From Ken Ditkowsky and Ginny Johnson–why don’t the authorities DO something about criminal activities?

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Ken give me Micheal Anderson new director of FBI  phone number and email and I will be happy to call him –
What we need to do is to send a hard copy to his office of all the law suits and corruption – Skyes, Stone, Johnson, Valone etc and let it rip
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I think we ought to call him!    These e-mails are being forwarded to the Department of Justice, but I certainly would appreciate his being contacted by someone in addition to me.    We can give him a challenge:
In Sykes find the following:
1) Summons complying with the Statute
2) Return of Summons
3) 14 day prior notice of hearing on competency of alleged disabled person
4)  evidence of hearing on competency
5) ADA compliance  see 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b.
6) accounting for contents of safety deposit box
7) accounting s that reflect all assets of the disabled person
Sheriff Dart addresses 1 and 2.   Mr. Schmiedel is reported to address 3.   Mr. Stern item 4.   Ms. Farenga item 6.   As dozens of people have examined the file and none of these items were found, it is suggested that the new AG in Chicago has a slam dunk case of civil rights violation, mail fraud, tax fraud etc.

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A new director of The FBI has just been appointed to the Chicago office,his specialty is public corruption!!!!  Micheal Anderson out of that great state of Louisiana .before that he was in Washington taking down the big boys!!!

maybe its about time we call him ,he starts his job on Oct 22nd. Just Saying John Howard Wyman

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Thank you Ken- point well taken 🙂
One day Ken, we all will get these lying abusers of the law –
You/all of us just keep on pushing forward – God is on our side – yet he is SLOW and on his time -our hearts are in the the right place  we just need to continue to do our job to expose – guardian abuse etc  and show LOVE to protect our elderly-those words are the key ingredients for God – we all need to stick together to fight for the truth- God will Punish the evil – its the matter of time ..
In NC it has come to my knowledge – I, went,called, emailed, mail, info. to the AG Roy Cooper-  10 or 11 times to be completely ignored – I have just learned that Roy Coopers wife – was also an appointed guardian – SO,that is why he would not take my info.  you see, these kinds of little quite things leak out over time-
 NOW Cooper wants to run for Governor – how is that going to work for him – when this is exposed? my case is the same a Skyes  -my father a WWll decorated Vet. POW /MIA/Captain of B- 17 shot down by Germans crashed his landed his plane and saved lives -yet the appointed guardians of Aging Family Services Heather J under her care he was dead in year – a man who at 95 was play golf the day before abducted from his home for- GREED – 1.5 million missing – lock out of his own home – drugged – dead in year and the abuse in the mean time…




I don’t know How you consider this to be better care than what he was receiving at his Home!! 

So Far he has had,
1. 4 falls 
2. 1 hospital visit
3. weight loss 
4. no exercise 
5. no outside fresh air 
6. no physical therapy
7. teeth with nothing was done
8. personal items missing
9. $5000.00 hearing aid missing now
10, multiple bruises
11. burst blood vessel in his eye
12. anxiety attacks
13. high blood pressure
14. heart palpation’s 
15. stressed out of being there
16. several missed appointments from Va. 

17. Va. called me and said you missed several of Dad’s appointments, Heather
   all in 3 weeks

My Dad and I prefer that he be allowed to stay with Dr. Dunlap who has been his physician for 41 years!   He is fully aware of my Dad’s blood disease!!.

These are the exact words from my father to me every time I visit; “I AM VERY UNHAPPY MAN and I WANT TO GO HOME, I might as well die, if, I have to live in here, life is no fun any more, I was POW once,  why again ”  

Not to mention my on going concerns of sanitary conditions of the facility!

Heather, you being an employee of  Aging Family Services as appointed medical guardian’s by the court, are responsible for my father’s well being and his best interest!!!

Every time I hear or see this, it makes me SICK, especially since I am only allowed to visit Dad from 1 Pm to 2 Pm daily with supervised visit. By the way, no one explained to me why I am allowed to visit my father for only one hour. And, furthermore, why did I not receive a personal phone call from you last Thursday and, again, today  when my father fell, instead of email messages.

