Even the rich and famous have problems in probate==fraud and theft re Randy Quaid


Apparently even the rich and famous are discredited in probate court as massive thefts occur. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid are being labeled as cray and drug addicted, as they tell the story of miscreant lawyers creating bogus trusts to steal money as assets fall off accountings and inventories.

These are things NASGGA, probate sharks, and other blogs choir sing about each day, day in and day out.

This article also has stories from across the US where probate victims are besmirched, labelled crazy and addicted–all without any basis to the claims at all. Why? It’s an effective smoke screen for the miscreants to steal with impunity, as is in Illinois where the ARDC droitly engages in whitewashes and cover ups for favored attorneys, connected attorneys and those that grab the money of disableds who often cannot speak for themselves, and even if they managed to do so, the response by probate court is “shut up.”



Great article on many, many issues affecting the Elderly


One of the most interesting issues in this article is that a 92 year old woman from Texas is suing her captors–attorneys and a nursing home involved when she was never deemed incompetent, but she was forced into a locked down facility, her two beloved sons were strenuously isolated from her, and her life fell apart.

According to the article, her sons needed court supervision, they had to pay for, of course, they gave their mother cell phones that were never delivered, mom was given strong chemical restraints–by persons who were not able to diagnose or prescribe, etc.

This is a great article because it tells the truth about what can happen to elderly, wealthy persons to ruin their lives–and without a single court order.

Ruby is now smiling that she can again see her sons. She is no longer chemically restrained, drooling and chewing on her hand, babbling incoherently. Her cognitive skills were just fine, thank you very much.


So what does the ARDC say when Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth are pulled?

Answer: nothing. That’s right, thy could find no evidence of attorney misconduct when Alice Gore, age 99, was separated from about 20 close family members by Mirian Solo, then 29 gold teeth were pulled from her mouth. A mentally ill granddaughter was appointed Guardian by the court–with the GAL fully well knowing she had a history of being mentally ill and in and out of psych hospitals. Alice Gore, at age 99 was then dehydrated and starved to death, per reports from her close family members, Ken and Bev Cooper who do the show, Cooper’s Corner, available on the North Shore and on You Tube.

Bev and Ken have been working relentlessly for justice on the 18th floor of the Daley center, probate division. See below and please pray for them and for justice.


—–Original Message—–
From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 19, 2014 9:24 AM
To: Lucius Verenus
Cc: “JoAnne@justice4every1.com” , Eric Holder , “FBI- (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Harry Heckert , Tim NASGA , Matt Senator Kirk
Subject: Re: ARDC

Ken and Bev
Are you surprised that an organization that is administered by Jerome Larkin should find there is nothing wrong with mining an elderly woman’s teeth for their gold filings!!! This is the same organization that does not recognize the Rule of Law as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and is actively conducting a War on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. The racial discrimination conducted against Attorney L. Amu by larkin and his coherts is just part of the credo that has polluted our State. The assault on the First Amendment is the hall mark of corrupt political figures worldwide and why should Larkin and Illinois be any different.
Illinois is the 2nd most corrupt State in the United States and it is estimated that every person pays $3008.00 per year to support the corruption. As the dead vote in Illinois is not fair in “wonderland” that the dead and the near dead should continue to pay their fair share?
I copied Mr. Holder on this e-mail as I feel that at the very least the 1.5 million dollars liberated from the Estate of Gore should be taxed by the United States of America. I have copied the Illinois Attorney General’s office so that they recover the unpaid taxes due the State of Illinois. Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 Mr. Larkin should be forced the contribute to the taxable income due the United STates of America and the State of Illinois. The breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.
[As I explained previously – the taxes due are ordinary income. The failure to report this income is tax fraud! Certainly as an attorney Mr. Larkin, even though he is the administrator of the IARDC, should be award of this fact!]
I received a telephone call yesterday that was very encouraging. The long and short is that Attorney Miriam Solo’s mentors are in a world of trouble. It appears that the FBI is recruiting a choir and at least two of the people very close to Solo’s primary mentor are reported to be auditioning. It is there no wonder Larkin is trying to discourage further complaints against Solo et al. He certainly does not want to raise any further inquiry in the F Estate in Florida! Incidentally no one ever got back to me as to what his relationship might be with the Larkin Hospital down in South Florida!
Ken Ditkowsky
From: Lucius Verenus
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky
Cc: “JoAnne@justice4every1.com”
Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2014 8:58 AM
Subject: ARDC
​Just received ARDC response stuff back. They think Martin, Solo and crew are great people. Guess who they are investigating and waiting for a response…Trausch? He’s dead and they are proceeding with zeal. What a world. I will scan and send you the letters today. The Supreme court of IL responded to Barbara Cooper…stating that they have nothing to do with the ARDC.

