From Ken Ditkowsky

I heard and participated this morning in a Florida Conference on the subject of elder cleansing.   A promise to do something positive concerning it was made by Florida Bar president Coleman.    Here in Illinois, not only are we embarrassed by being the 2nd most corrupt State in the union, and the number one State in fleeing residents, but we have some of the most unresponsive public servants imaginable.   From my amateur investigation I learned that many of the worst elderly cleansing operators have a locus in quo right here in Illinois.     I therefore, last week wrote the Administrator of the IARDC a letter – which he has not answered.    I am therefore forwarding to him at every e-mail I have for him the following letter:

August 6, 2014.

Last week I wrote you the following:

“Dozens of   friends and family of victims of Elder Cleansing have written to your commission and all have received a letter that said that your agency was not interested in the obviously criminal conduct of a small group of lawyers being reported.      Each complaint was essentially the same.     A senior citizen was railroaded into a guardianship in which his/her liberty and property were confiscated.      The looting of the estate was accomplished by the direct violation of the directive of 755 ILCS 11a – 3 (b) in that the elderly and/or disabled victim was separated from his/her prior life and family members who would not attorn to the artificial arrangement and the unjust enrichment of judicial and other officials.   (other officials include guardians and attorneys).     After the looting was complete, the elderly person was subjected to a sometimes drawn out involuntary assisted suicide.

Some of the citizen complaints that were not investigated and not acted upon related attorney conduct that is so despicable and wrong that you dishonor the entire legal profession with your refusal to investigate.     The mining of the teeth of senior citizen Alice Gore orchestrated by an Illinois lawyer and ignored by your commission is illustrate of the neglect of duty that you have exhibited.       The attempt to silence attorneys who speak out as to corruption in the Courts is another low point in your tenure and is at the very least the aiding and abetting of the felonies associated with elder cleansing.    

I written to you and your commission before and asked for you to join in calling for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of the cottage industry of elder cleansing and in particular that which occurred in the case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585.     You of course have not joined in or conducted any investigation.        The net was you marshalled your kangaroo panels and I am suspended for four years for the exercise of my First Amendment Rights.      You then started proceedings against JoAnne Denison who published on her blog some of my First Amendment utterances.      Currently, Ms. Denison, in response to what appears to be the misreporting of the perjured words and phrases of a Judge you have continued with your ‘cover up’ by refusing Ms. Denison the audio transmission of the testimony.           I suggest that you read 18 USCA 371.     

You have accused me of making false statements but have never articulated a single statement that you claim was or is false.   I challenge you and herewith demand for you to instanter provide me and the community with a list of each statement that you claim was false.         Then for every statement you claim was false set forth the basis upon which you claim the statement was false.  

The foregoing notwithstanding the Friends and family of each of the victims of elder cleansing who have written attorney complaints to your commission want to know why you have refused to investigate the violations of the civil, human, property, and liberty rights of their loved ones who have been railroaded into guardianship by Illinois attorneys.     We would like to know why you are protecting certain attorneys and not others.      Attorney Miriam Solo has been accused by the family of Alice Gore of what amounts to a human rights violation.     Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel and other have been accused by Gloria Sykes and the family of Mary Sykes of very very serious violations of Mary Sykes’ fundamental liberty rights.     This list is endless and each complaining person wants to know why you are not leading the investigation into the human rights violation of elder cleansing and why you are aiding and abetting it with State funds.

It has not gone un-noticed that there is no ethics statement that can be found for you.    The ethics statements being your disclosure of assets and liabilities required by the State.  A person placed in the position of judging the conduct of others should be able and willing to demonstrate at the drop of hat that he is more virtuous than Caesar’s wife.    

Pursuant to 18 USCA 4,   I have copied the Attorney General of the United States.      It time for Equal protection of the Law to be restored to the State of Illinois and the ‘cover up’ of the cottage industry of elder cleansing cease.”

I have not received any response from you; however, the continued abuse of the elderly by a group of lawyers continues unabated.      A guardianship is limited pursuant to 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 which states:

(b) Guardianship shall be utilized only as is necessary to promote the well-being of the disabled person, to protect him from neglect, exploitation, or abuse, and to encourage development of his maximum self-reliance and independence. Guardianship shall be ordered only to the extent necessitated by the individual’s actual mental, physical and adaptive limitations.    755 ILCS 5/11a-3

The citizens of the State of Illinois desire that you explain to them exactly how the IARDC justifies its taking no action when a senior’s teeth are mined for their gold filings!     How does such action or the isolation of a senior comport with the statement of the legislature of the State of Illinois?      IT IS TIME TO STOP FENCING.     Serious criminal action is being taken against Senior citizens in and about the Courts of Illinois and the IARDC is affirmatively not only covering up the felonies but aiding and abetting them.     I am now calling upon law enforcement to ENFORCE the law and prosecute the elderly cleansing that is going on open and notoriously.


Ken Ditkowsky