Do we have the attention of the SCOI?

One of the biggest hurdles with Appellate work is convincing any particular judge that the trial court or tribunal below, not only failed to do its job, but you have to get their attention.

While one would think that this blog–which reports all sorts of problems, inconsistencies, injustices, and gives the public a platform to present these to the world in an effort to reduce corruption in our Illionis courts–might get someone’s attention at that level, but not because it is me, or I or Ken have scintillating writing along with the likes of Hemmingway, Ayn Rand, Maya Angelou, even Clarence Darrow, or any other famous and wonderful writer, it should be that this blog is about corruption, the ARDC appears to be going after lawyers for merely blogging about corruption and asking law enforcement to intervene.

All of this seems wrong, horribly wrong, on sooo many obvious levels.

So take a look at the document below.

Order Granted Supplementing Record as Filed by Ken Ditkowsky

You will recall that Ken filed a Motion to Supplement the record based upon the Horace Hunter case.  I hope this is a good sign that they plan to adopt portions of the very good decision made with respect to Atty Horace Hunter in Virginia–that the First Amendment means either no restrictions on blogging, or the fewest restrictions possible.

I’m not sure that the Record to Supplement being granted will produce, but at least we have the interest of one Justice Burke.