From Ken Ditkowsky, why does the public put up with poor government performance?

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 20, 2014 6:44 AM
To: Curt Sahakian

Altered transcripts of proceedings

I understand completely why the Illinois Attorney Registration and Deception Commission would object to any attempt to verify the accuracy of the Transcripts of Proceedings. When a government or quasi government agency goes rogue and is being used by its administrator to aid and abet criminal activity it must act with secrecy and must create a paper trail to protect not only the criminals it protects but the continued misuse of government funds. Thus, Mr. Larkin and those who work with him will fight you to the death to maintain secrecy. The mere fact that any objection to making the audio recordings available to you so that you could ascertain the accuracy is an admission of wrongdoing by Larkin.
In my half a century in the practice of law I was surprised by the low level of professionalism exhibited by the IARDC attorneys. The outright tampering with witnesses and subordination of perjury was just shocking as it was so open. The communications of Leah Black with witness Gloria Sykes in any real court of law would have resulted in her being held in contempt and removed from the case. This conduct was again repeated by the attorneys assigned to your case. Judge Stuart’s outright perjury – which was disclosed in cross examination and is the subject of your inquiry as to the tampering with the transcripts of proceedings is consistent.
Fortunately the United States of America has not revoked its core values and even though the miscreants who promulgate elder cleansing have seized the Illinois justice system that is supposed to protect the elderly and disabled the Federal Justice System still operates. Therefore, I am forwarding this e-mail to the United States of America pursuant to 18 USCA 4. When Mr. Larkin is hauled before the Bar of Justice the Federal Court prosecuting him and his cronies will have more evidence of his 18 USCA 371 violations and his personal participation in the health care frauds (including elder cleansing).
Illinois is clearly one of the most corrupt state in America and our political elite feel compelled to demonstrate their perfidy on a daily basis. Elections are only a few months away. Keep the Faith! These crooks can fool some of the people some of the time, but they cannot fool all of the people all of the time. As I have been pointing out – Larkin and the elder cleansers are playing with fire. If the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue properly interpret the tax codes and enforce them all benefits that the miscreants obtain is ordinary taxable income. Dollars to donuts – these benefits have not been disclosed on the Federal and State tax returns. This I am certain that amongst his other misdeeds tax evasion hangs heavy on the shoulders of Jerome Larkin and his cronies. HIS OBJECTION TO YOU HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXAMINE THE AUDIO TAKEN AT YOUR HEARING IS JUST MORE EVIDENCE THAT HE IS AWARE OF AND INTENDED TO COMMIT THE FELONIES THAT HE ULTIMATELY WILL BE CHARGED.
It has always been a mystery to me as to how these people figured they could get away with the very crimes that we fought WW2 to extinguish.

Ken Ditkowsky

From Colorado–both grave concerns and great praise for the CO probate system!

A recent articles discusses many of the issues we find right now in probate in Illinois.


The article points out some very interesting aspects of probate, such as a ward can pay one lawyer to have them declared incompetent, and then right away or even at the same time, they must pay for a lawyer to get out of the guardianship and gain independence.

The article also notes paying exorbitant prices for mundane services such as shoe or gift shopping for a ward, making dental and medical appointments, managing medical care (recently I learned of a case where Rehab Assist, an Esformes company beloved by the 18th floor of the Daley center is getting $5,000 per month for being a “medical case supervisor” on a patient that just has standard dementia, and who would never get this service if the estate were small or the ward indigent.  Go figure.


Announcing (and a need for help) our move to 5940 Touhy #120

Dear Readers;

As many of you know, I moved from Fremont to Touhy to help out Ken Ditkowsky when the ARDC suddenly, and without warning summarily suspended his law license, I moved to his offices and helped the best I could with transferring his cases and making sure that clients were not disappointed or left behind in the wake of Ken’s being honest and truthful, despite all odds.

