Updates about the Court banning the use of laptops

A couple of weeks ago, JoAnne Denison sent a fax to Kevin Connelly (Head of security at the Daley Center) and Judge Evans. Just a quick recap, the fax basically talked about Judge Stuart banning the use of laptops in her courtroom, which is a direct violation of everything a democratic society should stand for.

To no one’s surprise, there has been no response to that fax. No explanation, no discussion, nothing. So of course, JoAnne sent another fax to them today. Let’s see how long they will ignore this one (link provided below)!

JoAnne’s fax to Judge Evans

Joanne’s fax to [agency], [entity] and [agency2]

As mentioned in previous posts, in [entity] [forum] it is FORBIDDEN to have laptops to take notes (what ever happened to freedom of press and speech?). Hence, every time we go in to look at the Sykes files (an entire cart load of papers), we have to resort to pen and paper (hours and hours a day spent on taking notes and then putting them in order). Joanne was told by the [entity] in [forum] room to speak to [forum] about any complaints, so she did. Below is a fax sent today to Mr. [entity] at [forum] about the [troubles and issues] in this case and a table of torts summarizing all the [troubles and issues] that have happened in the Sykes case

Fax to [entity], [entity] and [agency]