From Ken Ditkowsky – Yes, some judges are honest and must be commended and are an example to the others

Subject: Re: sound familiar?
Date: Sep 1, 2016 4:46 PM
Since I was forced to retire I have had a chance to try to slow my world and take a good look at it.     Yesterday on MaryGSykes blog a Texas Lawyer’s piece concerning an honest judge is revealed.    No, JoAnne has not mellowed!    Every jurisdiction has many honest judges and wonderful people who make our communities terrific places to live.     The Jerome Larkins and their ilk are an annoying minority who rise up from the cesspool from time to time to be an annoyance.     Even in an era when the polls suggest that 2/3s of us do not believe that either candidate for president is trustworthy or honest our world is still a wonderful place to live and work.      Indeed, every day I send e-mails to some of the nicest people in our world who not only care for the elderly and the disabled, but care for each other.
When we received an e-mail from a citizen that read in part:
“Last night I had many flash-backs during my sleep — of being isolated, force-drugged, spoken to and about like I was a non-person, feeling again insecure even when in my own home [is it mine, do I have legal rights to my own property, I do not, I not even my Legal Right to vote but I did receive a Jury Notice this morning] it just goes on [the veiled and not so veiled threats by those non-family predators] and on it goes, all of this — and recovering from another UTI infection, again, due to being hospital-forced to take IV antibiotics for 52 Days & Nights [while being denied ample drinking water] <;, <; — along with the electronic mails that continued on and on late into the night last night and well past my normal bed-time, and this morning, still being reluctant to continue opening them all — leaves me feeling rather re-victimized at this exact point-in-time.”
Most, if not all, of the people on this e-mail chain had a first thought: “how can I help!”      In fact, the Justice Department, the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies received a few minutes later a DEMAND for an HONEST INVESTIGATION!
We as a group understand that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to make a concerted effort to protect America’s core values.     In spite of the perfidy, assaults on the human rights, constitutional rights and infamy of corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt political people ***** we are carrying on the fight to end ‘elder cleansing.     We are serving the core values of America.   When we stand with the elderly and their families who are being euthanized by the corrupt nursing home operators and their political and judicial co-conspirators we fulfill our duties as citizens.      No amount of intimidation by the Political and the Judicial elite can cease our call to Honest Law enforcement for a comprehensive and vigorous Investigation into the criminal behavior of all those miscreants who are engaged in a War against the elderly and the disabled!
When each of you who have joined in the effort to protect the Constitution of the United States from those who seek to destroy its meaning and efficacy looks up they will see someone that they like!     Our goal is to, within the law, bring each elder cleanser to the Bar of Justice.       The spectacle in the Circuit Court of Cook County of a sitting judge, conspiring with an ethically challenged lawyer, infamous nursing home operator ****** to harvest the gold filing from a 90-year-old widowed grandmother haunts every decent human being.     The avarice and inhumanity exhibited taint Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) and leave a stench than cannot be sanitized.     The failure of the legal profession and the 2nd oldest profession to stand up as one and demand CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONs is beyond reprehensible.     It tars irrevocably every Judge and every lawyer in Cook County, Illinois who does not demand JUSTICE!
Indeed – we are demanding JUSTICE for all including the miscreants who would take from us our humanity.      We may not get much recognition – but, justice is its own reward.
All that said – we need right now an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scandal and vigorous prosecution of all the criminals involved in ‘elder cleansing’ including those, such as Jerome Larkin, who maintain the cover-up that protects the corrupt judges, lawyers, guardians *****.     IT IS NOW TIME!
Lawyers in particular have a responsibility to stand up be counted.   Sometimes standing up and being counted has some adverse personal consequences.    I understood when I took the oath to be a lawyer that I was going to make a few enemies and some would have ethical deficiencies.  I knew I would not be alone and am grateful to the many who have stood by me – and stood up for the core values of America.   The Jerome Larkins of this world no matter how much clout they have or how many of the political and judicial elite assist him in his 18 USCA 371 conspiracy still has to face his conscience and ultimately his maker.   Every night I pray in thanksgiving that I am not him!

From Penn.–suspending the Atty General? Was this an HONEST investigation or was it a done deal.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Ordinarily I would read the article in the Wall Street Journal, note it, and forget it.   Why should care if another political figure gets disciplined.   In truth the political scene is unattractive and the people involved are venal.   
I do care however if a citizen is being railroaded, mistreated, or the law is unjust.   I took an oath over half a century ago and even though I am retired it still means something to me.   More importantly my family was and is the beneficiary of America’s bounty.  The Justice and Freedom of America allowed my family to prosper and enjoy the republic.    Yes, I know it is old hat to mention that my grandfather came here at 9 years old and made his fortune because of who we are Americans are and what we have.    Indeed, but for America’s bounty I personally might be a peasant living is Europe.
In resent years I’ve personally seen America’s core values grossly assaulted by people who were highly paid to protect them.   Most notably Illinois Disciplinary Commission and in particular its Administrator and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have made a mockery of the Constitution.    They have unilaterally abrogated the Bill of Rights not only for lawyers, but victims of elder abuse.
The Article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye as it looks like another attempt by persons temporarily in power to vitiate the lode stone of the Justice System, to with Honor and honesty.    Here again we need an HONEST investigation!!