Subsequently, Ken’s office was flooded with sewage (black water) due to a broken stack pipe.  It happened once when I came (about mid March) and then because they did not replace the bathroom stacks, it happened again, about mid May.  Landlord (Imperial) did not seem to care much, and they did no black water remediation the second time around, so after a couple of weeks, in the heat and humidity, sever mold started to grow.  Ken and I emailed building management, but received no response. Then, Ken’s long time friend and CPA, Joe Dubow got quite ill and had to leave every day very early due to exhaustion.  He thought it was a cold.  He went to his doctor.  I gave him Lypospheric vitamin C, plenty of it, and despite this, he was very ill. I told him if that didn’t knock it out, it had to be something, very, very serious.  It was. It was the black water mold.

To shorten the story, I have to move again. Sigh.  But all during this time, I will continue to blog and not let any of my probate and court corruption victims down. So continue to send your stories and comments and I will help you all out and continue to publish during yet a 3rd move.

I can’t stay here, so we’re moving to the 1st floor, which is very good because many probate victims come in wheel chairs.  I now have plenty of parking, which is not the case with 1512 N Fremont, as many of you will recall.  That building also had severe problems in that I work all hours, often leave late at night and that neighborhood isn’t all that great.  Niles is much better.  Plus, there is tons of parking out back here.  And it’s 10 min. from my house.  Many benefits all around.

If anyone has time and ability, I will be moving in items from my house and garage which were stored during this transition period.  I also have a POD with all my files (and your files) which will be arriving first thing tomorrow.  I will be here.  Then I have a hearing in the afternoon.  Sigh.  Email me if you can help me move or you know of anyone free or cheap (ie, free pizza or Al’s Beef, which is right next door).

So bring me your poor, your tired (of court) and weary (of court corruption) and I will help you.  I spend tons of time on helping people.  Now I need a bit of help moving to my new office so I can continue to do good work for the many victims of corruption in the Cook County Court system and nationwide.

If you can’t do this because you lack funds or physical strength, just let me know and I will pray for you.




From Ginny Johnson in North Carolina, her story of terror and corruption

From: ginny johnson
Sent: Jul 16, 2014 12:15 AM
To: ginny johnson
Subject: Clerk of Superior Court Lorrin Freeman and her Rubber Stamp
This was sent to the Clerk of Superior Court, tho I believe most likely the Presiding Judge is responsible and should ban all the players from his or her courtrooms.

