New report says numerous federal appeallate judges broke Ethics Laws

And while we can’t even get the ARDC to file their ethics reports, even after numerous requests from this blog, (I think even Atty Rhodes went so far as to say that using ARDC email to ask the ARDC to comply with Ethics Law and report on their salaries was abuse of their emails, but I’m not sure that’s what she meant), the federal appellate judges are in some pretty hot water for failing to disclose ownership of stock and other business interests before ruling on cases where they held such an interest.

Even the ownership of one share of stock in a company that is involved in a federal court lawsuit is automatic grounds for a federal judge or appellate judge to recuse himself.

The report, which was in reality, just a sampling of judges and cases, called into question the decision of judges in 26 cases!

The ARDC won’t even report, let alone create a data base, but I think both are necessary.

Again, our preliminary research from some probate victims have alleged that Mr. Larkin ran the Larkin Center for children in Elgin for a number of years.  I can find news articles that this home by 2012  or so had revenues of $9 million.  It experienced financial problems in 2013 and closed in October of that year.

Children’s homes are run in a similar style as are nursing homes, with the state taking away parental rights.  For the elderly, many are forced into nursing homes when the state strips them of their rights via a guardianship process.  The child or elder is housed in a facility which takes in money from the state (often at thousands of dollars per month, when the actual cost to house with minimal food budget, ie, bologna sandwiches, starchy and poor quality foods is $1,000 or less per month per ward, making the termination of legal rights a lucrative business, as it is with the seniors).  Nancy Vallone reports that with Danielle Murphy, her niece, that while she was a highly skilled, degreed and licensed nurse (RN, MN), she could not take guardianship of Danielle because a local home had terminated Danielle’s rights at a young age, claiming she had bad or troublesome parents, then she was awarded to this “home” for children, who then proceeded to bill the state up to a whopping $350k per year for  housing “a troubled child” with a “troubled family”, when in fact Danielle was, according to her aunt, sweet and trusting and the parents were good parents and not derilict of any duties to Danielle.  The family claims Danielle was a “kids for cash” scheme.  The case may have ended in utter tragedy.  When someone recently checked on Danielle a few months back, they found the “group home” suddenly closed and no one knows where Danielle is currently. The authorities have been contacted and are involved.  Please pray for her family. They have gone thru the worst.

In the elder guardianization scheme, almost none of the seniors, competent or not, are ever able to terminate and successfully fight the guardianship process.  For them, death is the only way out.