Judge fines woman $1,000 for submitting a negative Yelp on a comany that scammed her.

I wonder if he thinks it will get him better Yelps. When the public finds out, I’m sure they’ll overwhelm every site they can find with criticism of his horrible conduct in failing to uphold the US constitution, as he was sworn to do.

The judge fined the woman just for using the word “scam” and “con artist”.  Well if companies can use “puffery” in ads to get you in the door or at their website on false terms and conditions, it seems to me this woman is free to say what she wants.  And if “scam” and “con artist” is her choice of words, so be it.

Obviously this judge needs to retake his 6th grade civics exam on the Bill of Rights.  He wanted her to say “did not live up to the contract terms” instead. Well, if that were the case then HE or the Government should write all reviews.

However the US Supreme Court has made it clear that the government cannot tell the public what to say, nor can they tell the public to refrain from speech.


Well, Jerome Larkin will be proud of the judge.  He thinks that public criticism of judges and attorneys acting badly should result in years of suspension by the attorney involved (Ditkowsky, myself and Lanre Amu) despite the fact the US constitution says otherwise and the public is tired of a “code of Silence” which really equates to a “Code of Corruption Unfettered”.  Never mind that all of the judges and players in question are well known already for acting badly and already have a slew of websites and blogs telling the truth about them.

For the Illinois Atty and Regn Comm, Truth is their complete stranger.  Nope, don’t let that nonsense in their doors.  Put your head in the sand like an ostrich. Hear no evil, speak no evil and for sure don’t fix any evil.

The ABA supports such nonsense and shuts down commentary and their commentary sections whenever someone says something critical of attorneys or the judicial system.  Someone needs to send these guys some big boy and big girl pants and diapers.

What utter nonsense