2nd-True Story :  Read for the sake of Elder Americans
 Fact and medical records will prove abuse
Making clear that you truly understand the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation that was caused by your rubber stamp!!  In federal violation
  A Healthy 95 year old living home and happy-
By you, Not paying attention, to what you Rubber STAMP. Abuse occurred by
Aging Family Services and Linda Funke Johnson that were the appointed guardians for Hugh Beverley Johnson as POA and POM who in my opinion “murdered”  a healthy WWll veteran.  And you did nothing to stop this abuse and he dies.
They are still licensed in NC and your responsibility to revoke this abuse in your court, but you do nothing.
H B Johnson 95 healthy doing his daily activities up until June 6th 2011 –
  • hitting golf balls
  • exercising 3 days a week 30 min. riding a bike, lifting weights, laughing
  • living at his home, eating great home cooked meals, going to lunch w friends
  • playing with his dog
  • visiting neighbors of 40
  • Driving his car
  • No Cancer
  • No Heart Conditions
  • No Broken Bones
  • No Arthritis
  • No Diabetes
  • No Stress
  • No Agitation
  • No Aggravation
  • Just happy living with his daughter Ginny
  •   June 6th 2011 the abuse started and the neglect begins by the rubber stamp guardians [that is, the senior is targeted]
  • Heather Joyner forcing Susan Morton(other daughter) to take care of her father who stated she did not want to have anything to do with him. Joyner said  ” it was a disaster”  taking her client H B Johnson 3 weeks to recover from Joyner and Morton abuse
  •  Joyner of Aging Family Services for no reason took H B Johnson  from his home and locked in Va Hospital till June 13th 2011 
  • Locked him out of his home – he screaming to go home
  • Joyner gave false statements and information in mediation 
  • Joyner threatened her H B Johnson beyond repair
  • Joyner abuse H B Johnson by starving him 
  • Joyner threats were such as “you will never leave this facility as long as I have anything to do with it”  Witness  Hughes July 2011. 
  • 28 falls 8 plus hospital visits,multiple bruising, fractured rib
  •  Locking client/Ward in unnecessary spending of money for a Nasty Facility 
  • Leaving  H B Johnson isolated from his family and locked in a hell hole by Joyner
  • Joyner denied H B Johnson physical therapy from falls
  • Joyner denied his Doctor of 40 years founder of Wake County hospice, William Dunlap, said  ” Worst tragedy in 41 years he has ever seen, how H B Johnson and Ginny Johnson, Daughter have been unjustly mistreated by guardians
  • No exercise for 3 months and now wheel chair only
  • agitated, aggravated and irritated and isolation from family and friend 
  • Restricted him from his daughter Ginny for no reason – causing more abuse,neglect to her client
  • Staff writing all private conversations between Ginny and father
  • Denied fresh air from locked in floor unit by staff
  • Forcing him to be incontinent leaving in wheel chair and he never was Incontinent leaving his bottom to be RAW from neglect
  • Drugged to be kept quiet and sedated and denied correct medicine for cough
  • Can’t walk from neglect of guardian
  • Can’t talk from the lack of stimulation and drugged only to sleep day on end from neglect
  • Dehydration and starvation from neglect by Joyner had to be hooked on IV from over dose of medicines
  • Weight loss 35 pounds from neglect and starvation
  • 3 pairs of eye glasses lost, 3 set of hearing aids missing at $5,000.00 a pair
  • 2 sets of partial teeth lost at $3,000.00 each. 
  • Ordered to eat pureed food but chocking on it because of missing teeth
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Found naked and cold untended on floor left for hours on end freezing now sick with a cold – but daughter was restricted or would have help him sooner if allowed by hateful guardian
  • Staff from facility called for Ginny to break guardians rules and visit and to come any time 
  • Unkempt appearance (hair not combed, not showered or shaved, nails not cut)
  • Violation of patience’s rights ( right to privacy, to self determination, to be free from abuse, etc.
  • Mistreatment by Staff at Covington
  • Feed insure causing cramps and diarrhea told by daughter Ginny his gets violently sick – Owner firing/removing Joyner  from Johnson and a replacement Karen Johnson as new guardian. Johnson told Ginny ” none of her business and Aging Family Services Kept him on Ensure for 2 months causing abuse and neglect. 
  • Denied nursing staff to talk with Ginny about father’s health and what’s in his best interest
  • Johnson missed several doctors appointments at Veteran and Dunlap was never called by guardian 
  • Heart palpation, Stressed, anxiety and high blood pressure from abuse and neglect by Aging Family Services and Linda F Johnson 
  • Guardians denied what was in the “best interested for their client in a years time” 
       On his dying day he was denied a working oxygen machine. The Blue Ridge was under Federal Investigation for a unexplained death and faulty equipment but guardian never moved him to a better place, his was still neglected.  His oxygen machine was not working properly.  The respiratory nurse was told by Ginny to get a working machine.  Karen Johnson (guardian) was at the foot of my dying father’s bed, as I am begging the nurse technician to get the phlegm out of him and get a new machines and she said ” this machine does not work well.  Karen Johnson said ” That’s not appropriate”. I sent that bitch out while my father was fighting for his last breath dying in my arms.  Johnson of Aging family Services who did nothing knowing she would make 80 thousand if his died. 

He died at the hands of Aging Family Services and Linda F Johnson making close to 50 thousand, Susan and Jack Morton, 500 t thousand paid debt his other daughter and the Rubber Stamp.  

Passing on June 15th 2012 was a year later from all the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation by the guardians.

This is a cover up and nothing has been done to stop this abuse in our NC court system, to exploit the Elderly.  The violations are  35A under NC guardian guide lines,  18 USCA 4.   Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent, 18 USCA 371, 
Elderly Justice Act March 2010,  18 USCA 1033 and several more. 

Freeman stated that Guardian abuse to Elderly  is a “National Issue” –  
Freeman is a huge part of this National problem.  What have you done to stop Aging Family Services and Linda Funke Johnson and yourself from this abuse in court with your Rubber Stamp???  

To cover up what happened in your court is perplexing- 
Your job is to up hold the law not to break it-  In my opinion 

What’s amazing is that people keep doing the wrong thing and making matter far worse …than admitting they made a mistake – to fix all the wrongs. 

God is in the driver’s seat  Justice will prevail 
      “In God we Trust”
Mr. Hugh Johnson was targeted in North Carolina.  His daughter was summarily evicted from her home, without due process.  She received no summons, notice of hearing or hearing on the merits.  I see this at the Daley Center too (DeGante, Lahody, etc.]
The courts have to do much, much better to protect the disableds and elderly from greed, evil and outrageous injustices such as these.