation of America’s core principles; 2) they alert the authorities to the fact of a miscarriage of justice and to the fact that serious laws are being violated and their will be consequences.  See 42 USCA 1983, Americans for Disabilities Act, the 13th and 14th Amendments, the IRS code *****; and 3) give us (the great unwashed) a rallying point and a point of legal reference.
I copy the Justice Department on each of my missiles not out of desire to demonstrate my adoration of Attorney General Lynch, but, to provide her with evidence that each of the miscreants has scienter  and that Tim Lahrman’s incarceration is not just a horrible misunderstanding but conscious action by judicial officials and police officials.
NB.   A question was asked of me as to whether or not there is any tax liability associated with this arrest.    18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 241/242 both deal with conspiracies.   The original prosecutions of Tim Lahrman appear to be related to the theft of his life by the illegal guardianship.   This illegal guardianship while occurring almost two decades ago resulted in breaches of fiduciary relationships (and taxable events).    From my interview with Tim, it was very clear that the taxable event was not reported on the 1040 and 1041 tax returns that the guardian was required to file.
Ergo – a specie of tax fraud has occurred and since it was not reported on the tax forms the statute of limitations never started to run.  (However)  There appears to be a relationship between the 1999 Marijuana fiasco and the tax fraud.   It is my memory that this event might have had something to do with the IRS investigation in which Tim offered full co-operation.   apparently the IRS addressed the problem and received a substantial settlement.
The issue in my mind is resolved.   HOWEVER, as the guardianship was never terminated.   Does the lack of termination create a revival of the taxable event?    Does retaliatory arrests 17 years later revive the taxable event?
I do not know the answer, but, with government needing money I am delighted not to be professionally involved in the wrongful proceedings on the prosecution side.    By the clear light of hindsight I expect that we will get some answers!