Lea Black’s Petition to BAR Gloria from testifying at Ken’s proceeding against the ARDC

As ridiculous as this sounds, it is true. Lea Black (ARDC) has filed a petition to BAR Gloria from testifying on the basis that she was “uncooperative” in setting up a place and time for her deposition. Gloria has gone to the lengths of transforming a suite room into a conference room to appease Ms Black. Does that sound uncooperative?

Ken puts it eloquently as to what the ARDC is essentially doing by filing this motion:

“I know it is difficult to believe that the ARDC filed a petition to punish me for complaining about judicial corruption in Cook County and in particular:

1) objecting to Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel et al denying Mary Sykes (a senior citizen age 90plus) of her rights, privileges and immunities guaranteed under the United States Constitution
2) Circuit Court Judges and court appointed lawyers ignoring the jurisdictional limitations of the Courts and in particular those designed by the legislature to protect senior citizens.   A judge has a duty to determine if he/she has jurisdiction.   In the Sykes case it appears that (using the words of Adam Stern) ‘it is a technicality!’     I just hope that at some point in time Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga et al have to personally address that technicality.
3) Objecting to the non-inventory of over a million dollars in assets belonging to Mary Sykes!    LG asked Mr. Evans if he considered that theft!   It makes no difference if Mr. Evans considers it theft or not!   Theft is unauthorized control and except in these probate cases that is unauthorized control    It is also a taxable event.    I calculate that with the taxes due, interest and penalties at this point in time the conspirators owe in excess of a million dollars to the United States of America.  (Mr. Dubow – the accountant informs me that the interest is 5per cent per month up to 25% of the tax due.    The fraud penalty – for the breach of fiduciary relationship and the concealment – is 50%.    The tax is 30%.  Ms Toerpe should be sleeping very well at night knowing that at this point in time she and the conspirators to evade the legitimate income taxes owed to the United States of America can help Mr. Obama make a dent in the debt!”
Banning someone simply because setting up a deposition proves a bit difficult is UNHEARD of. It’s simply not a reason. But of course, desperate times call for desperate measures. Judicial corruption is about to be exposed and Lea Black is doing everything she can to hinder this.
Below are both the motion to bar Gloria Sykes and Ken’s response to that motion. It should not be long before we get news that Lea Black’s motion is DENIED if there is even an ounce of justice in the justice system.