After tomorrow’s meeting with Reka, I would like for you to call me to discuss the  results of your conference as well as discussing how the 17 bullet points, which I stated at the beginning of this message, can be improved upon. I would also appreciate a follow up email concerning how you and Aging Family Services intend to make things better for my fathe
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Ginny:   Your criticism is well taken; however, it would be unconscionable to give public servants, like Jerome Larkin, who pervert their public trust even a moment of a breather.   The quest for Justice must proceed at full force and effect until Larkin and his co-conspirators find the ‘cover up’ of the elder cleansing scandal is no longer profitable.
Subject:   Way is Jerome Larkin such a focal point in the fight to destroy the cottage industry of ‘elder cleansings.’
Ms. Johnson, you are absolutely correct.    I am boring people with my concentration of the criminal activities of Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.  Your criticism is well taken.      However, I am not obsessed with him, it is just that he is the focal point of the cabal of corruption that is the ‘cancer’ attacking the heart of Rule of Law.
Please allow me to explain.    Jerome Larkin was not forced at gun point to become the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney *** Disciplinary Commission (IARDC).     His salary is quite substantial as are the responsibilities that he undertook.    In addition as an attorney he took a very serious oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Illinois.    The people he supervises and acts in concert with all have similar backgrounds.    No one is under any compulsion.   The criminal acts that they participate in by either performing them or being 18 USCA 242 or 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators are all voluntary associations.
When a citizen, such as Gloria Sykes, Barbara Stone, Dr. Sam Sugar, you or I make a complaint to a lawyer disciplinary commission, the aforesaid complaint is not a nuisance or inconvenience, it represents a serious attempt by a citizen to address the fact that some lawyer is being accused of a serious miscreant act.   That act might be criminal, it might be unethical, or it might be just a misunderstanding, but nevertheless it is not a ‘joke’ nor an inconvenience.     The lawyer disciplinary board or commission is a bastion promulgated to protect the public from dishonest judicial figures.
Unfortunately, at least in Illinois, and probably in just about every other State, corruption has crept into the process and dishonest and corrupt lawyers, judges, and judicial officials   have crept into the system and turned into a fiefdom designed to protect the aforesaid dishonest individuals.     Jerome Larkin has distinguished himself in his quest to destroy and assault the Bill of Rights and the Core values of American democracy.    
Using the Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Cook County, Illinois) as an example it is apparent that in 2009 (and maybe before) Gloria Sykes contacted the IARDC and sought their assistance in obviating the obvious corruption that was being promulgated in the Courtroom of the Honorable M Connors.    The victims of this perfidy were primarily Mary Sykes, but collaterally Gloria Sykes.     NB.   It should be noted that whether you are fond of Mary Sykes and Gloria Sykes, or enjoy a profound dislike for either of them, both are citizens and entitled to the full faith and credit of the Law and all the protections thereof.     The law is blind, deaf and dumb as to personality of the litigants.
The complaint to the IARDC similarly was not something to be taken lightly or discriminately.     The complaint was a warning shot that there was a cancer in the Court room of Judge Connors and if not extricated it would pervert the cause of Justice.    Unfortunately, the public servants at the IARDC were ‘wired’ and like some many of the victims and family members of elder cleansing victims the public employees at the IARDC did not look upon their duties as a ‘call to arms’ to protect the public, but, as a means to in some way obtain a benefit from the abuse, isolation, and exploitation of the elderly and disabled victims.
The case is reported to have been assigned to Attorney Lea Black.     Attorney Black is another of the overpaid cadre of attorneys administered by and supervised by Jerome Larkin.    The attorneys employed in Cook County, Illinois usually obtain their jobs through some form of clout.   The prime jobs are with the US Attorney’s office.     The lower tier jobs are with the IARDC and similar organizations and while the lawyers are overpaid their prospects for the future are muted.     Thus, even though the responsibility is awesome the prestige is minimal.    
We have to assume that Ms. Black did her job and that she was supervised by Jerome Larkin.    Thus when she obtained her assignment she did a Rule 137 investigation.    This meant that she went to the Court house and pulled the Mary Sykes file 09 P 4585.     If she did this were would have followed a protocol:
1.       Jurisdiction.  755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.      In order to obtain jurisdiction it is axiomatic the affected party has to be served with summons.   Sheriff Dart and the file both attest to the fact that Mary Sykes was not served with summons or the complaint as required by the statute.    Thus, there was no jurisdiction.   However:
                                                                  i.      As we are dealing with an alleged disabled person, to meet the Notice and Hearing requirement of due process some competent person has to be notified in order to make certain that Mary Sykes was not railroaded into a guardianship and the loss of her liberty and property.    The statute requires a 14 day prior notice to close or near family members such as siblings, children et al.     Ms. Black would have seen immediately that no such PRIOR  notice had ever been afforded either sibling or Mary’s younger daughter.    Thus, as such is jurisdictional the second criteria to establish jurisdiction was ignored.
