Nursing home report card–where does yours rank?

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Subject: Re: “Pa. nursing homes rank 9th worst in nation; what’s your experience? Pennsylvania provides some of the worst nursing home care in the country according to national advocacy groups. We want to hear your stories.” And, Families for Better Care, Nursing Home Report Cards.
Date: Mar 10, 2016 10:38 AM
Pa. nursing homes are only the 9th worst because the political corruption in Pa. still pales by comparison to Illinois, Florida, ******.    In Illinois we have Jerome Larkin!    This amoral public official not only has the temerity to openly and notoriously misrepresent the Rule of Law as stated by the SCOTUS in Alvarez, but, has lied about the record in Sykes, Gore *** and had the temerity to characterize complaints concerning corruption of judges as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.*
The infamous corruption is affirmed by the Illinois Supreme Court – a body of elected Judges!
You have to visit one of the less public sections of an Illinois or a Florida nursing home run by the cabal that Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators are protecting by their assaults on the First Amendment Rights of lawyers screaming for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.    A visit to the crematories of the 3rd Reich is a equivalent!     
As if the Alice Gore case (the prospecting for gold in a senior mouth – and the removal of the gold from her teeth) is not bad enough, but, these “wonderful” politically recognized civic minded individuals who are so beloved by the political and judicial machinery supplement their income by trolling the haunts of the homeless.   Therein, they literally kidnap the homeless, drug them and take them to hospital emergency rooms where they are subsequently released by such entities as the public guardian to pay for play nursing homes.   Once in these nursing homes medicare and medicaid kick in and whatever money that is loose is garnered.   A single “rich” senior being elder cleansed may yield 10 to 15 thousand dollars a month in pure profit.   A couple of homeless people only a couple of thousand a month each – but, these people never bring in a JD, KD, JN, ****.    four or five to a room *****.
In Illinois I understand this practice was stopped when a whistle blower denounced it and noisy law enforcement people started to get too close; however, my source suggests that the same is still going on in Florida, California etc. 
In the cesspool of health care fraud no stone is left unturned to garner political and financial gain.   No one is safe!
* note, in Illinois, a corruption blog is only akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, but you have to yell “police” or “fbi” and the theater has to be filled with Illinois corrupt politicians and judges, and of course lawyers from the ARDC.

From: Cynthia Stephens <>
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2016 7:13 AM
Subject: “Pa. nursing homes rank 9th worst in nation; what’s your experience? Pennsylvania provides some of the worst nursing home care in the country according to national advocacy groups. We want to hear your stories.” And, Families for Better Care, Nursing Home Report Cards.

I am shocked that Pennsylvania is not in the top 5 of the worst!  Look at how innocent and unsuspecting people are treated in the courts for money.  Innocent people dragged into court rooms for fraudulent and criminal wealth and property re-distribution because someone who doesn’t like them who has “high and mighty friends,” (some attorneys and possibly others) in the courts and some judges, or former judges and they can do whatever they want to whomever they want!
This report on the nursing home care should not shock anyone!  Look at the abuses to elder, disabled, unsuspectingly vulnerable and the HOA horrors involving vulnerable populations, or those they force into vulnerability to steal their homes, finances and equity and even more sinister motives for some!  Devastating lives, families, the health of the HOA homeowner, taking away the safety and security of their families and most could care less!  Especially, in Monroe County, PA, I believe.  Wake up Pennsylvania elected officials, law enforcement, prosecutors and investigators!…/… always in the top ten for the wrong things
Pennsylvania provides some of the worst nursing home care in the country according to national advocacy groups. We want to hear your stories. To answer…
Bonnie Green
Bonnie Green New York pretty awful. I dont know where NY rates.

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Families for Better Care, Nursing Home Report Cards.  PA got a D-

Remaining questions from today’s interview with Ken Ditkowsky

The time that both Ken and I have had on the wrongfully “Disciplined Lawyer” series was simply too short to answer all the questions the viewers had, so below answers more of the questions received.

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Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Feb 18, 2016 9:57 PM
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The most important point is true for not only me, but you too is that the charges made by the lawyer disciplinary commission are beyond the scope of their jurisdiction.    In particular all statements made by any citizen that relate to political or content related speech is protected by the First Amendment.     I cite Rosemond vs. Markham , and Alvarez as authority.

