Prayers from the church are working and I thank them all!

Dear Readers;

Some time ago, one of the deacons at our church wrote to me and said that he was asking what to pray for for our family and of course I told him THIS BLOG, THE RIGHTS OF LAWYERS TO BLOG ABOUT CORRUPTION TO HELP ELIMINATE IT, and the RIGHTS OF SENIORS to find justice in the Illinois probate courts.

Not too much longer, out came the Horace Hunter case, which, as you know enabled me to Renew my Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim (blogging about corruption should NOT be wrongful in the US where we have free speech rights) and also to file additional motions to ensure that Justice is done in my case.  I also personally thanked Horace Hunter of VA for the fine work he did in making sure that lawyers have first amendment rights, even if his blog was in fact commercial speech, it is important because it clearly affirms my rights to run a non commercial blog and say what I need to in order to get the word out that something is highly amiss in many, many probate cases.

Here is the email from the church in which they affirmed prayers for this blog and the seniors and infirm it protects:

From: SD
To: joanne <>
Subject: Your Recent E-mail
Date: Feb 22, 2013 12:50 AM
Hello JoAnne,
Our mission is one of sympathy, friendship and Christian witness. Personally, I do not know the law profession….But I will be happy to keep you in prayer, particularly in your law work, just as I lifted up every member of your immediate family for blessing recently. I wish I could give you a more helpful answer for your specific legal concerns. Thank you for the good work that you do.
With every good wish,
Here is the powerful prayer he used:
Holy Father/Mother God, the truth, justice and light, be with [all lawyers] in particular and all of your children in general who believe in, and stand up for, the poor, the physically-challenged, seniors and the elderly, and all those without a strong voice in society. Strengthen and augment the efforts of [] and all attorneys, as well as social workers, other human welfare workers, and all others earnestly engaged in your work of justice and good will to all peoples, locally and globally; we thank them for following the path of your only Son in assisting your children, including the downtrodden and needy. Lift them up in their abilities to fight for right over might.
Inspire the hearts of those in established and institutionalized positions of authority to be merciful, compassionate and mindful of the highest good for all, including the little people under their jurisdiction, from public defenders to judiciary to governing agencies of the legal system. As Lincoln may have said it, let the better angels of their nature guide their important decisions, which stand to empower or defeat your very weakest and rejected children. Help shape the judgments of public officials in the vital roles they play in sanctioning loving moral and ethical principles inherent in laws and in the U.S. Constitution, and may they always discharge their duties to the best of their abilities.
Help us all combat corruption in any and all forms in social justice and replace it with principles grounded solely in love for you and love of our neighbor. We ask these things in your righteous and perfect name. Amen.
JoAnne, I hope this helps you and your cause. But please do invoke my name to the ARDC, as prayer is supposed to be done quietly and anonymously and not for our personal glory, etc.
Best wishes,
My response:  whatever you can do in prayer is just fine.  Do what you can.  Throw away what you can’t and never, never look back.  There is great work to do here and many churches and houses of worship can be a great part of it.
I do believe in prayer, thought and meditation.  I  put my name on things, but I have learned to be brave, very brave.  I care not about the opposition.  I charge ahead, but I think that takes years of prayer, discipline and higher though.
SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR POWERFUL WORK IN PRAYER, THOUGHT AND MEDITATION AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  Do not let it go. Seniors, the disabled and their families are suffering greatly from lack of justice in our courtrooms.
Peace, blessings and love to you all.