From Ken Ditkowsky–a museum in New York on corruption?

From John Howard Wyman, the son of a probate victim, Carol Wyman:



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Lanre Amu received a three year suspension of his law license for practicing law while black.   He and Crain’s Chicago Business both independently got excited when they discovered that a Circuit Court judge was hearing cases involving a company where she was a member of the Board of Directors and her brother was the attorney.    Amu complained of the conflict of interest and Mr. Larkin of the IARDC took the extraordinary step of seeking both an interim and a 3 year suspension of Mr. Amu.   An interim suspension could occur only in the rare cases where there was a clear and present danger to the public if the attorney were allowed to continue in practice.

Obviously Mr. Amu complaining and disclosing the Judge’s perfidy raised a clear and present danger to to the corrupt judge and her 18 USCA 371 cronies.    The ‘wired judge’ obviously stood to lose here extra circular compensation and might even go to jail.    Thus, the Illinois Supreme Court suspended the law license of Mr. Amu.  The record of Mr. Amu’s proceedings indicated that by the liberal use of Clairvoyance and no witnesses (except Mr. Amu’s revelations of corruption) the various panels of the IARDC found that Mr. Larkin’s unverified and preposterous averments were untrue and that Amu should receive a suspension of another three years.  The Supreme Court of Illinois agreed.   The SCOTUS refused cert.

Illinois has a sordid history of corruption.    In Operation Greylord Corrupt Judges filled the Federal Penitentiary by the score and prosecutors worried that any claim of integrity in the Illinois court system would be perpetually undermined.    Thus, scores of corrupt judges were allowed to resign and not face criminal charges.    We had two governors in jail at the very same time, and hardly a day goes by without some scandal or other being revealed.  

Unfortunately, this sorry situation prevails today in spades.    Jerome Larkin as administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary job is working diligently to ‘cover up’ evidence of crimes by corrupt judges and lawyers and thwart free speech.   He is relentless in his efforts to deceive the public and protect corrupt judicial officials, lawyers and judges from the public.   He and a staff of patently overpaid and under educated lawyers labor mightily to silence any disclosure of the American Holocaust being conducted on the 18th floor of the Daley Center.    More that a billion dollars (estimated) has been extracted for the benefit of the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy from undeserving old folks and their families and redistributed to deserving criminals with law degrees and the like.

JoAnne Denison sought to publish on her blog the achievements of Larkin and his gang (18 USCA 242) but Larkin’s 18 USCA 242 friends convinced that Ms. Denison’s blog was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    The Supreme Court of Illinois agreed and even though Ms. Denison has a light skin color she got the Lanre Amu treatment.

I mention all of this because google reports that in Florida, the Florida Bar, has unilaterally abrogated the First Amendment for lawyers and has created a haven for incompetence and fleecing the public.    Several lawyers have made this allegation.   With great diligence the Florida Bar has disbarred the whistleblowers and cuddled up with the allegedly corrupt criminals in black robes.    Mr. Larkin and Illinois have not been so obvious in their perfidy.

Thanks to the Florida Bar, Mr. Larkin and their cronies it is unsafe to grow old in America and any citizen who has seen the sun set 2700 times or more(infirm or elderly) are in season for Court appointed lawyers to railroad into guardianships so that their civil and human rights vitiated.    By executive order of Larkin any lawyer who objects forfeits his law license.   (Larkin uses the verbiage – “further order of court” to make certain that the objecting lawyer cannot disclose the truth about Larkin and expect to practice law again.

The media carefully reports the inhumanity to man of the radical Muslim ISIS terrorist, but it is strangely silent as to the inhumanity to man of the radical non-Muslim ISIS terrorists.   Even the harvesting of gold from the teeth of an elderly victim is kept silent!
ISIS and their friends killed a few hundred in Paris the other day.    Here in the United States our non Muslim ISIS terrorists kill one at time several hundred seniors and disabled people and only rarely does a media mention it.   Law enforcement appears to be disinterested and the Government could care less.    Thus, Jerome Larkin is not in jail and one after another when the elderly are stripped clean of their property and liberty the aforesaid elderly meet their maker filled with drugs.
The non-Mulim ISIS terrorist is safe – for the time being.

Mother is desperate for help to keep daughter, needs assistance in Indianapolis

From Kathie Bakken comes a mother’s desperate pleas for help:

Go fund me:

If anyone know of a good pro bono atty in Indianapolis (or if you are one) please get this lady some assistance:

From Go Fund me:

Only a couple weeks left!!!!!!  My daughter is going to be sent to germany with my ex husband who had already been denied custody years ago because of alcoholism, attempted suicide, and refusal to follow court orders.  She is twelve years old and has been with me solely for the past 8 years.  She could not even recognize her father as she has not seen him in over 4 years.  He is a us citizen who moved with his new family.  I had an emergent surgery being on major narcotics in the hospital for almost four months straight.  We have no immediate family and although I called and begged the court to send me information to the hospital-they did not.  Only one document was certified and sent to the hospital.  By the time I was more coherent, off pain meds, they had a hearing without me or any representation in judges quarters and my ex was given full custody.  I was told the faxes that the nurses tried to send were not all received and had to be sent in triplicate to various individuals in order to be considered.  I was disabled in the hospital with no contacts and no way to hire an attorney since I had not been working due to this life threatening medical problem.  Cps told me they interviewed me right after my surgery, again without representation. I dont even remember. The surgery was supposed to be somewhat minor and ended up being life threatening infected mesh in mher by abdomen.  Please help–I have not seen my daughter—who is my life in four months.   The last time they let her talk to me was a couple months ago—she begged me to come get her—-and I cant because my ex demanded that I have no contact with her…….she is still in the indianapolis area with his mother—-which is a bad situation in itself.   His mother is taking care of her great grandchild  who is three, her own 86 year old mother, and now my daughter who is scared to death.  She is left alone in her bedroom with a glass gun case full of rifles—the mothers other son spent time in fed prison for dealing coke/crack….its just a horrible situation.  I have contacted so many legal aids and have been turned down because of lack of resources.  She received casa but was denied representation because of lack of resources.  I am out of the hospital but have no funds to hire an attorney.  Everyone  I talk to say how unfair it is—but, I cant get help…..please she is my  only child—I never thought I would have my own family since I had ovarian cancer at age 20—-but here she is and now she is being taken away from everything she knows……….she is my life…….someone please help—-I am all alone in this fight and time is running out!!!!!  thank you so much