Rosemond is directly on point, and Alvarez pointed out that the statements made are protected even if untrue.    My statements are backed up by affidavits and the Court files.   As  I never was of record in any of the elder cleansing cases under discussion I enjoy all the rights of citizenship.   However even lawyers of record cannot be censored under both the Illinois and the Federal Constitution.

The foregoing not withstanding, assume that I was upset and called the Judge a ******.   He could hold me in contempt.   The statement might be considered an act and therefore  would be an exception to the First Amendment protection for the purpose of contempt.    The truth of my charge that the judge might be a defense, but, depending on my demeanor it might      Similarly if I overtly lied to the judge I might be held in contempt.    However,the Lawyer Disciplinary Board has no jurisdiction to act as a disciplinarian or censor of my speech.   They regulate conduct – not speech and their regulation is narrow or there  would be a deprivation of citizen rights of not only me but my client.

A Florida lawyer had a judge get all bent out of shape when the judge reduced a jury verdict. He did not hold the lawyer in contempt and therefore admitted that the lawyer’s behavior was acceptable.    The Florida Bar in an ultra vires action punished the lawyer and therefore violated the rights of not only the lawyer but his client.   The action of the Florida Bar was not only wrongful, but if a crime had been committed by the other side subjected itself to 18 USCA 371 liability.

In light of the Sykes case file in my case and in Joanne’s case our collective action was mandated by Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4.    

NB – Alvarez extends the Right of Free Speech to even untrue statements.    lawyer disciplinary proceedings require the commission to prove the misconduct by clear and convincing evidence.   Writing e-mails and letters requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION is not misconduct – it certainly is not akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.* 

Ken Ditkowsky

*That is, unless, as Ken pointed out, the theater is filled with crooked politicians, lawyers and judges, only then is this blog akin to crying out “fire” in that theater.

Questions from the listeners to Andy Ostroski’s blog:

Ken, I thought your interview was great this evening, and have received good feedback on it.  I did, however, in addressing the lawyer discipline issues, specifically, get the following questions submitted, which I think are pertinent, and think that everyone addressing their situation should address.  I am passing them along, and would appreciate your response, if you are so inclined:
What were the fact charges against Ken?   The stated charges by the ARDC was that I was defaming judges with untrue statements.   When I sent out an interrogatory asking specifically what statements they claimed were not true, they refused to answer the specifics.    One of the major problems they had was the file in the Sykes was refuted any claim that I was not telling the truth – thus it was not allowed to be subpoenaed   We also filed affidavits – the affidavit was ignored.
What were the code provisions?   I believe it was 8.2 and 8.4.   Rule 8.3 which addressed the issue and made my conduct mandatory was of course ignored. 
Did he get an appeal?    The Administrative proceedings were rigged the Supreme Court of Illinois and SCOTUS would not hear appeals.
What did the Disciplinary Complaint Say?   It can be read on the IARDC website
Did he have an attorney? I did have an attorney; however, on day one it was apparent that the fix was in.     
How can he prove that he was suspended because of his statements?   There is a letter from GAL  Cynthia Farenga to the the IARDC attorney who ultimately represented the administrator demanding such action – and the fact that the evidence concentrated on the fact that I made repeated demands for an Honest investigation.     Most pregnant was the question asked of me if I was repentant for making my demand directly to the Attorney General of the United States.  

Seth Gillman still commiting fraud and the ARDC does nothing

Dear Readers;

As many of you will remembers, back in June of 2014 I first reported on this blog, and filed with the ARDC, a complaint against Seth Gillman and his pilfering $100 million from medicare in an indictment from the FBI charging him with medicare fraud.

The ARDC did nothing.

I know the ARDC reads my blog because they copied every page of it from Nov. 2011 to the date of trial and used it at trial, so I know they download it and keep it all the time.

Now Ken Ditkowsky finds in the Tribune this morning more complaints about Seth Gillman, about how he failed to pay employees, he failed to pay their health insurance and he absconded with 401k funds.

But the ARDC does nothing.

In a complaint I recently filed with them including clouted attorney aldermen and a human trafficked woman they all knew about, the ARDC did nothing and even pretended they did not know what Rules of Professional Resposibility were violated when felonies were committed by attorneys (see prior blog, Senior Counsel Athea Walsh).

I am keeping a file of valid citizen complaints routinely dismissed by the ARDC. It gets fatter and fatter every day.

