Form for Motion for Special Process Server

Since I know a lot of you out there are pro se’ers because attorneys are very expensive and there is really no good method at the present time to get litigation loans to fund all of the lack of procedure, immense bias, a system that can suck you dry, I will start posting forms that might help you in court.

Please be aware that these forms are only for the court you are in.  I can’t help you with states other than Illinois, and I practice mainly in Chicago, but if you can hook up with an attorney and pay her or him to look over the stuff you file and discuss it a bit, that should help you out.

See the attached form for a Special Process Server.

In Illinois service may be attempted where ever the defendant may be found.  So you can serve at work, far as I know, correct me if I am wrong.

Form for Special Process Server–RTF

Form for Special Process Server – WPD

Form for Special Process Server – PDF

After you have a defendant served, you will want to have your Process Server do a Declaration of Service and file that with the court so the Judge knows your defendants have been properly served.

A court is not supposed to take jurisdiction or issue any substantive orders in a case generally, unless and until your defendant is served.