More on “Kids for Cash” — Problems in North Carolina, problems in Illinois

So the question is, why are kids being placed with paid strangers?  The speakers for the state agencies saying they’re better off with a non family member adoption makes no sense.  Relatives are more likely to adopt and get the kids back to stability with persons they knew before the trauma of terminating parental rights.

Apparently NC and other states have better things to do with their Title 4 funds and perhaps the Federal Govt should provide specific funding to states who have small percentages of children adopted by relatives.

I would like to know why that judge denied a grandmother the right to adopt her grandchildren over strangers when NC said that relatives must be preferred.

Here is another story about a medical kidnap of a newborn baby right from her mother’s arms when mom went to the hospital to check her child for an umbilical cord infection (these are common) and they blamed the mother, her “lotus water birth” as being dangerous and her refusal to consent to vaccines to take the baby AND her 11 year old son away.  In a few months, mom was pregnant again and fled the state.  DCFS obtained an arrest warrant for her and her unborn child (who does things like this).  Good news is baby is safe with a trusted family but she is still in hiding for not cooperating with the kidnapping of her children by DCFS.

Please check out her webpage and pray for her.

She has filed a pro se lawsuit against the judge, the State of Illinois, the county clerk, etc. under kidnapping, false imprisonment, RICO for what they did to her.  It was criminal and she was looking for a lawyer.  You know I’d help if it weren’t for Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek who have said no one is to help anyone who is a victim of our corrupt court system. Mary is now dead and murdered, Ken and I are vindicated, her being murdered when the money ran out, but they continue to cover up crimes (theft, murder, embezzlement) while honest attorneys are told they cannot help valid victims of these criminal and tortious acts. That’s what Larkin, Opryszek, Smart, etc. do with public funds, and they get a (no) “ethics professor” from John Marshall Law School to help them out, Stephen Splitt.  What a world.