I would help her, but Jerome Larkin at the ARDC suspended my law license, so her help will not happen.

He will have to deal with that Karma someday, and Ms. Karma is a true b***, but for today we will have to find another attorney or some kind of help for her.

The banks, large corporations have all the attorneys they need, but the middle class and poor, from my estimation, still seem to suffer from a lack of basic justice in the US and in particular, Cook County, I get so many, many complaints.


I can’t help them all but I can blog about it.  I publish everyone’s cries for help and assistance.

And when I blog about it, I get suspended, which means no one to represent people without money.

Ken Ditkowsky did the same thing, represented the little guy and wrote letters to the authorities and he got suspended for that too.

See the statement at the end of my case, it is very telling:

7 Respondent testified she reported wrongdoing to the FBI. It was not clear from her testimony that she did so regarding the Sykes matter or that she informed others of these reports, in an effort to obtain an advantage in a civil case. (Tr. 1706-1719). (Review Board Decision May 28, 2015)

Note, this statement is in direct conflict with 18 USC sec 4 (which applies to every person in the US)

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Ken wants to know and so do I and other honest attorneys, just how you can reconcile reporting information of a crime to the FBI and that is improper and unethical attorney conduct, when federal law says exactly the opposite–every US citizen has the duty to report crime.  Escpecially crimes of a felonious nature.
How can these two statements be reconciled?  Jerome Larkin and his sidekick James Grogin have not explained this.
I publish your complaints. The ARDC routinely ignores them.  All of you have been brushed off by the FBI and states attorneys numerous times saying they do nothing about crimes involving a citizen up against a corrupt court, clouted judges and attorneys.
But I and Ken are to blame for these crimes?
I don’t think so. And now we have another woman I can help, but I can’t help her because the ARDC says I cannot report crime.
The ARDC, FBI and states attorneys do NOT want ordinary citizens to report the crimes against the people to the authorities.  They only want large banksters, corporations and big business to go up against the innocent and poor and take away whatever piddly change and pocket money they have.  It’s like rolling a drunk.
What the banks, corporations and big business do to the middle clase and poor is forgiveable and understandable and not prosecutable.  But when it’s the other way round……
I’m just noticing.
So please pray for this woman.  The authorities take away the licenses of honest attorneys for reporting crimes against the public at large.

And for the record, Ms. Karma is not going to visit just Mr. Jerome Larkin, but also ARDC attorneys Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Steven Splitt, Tribunal Chair Sang-yul Lee, Chair, Ziad Alnaqib and Eddie Sanders, Jr.–all have to answer to Ms. Karma as well as my review board

Johnny A. Fairman, II
Robert M. Henderson
Gordon B. Nash, Jr.

Who are these people and do they really know what they do?

Okay, so I am the drunk they have been rolling since Jan 2013 when the ARDC first filed this bogus complaint against myself and my blog.

I am sure many of you feel the exact same way.

I also want to know how it is that Judge St. Eve at the Norther District Federal Court of Illinois is a new judge but head of the Executive Commitee and they pulled my federal license in Sept. 18, 2015?  She was also on the copyright case which was wrongfully dismissed against the ARDC.  Judges are supposed to be randomly assigned.  She judged a case that I was personally involved in against me, and then removed my license.  How is that possible when judges are supposed to be randomly assigned.

Judge Tharp dismissed the Hartman case where an elder was left lying on a gurney and Humana Insurance and Presence Healthcare terminated his insurance–big business.    The elder, Mr. Harman was in his 80’s.  He just suffered a stroke and needed rehab.  He could not speak, he could not sit up on his own, use his arms or legs and could not walk.  But with rehab he could work to get back to use those funcions, the daughter, soon as she found out (she had his Health Care Surrogacy form on file, but no one told her they were going to terminate dad’s insurance), appealed it all the way up, got grievances won against both the insurance company and the hospital, and then when she sued for damages, Judge Tharp threw the case out!  He did not want it in Federal Court.  Why?  because it was just an old man on a gurney, left to lie on his back for 6 weeks and the Federal Court via Judge Tharp also threw his case out.  Judge Tharp, after being told that Judge Stuart changed her testimony on the stand in my ARDC case, also threw out mine and Ken’s civil rights suit against attorneys at the ARDC–Larkin, Opryszek and Smart.  Looks like judge assignment may not be all that random as it is supposed to be.  Looks like Judge St. Eve and Tharp are the go to Judges at the Northern District if you have clout.

I think Ms. Karma has a ton of work to do here.


Just noticing.

JoAnne and please help this woman.