See below and please pray for all these victims.


complaint intake

Fax 312-565-2320 From: Admitted Ill*., N. Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison, Pat. Agent. Reg. No. 34,150
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120
Niles, IL 60714 PHONE 312-553-1300 or
we speak for Truth and Justice when the court system cannot
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This facsimilie message contains attorney privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copy of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by telephone, collect, and return the original message to the above address. You will be reimbursed. Your cooperation is immensely appreciated.
For transmission problems, please call 312-335-1300
February 8, 2016

RE: Complaint against Seth Gillman
Dear Intake;
Pursuant to my Himmel duty, I wish to file a complaint against Seth Gillman and his company Passages. Pursuant to a recent 2/8/16 letter to the Chicago Tribune, Seth Gillman, in Jan 2014 was indicted for faud in a 100 page complaint by the FBI. I was published on my blog, (which I know the ARDC reads because it copied my entire blog for my trial), that Seth Gillman was indicted in Jan of 2014 and the ARDC did not file charges against him.

Now further information has surfaced that employees did not receive paychecks, their insurance was terminated because Mr. Gillman took employee funds for it but never paid the insurance carrier, he apparently stole employee 401k contributions. (See attached).

It is not an excuse for your offices to say that theft of employee pay, insurance funds and 401k is not covered by the Rule of Professional Conduct for Attorneys in Illinois, because the Rules clearly cover this. It is further shameful conduct that you would write back, in response to a valid citizen complaint, that one of your senior attorneys “is unaware” under what rule, criminal conduct is covered.

Seth Gillman’s indictment was published on my blog in early 2014, and the ARDC did nothing and did not investigate.

It has been my position (and that of Ken Ditkowsky) that the ARDC protects favored attorneys in the health care industry and “goes after” attorneys that reveal and discuss openly corruption in the legal and judicial professions.

Now more proof has come to surface.

In the nearly 2 years which the ARDC has refused to prosecute Seth Gillman, precious funds have clearly been dissipated by him, never to return to the rightful owners.

I am asking at this time that the ARDC investigate Set Gillman and all other ARDC attorneys that were informed that Seth Gillman had run a medicare scam operation, and had stolen from employees, but did nothing and did not open an investigation, or the investigation was started and then obstructed.

Something is seriously wrong when an attorney is indicted by the feds in January of 2014 in a 100 page $100 million indictment, but instead the ARDC runs after an attorney corruption blogger and another attorney that writes emails to the authorities demanding honest investigations of troubled probate cases.

Now Mary Sykes is dead and she has had no autopsy and no tox screen and the ARDC continues to refuse to open an investigation against the lawyers really involved–Farenga, Schmeidel, Soehlig and Stern. Of course, that would mean that those attorneys would have to explain the theft of $200k of Gloria’s funds from her, the chaining of Gloria Sykes to a chair in Judge Stuart’s offices and threatening pets with euthanization, the repeated break ins into Gloria’s Home, the failed attempts to sell that home and put funds into the estate, the isolation of Mary Sykes from 20+ former friends and family, the pretend ignorance of Videos of Mary on Vimeo indicating that from Summer of 2009 to her death, Mary was clear thinking, lucid, competent and could engage in higher cognitive thinking. The videos are there. I would like to further open an investigation on Adam Stern as to why after a phone conversation with Officer Krakow of the Naperville police, he chased me down in the parking lot of Sunrise Nursing home and ordered me to destroy a 40 minute video of Mary Sykes or he would arrest me. This is obstruction of justice, spoilation of evidence and tampering with evidence–all criminal activites.
I would like a complete, thorough and honest investigation of the conspiracies, frauds and thefts involved in these two cases–both of which involve the health care industry and protection of same. I would like to know why Jerome Larkin and James Grogin investigate bloggers and attorneys who report crime to the authorities, but not those attorneys who engage in theft of employee wages, 401K funds and health insurance money. I would also like to know why Jerome Larkin and James Grogin engage in “go after” proceedings of bloggers to violate and suppress their First Amendment rights which is a crime in the US.

I would also like to know who is paying off Jerome Larkin’s and Melissa Smart’s mortgages and would like copies of the payment sources, all checks and names on any cash deposits that paid off those huge mortgages.

Very Truly Yours,


/joanne m denison/esignature/

Joanne M. Denison

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