Comments from Ken Ditkowsky on MISSING documents and pleadings in 09 P 4585

It looks like we have entered the Spoliation of the evidence phase.   The two Guardian ad litem and the plenary guardian are aware that for the 2nd time they have neglected the technicality of jurisdiction and are hanging out there ‘naked!’    (The first was the direct intimidation threat via the sanction motion, and this one is more serious as it arises from the failure to provide Mary Sykes with the protections that she is required to be provided by statute – the failure to provide these protections strips the Court of Jurisdiction (Sodini))

It should be noted that as so many years have gone by without the Court having jurisdiction and with Gloria complaining of the lack of jurisdiction any defense at this point in time would either be a sham or an oxymoron.
Let me make this very clear as I have copied law enforcement and the many of the people who have joined in the fight to stamp out elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly by the political elite and their ‘court appointed friends.’    (see GAO September Report to Congress)   In the Sykes case law enforcement has absolutely no further excuse for not acting.   JoAnne Denison’s work has reduced this case down to simple embezzlement, breach of fiduciary relationship, theft, false imprisonment.   In the flotsam of the forcible entry and detainer action wrongfully filed and wrongfully prosecuted there was trespass, battery, and theft committed.  (Gloria went to the States Attorney and they refused to prosecute).
How does all of this happen in the United States of America and law enforcement and government totally ignore all of this miscreant behavior.  The ARDC has a history of note ‘covering themselves with glory’  in Greylord and in some of the other scandals = but by in large law enforcement has been the saving grace.   Why not now!    At the very least you would think with the budget crisis that both the State and the Federal Governments suffer the Department of the Treasury would be interested in collecting taxes.  (I guess that collecting taxes from the political elite is not a priority – a rough calculation of the taxes, interest, and penalties due in Sykes is a million dollars and in Tyler – seven to eight million!  Breach of Fiduciary relationship is a taxable event)
Where is that honest complete and comprehensive investigation of Sykes case, the Tyler cse, the Gore case, the Wyman case and the dozens of other similar cases?    Why is the GAO report being ignored.
Ken Ditkowsky

A complete list of all files in Mary G Sykes case. Please note all the missing documents

Below is a table of the files on the Mary G Sykes case that were found in Judge Stuart’s courtroom. Most of the 2009 files were copies obtained from Ken’s office, not where the main file is. Why is that? Some of the Court orders are also missing, additionally, most of the files filed by Joanne are also removed from the file.

sykes docket sheet