4:49 pm ET
Sep 21, 2015


Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane
Associated Press
Pennsylvania’s top law-enforcement officer may not practice law in Pennsylvania, at least for the time being.
The state’s highest court on Monday suspended Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s license to practice law in the state. The decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court doesn’t remove Ms. Kane from office but adds further uncertainty to her political future as she battles criminal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.
The unanimous order by the state Supreme Court’s five justices also could prompt a legal challenge from the first-term Democrat. In the meantime, it leaves the state’s top law enforcement official in charge of a 750-employee office and a $93 million budget but without the ability to act as a lawyer.
The state constitution requires the attorney general to be a licensed lawyer, but the court said in the order that its action should not be construed as removing her from office, raising questions about her ability to do the full range of duties associated with the office.
Ms Kane issued a statement responding to the suspension:
I am disappointed by the action taken by the Supreme Court today. It is important to note that the order specifically states that “this order should not be construed as removing Respondent from elected office.”  I continue to maintain my innocence and plan to keep fighting to clear my name while serving out the rest of my term in office. I am confident the hundreds of employees of the Office of Attorney General will continue protecting the people of Pennsylvania with the same high level of energy, dedication and professionalism they have always displayed.
Ms. Kane has said the criminal charges against her are a conspiracy ginned up by two former state prosecutors who feared their exposure in a pornographic email scandal she was investigating.
NB  In Wisconsin political foes were investigated by criminals who misused their State positions in an attempt to make political gains.    The IRS was used to harass conservatives.   JoAnne Denison, Lanre Amu and myself were disciplined by Illinois Court for asking for an Honest Investigation of elder cleansings and/or court corruption.   Goodman in Ariz was disciplined for objecting to elder cleansing *****   Investigating state funded pornography is almost as serious an offense to the well being of some politically connected individuals as blogging about corruption in the Courts.     
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s one-page order came in response to a complaintagainst Ms. Kane by the state’s attorney disciplinary board, which is appointed by the state high court.
The chief counsel for the state lawyer disciplinary board on Aug. 25 filed a complaint saying the court should prevent Kane from inflicting damage on the administration of justice. The complaint calls it a conflict of interest for her to prosecute people while being a criminal defendant.     NB – we heard that one before – exposing corruption is like yelling fire in a crowded theater.
Kane challenged the proposed suspension on grounds it violates her right to due process under the law.
In their filing, disciplinary board lawyers wrote that Kane committed “egregious conduct” that justifies suspending her license by authorizing a grand jury leak and failing to start an internal investigation after the story was published.    NB.  This would be a new tact – a lawyer being suspended for not conducting an investigation in a criminal offense!!    I also would approve of the application of 18 USCA 371 type statutes to force public officials to do their jobs.     We need an HONEST investigation!     If the AG is being railroaded we should stand behind her; however, if she in fact failed to do her job we ought to pile on!
University of Pittsburgh law professor John M. Burkoff, who teaches criminal procedure and legal ethics, told Law Blog that he believes it’s the first time that the state’s high court has the suspended the law license of a sitting attorney general.     NB.   It is the first time that the political class has not closed its eyes to corruption.   It only opens its eyes when the Fed can stomach no more of the corruption.    The idea that the State found religion is too much for this old man to believe.   This action by the PA court is so are that if true we have to take a look out there to see if the tooth fairy *****
“She’s the attorney general, but at the moment, she’s not an attorney,” the professor said.
He said the suspension raises the question of when her supervisory responsibilities might bleed into legal work she is no longer permitted to perform. At the very least, according to the professor, Ms. Kane may not appear in court to argue a case — which state attorneys general seldom do — or sign pleadings.
“She may be at this point our paralegal general,” he said.
Let’s start having some HONEST investigations and start ridding the Courts of the criminals with black robes.

Ken Ditkowsky
From JoAnne;
Since prosecutors have absolute prosecutorial discretion,  I have no idea what all the fuss is about.  And if the information “leaked” from the grand jury was already public, again, that is her right to do so.
It seems to me when an attorney general is suspended from the practice of law summarily, and with a one page order from the State Supreme court, something fishy is going on.
And if she, like me, is still admitted to federal court, then she still is a lawyer, but can only practice there.
It seems to me like her problem may mostly be vendetta for exposing the truth in other cases..
You know, the real problem with all of this is that everyone I know that I talk to knows that Chicago is corrupt, Illinois is corrupt, Cook County is corrupt.  I have published all the problems I have found in the court system, so everyone I know (and I make friends everyday via this blog) knows what corruption is and that I, Ken Ditowsky and Mr. Amu have told the truth about the Cook County Court system and our criticisms fall squarely under First Amendment.
We did not lie. There is no evidence that we did lie, other than the tribunals we went before were not random, they were hand picked by someone at the ARDC, and we already know that Jerome Larkin has a lot to cover up for.  Melissa Smart has strange property records and she refuses to make public her bank statements and payment records.  Jerome Larkin too.  Sharon Opryszek herself engaged in witness tampering and obstruction of justice in prior cases (Hunter Hogan case, witness Justine McGinty, a lovely smart young lady who is still furious about all of this and vows to go to law school to stop corruption at the ARDC.  Good going.)
No one at the ARDC files state mandated ethics report.  The ARDC is soooo corrupt when you call there to survey the attorneys “why not?”  Most get rude and abusive and hang up on you.  Only 1 lawyer out of about 10 apparently was contrite and respectful when this was pointed out to him.
We need to call for an HONEST investigation of the ARDC via the FBI.  They have to stop this corruption.  My law license needs to be returned so I can help my pro bono clients. (Ever hear of that one from a lawyer?  Get my license back so I can help people for low cost or free who have had serious violations of human and civil rights?)
Where we live is just too important to throw away to the mob bosses that make fair trials, discovery and hearings and impossibility.
Jerome Larkin and he ilk need to be thoroughly and publicly investigated. And that includes all of his staff with valid citizen complaints against them–Leah Black Guiterrez, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart.  We need to see their bank statements and who is paying their mortgages.