Ken Ditkowsky and Joanne Denison on Cooper’s Corners tonight!

From 7:30 to 8:30, local access cable show serving the North Shore community of Chicago.

I believe it is the nation’s longest running weekly cable access show for community interests.

Bev Cooper is a wonderful, kind and caring host that wants to spread Truth and Justice in “crook” county, if that is at all possible.

If you do not have cable access and live in the North Shore, the program will be on Youtube some days later.

You may be interested in the past shows that Ken and I have done.  I know they’re still being watched because my blog fans still call, email and discuss these shows they just saw recently and they are amazed that there are some human being attorneys out there that care and do great work for truth and justice.


2-15-11 Ken Ditkowsky and Operation Greylord


2-17-15  Ken Ditkowsky on Greylord and Elder Cleansing

1-7-15 Ken Ditkowsky and Elder Cleansing of decorated Veteran

3-10-14  Wrongful Discipline of atty Ken Ditkowsky for speaking out against corruption in Illinois Probate courts

6/19/13 Ken Ditkowsky and JoAnne Denison Wrongfully Disciplined for speaking out against Corruption in the Courts and Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation

12/17/14 Joanne Denison on the wrongful Discipline of 3 attorneys – Lanre Amu, Ken Ditkowsky and herself for speaking out against court corruption in “crook” county Illinois

6-11-14 Joanne Denison wrongfully Disciplined Lawyer is now Illinois’ Most Dangerous Blogger for asserting her First Amedment rights in a Corrupt Court System that abuses the Elderly

1/15/14 Joanne Denison — Illinois Most Dangerous Bloggers reveals truth in Illinois probate court system

2/6/13 Joanne Denison speaks the truth about elder abuses in probate — Wyman, Sykes, Tyler, Gore

12/10/14 Joanne Denison Blogs and Speaks out against Corruption in the Illinois Court System

2/25/15 Joanne Denison speaks out against corrupt Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission for violating her First Amendment Rights and those of lawyers Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu who speak out against corruption in the courts and write to the authorities about string of felonies in probate

If you can’t watch the show tonight, have yourself a private corruption marathon where we as the essential questions:  1) why does the Illinois ARDC cover up dissent and corruption with a sledge hammer pounding attorneys that dare to speak out; 2) where is the FBI and the Illinois state’s attorneys Lisa Murray Madigan, Diane Saltoun and Anita Alvarez in all of this.  The beds are burning! (Nursing home beds that are, with elders forced into a nursing home by the corrupt probate courts, all assets liquidated and  provided to attorneys, court tied in vendors (psychiatrists, visiting nurses, case managers, etc.) and then the elder is narcotized to death when the money runs out!