                                                                ii.      The statute provides for a waiver of jurisdiction under certain circumstances – which are not found in this case.     A look at the file reveals pro-active fraud on the Court by the petitioner which of course was ignored.   It appears that the Sheriff was directed to serve Mary Sykes at her home in Chicago; however, Guardian Cynthia Farenga in a letter to the court pointed out that Mary Sykes had been spirited off to Naperville, Illinois and the guardian was instructing the Sheriff to serve Mary at a location that the plenary guardian applicant knew she was not.    In fact, Mary was being held as a prisoner at the plenary guardian applicant home in Naperville, Illinois.
[Thus as a Matter of Law there was no jurisdiction and the obvious Fraud negated any waiver.}
2.       Hearing.    The second prong of due process is the fact that there has to be a hearing.     The file discloses that there was no hearing as to Mary’s competency, and Guardian ad Litem Adam Stern wrote to Gloria Sykes an e-mail wherein he admits that indeed, there was no hearing.    The hearing was obviated by Stern, Farenga, and the Attorney for plenary guardian drafting an order, which the corrupt jurist duly rubber stamped.        
Mary Sykes was thus ‘railroaded’ into a wrongful guardianship and her citizen forfeited.    All of this is in the public record.     (I tried to subpoena the Court file, and was denied – the file by itself demonstrates the wrongful conduct of the two guardian ad litem and the attorneys for the plenary guardian who have and continue to perpetrate a ‘fraud on the court.’    
All of the forgoing is part of the public record and is conclusive as to criminal conduct occurring in the Circuit Court of Cook County.    All of the foregoing was known or should have been known to Attorney Black, Jerome Larkin and every one of the individual lawyers, jurists, and judicial officials involved in any way in the Mary Sykes case.     Jerome Larkin and the IARDC were requested to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION into the matter.     Instead, each elected to act in concert with the two guardian ad litem, the wrongfully appointed plenary guardian, her attorneys and the various judges assigned to the case.     The object of their conspiracy was to:   1) elder cleanse Mary, 2) obfuscate any protections that citizens might be entitled to, and 3) intimidate any source of protest.
The Larkin experience is so obscene, reprehensible, and so venal that it is mandatory for every lawyer to publicize his breach of the public trust loudly and often.     The assault on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is at the level of terrorism.    White Collar crimes such as Larkins are more devastating to a free society that blowing up “World Trade Centers.”     Larkin teaching ethics to lawyers is an oxymoron, but nevertheless an insult to the public conscience.
The foregoing is not the half of it!     The Mary Sykes case is not a lone case in the wilderness.     It is one of hundreds that Larkin and his gang at the IARDC are covering up.      Another prime example of Larkin’s total amorality is the Alice Gore case.     Therein, he and his cronies covered up the theft of 80 pound of Silver coins and a gold prospecting venture in Alice Gore’s mouth.     The guardian ad litem who orchestrated this holocaust like activity roams the 18th Floor of the Daley Center polluting the Justice system with every step.   She is a heroine!      She is a master at ‘elder cleansing’ and of course she also teaches legal ethics.
The success of the IARDC and Larkin in their intimidation efforts is spectacular.    The Supreme Court of Illinois rubber stamps violations of the RULE OF LAW with impunity.     This most recently occurred in the JoAnne Denison case.     The subversion of the Rule of Law was hailed by the ABA in an article in their journal!     There was no outrage and no call for a hue and cry.
Indeed, as long as the legal profession tolerates the abrogation of its function and the dissipation of the Rights, Privileges and Immunities of Americans I cannot and will not remain silent.    As Larkin is the lynch pin of the cover-up of the corruption in Illinois his role has to spread of record.      Every day he appears to generate a new outrage that must be addressed – and I am here (hear) to make as many people aware as possible.      The man (Larkin) is the axis of the conspiracy in Illinois and he being hauled before the Bar of Justice is lynch pin of abrogating this particular ISIS assault on America.
NB.    As Illinois is almost bankrupt, it would be very nice if the Attorney General’s office representing the Illinois Department of Revenue would collect from Mr. Larkin and each of his co-conspirators the taxes, interest, and penalties generated by their participation in the conspiracy.    It would be a feather in her (AG Madigan) to at the very least obtain the State of Illinois portion of the booty stolen from countless senior citizens and disabled people. 
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Ken -hope you are doing well… to make your point you must be clear there is way to much writing on Larkin
Just –
Bullet point a list on Larkin stating the statues that he and his cronies violated –
this is a suggestion – bc his done a lot of S**** and you have written way to much to
follow to make your point – use the bullet points and time lines once done
continue to send it to the police – and file a law suit on his ass then he will know
you and JoAnn mean business  – you have plenty of evidence
good luck