From Ken Ditkowksy –

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Subject: Re: Donald Sterling’s Very Bad Appeal of Clippers Sale Denied – Tarnished Twenty
Date: Nov 30, 2015 4:58 PM
What the public (and most lawyers) do not understand is that when the ‘fix is in’  the decision is going against you.   Your arguments mean nothing and the fact that you are right is irrelevant.   You are just not going to beat the fix.
In JoAnne and my cases, a letter was revealed in Joanne’s case (and not mine) from Cynthia Farenga to Larkin 18 USCA 242 Conspirator Lea Black complaining of the fact that the Probate Sharks blog had reiterated our call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.   Days later proceedings commenced against me in an effort to intimidate me and shut me up.    I knew instantly when Farenga was writing directly to Black ***** that I had no chance.   You saw exactly the same thing on a regular basis in In re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585.   (Even without jurisdiction or a hearing Mary was condemned to being elder cleansed and any attempt to obtain her Constitutional Rights was thwarted).
With the ‘fix in’ and Larkin and his gang of 18 USCA 371/18 USCA 242 co-conspirators threatening disbarment for lawyers who comply with Rule 8.3 or 18 USCA 4 few lawyers are willing to risk their licenses.   Large law firms are full of timid lawyers who do not want to make waves.   Look at the American Bar Association.   They published the Non-Muslim ISIS violation of JoAnne’s First Amendment Rights pointing out that he was attempting the censor her blog AND MADE NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER to stand up and be counted.   What they did when members of the public wrote in horror that such could occur was to remove the comments from their website.
There is so much illegal money to be garnered in elder cleansing that the Fix appears to extend into the highest levels of government.   Take a look at the nursing home business!  How many billions of dollars does it generate in single month?   Take a look at the pharmaceutical business?   CVS purchase Omnicare for 10.4 billion dollars.    JoAnne found in one of the *** homes a sign offering “finder’s fees” of **** dollars for patients.   I understand several guardian at litem ***** have interests in nursing homes, and by magic elder cleansing victims wind up in those homes.
It is my opinion that public figure Jerome Larkin is well paid to protect these vested interests from gadfly attorneys who cannot sit quietly and watch the corruption of the American legal system.   These attorneys (like me) are spitting into the wind!   Only by honest law enforcement doing their job and enforcing the law will the fix be broken.
NB.  With Illinois on the verge of Bankruptcy, public pressure should be put on the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois Attorney General to collect the State Income taxes due from Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators.   In Florida, California, Washington, Ohio, etc he has counterpart who is acting in concert with the elder cleansers – they also should pay the Federal and State Income taxes, interest and penalties due.   At the very least the public would not have to be taxes for the indulgences of criminals in public office.