Reply Brief from the ARDC–Federal Dist Ct has no jurisdiction over the ARDC

Below is the ARDC reply brief.

They start off with the argument they had to make about 1.5 copies of an entire blog, even though many postings aren’t even mine, they violate other’s copyrights (feel free to join in this suit if you posted on my blog and the ARDC infringed your unpublished copyright, it’s not too late), and they refused to carve out what they needed, they refused to put a proper copyright notice on what they took, they admit that my blog is political speech–you name it they refute it with their omniscent grand power and majesty–this time over the Federal District Court.

From Ms. Martinez, a blog fan, TN woman CAN sue for abuse in group home

Apparently this woman lost her possessions and her finances were mismanaged, the court said she could not sue her Guardian for that, but the court said that she COULD sue the Guardian for abusive treatment encountered at a group home where she was forced to work for no or few wages to stay there.

Ms. Martinez reports that she works long hours researching and writing for probate victims rights and plans on going to Washington with her horror stories to testify before the Senate.  Good for her.

At least it’s some in road into judicial/guardian immunity that most probate courts hold sacrosanct.


From Ken Ditkowsky on his Retirement


As you are aware, I was involuntarily retired because I refused to adhere to the Code of Silence arbitrarily imposed by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Deception commission, administered by Jerome Larkin.     This situation left me with no responsibilities, no law business, and a world of time on my hands.    To fill the days I continued my investigation of Mr. Larkin, and the judicial officials he was protecting only to discover that my worst fears were realized.    There really was a War on the Elderly and the Disabled going on and the war culminated by the murder of dozens of senior citizens.

Armed with 18 USCA 4, Article 1 section 4 of the Illinois constitution, and the First Amendment I redoubled my efforts and made certain that every day I sent at least one e-mail to law enforcement complaining of the felonies that were being committed by Judicial officials and protected by Mr. Larkin.    I lobby every day for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of Mr. Larkin and his fellow warriors.    I should be successful as Larkin is the enemy of President Obama and the hope that the President can have a positive and lasting legacy.     With Larkin’s protection the warriors for elder cleansing are perpetuating health care fraud that is so pervasive that it is bankrupting the United States of America.     Most importantly success is assured as my cause is Just.

Being obsessive is not my nature.     Yes, I can be annoying and persistent, but my credo is all work and no play makes Kenny a dull boy.     Thus, my wife and I disappeared from Chicago on a month long vacation.    By car we traveled from Chicago to New Mexico to the far reaches of Idaho and back to Chicago.   Twenty eight days on the road put everything into perspective and most importantly gave me time to relax, enjoy, and get to know my wife.     

Judy is unique.   She is game and ready, willing and able to turn any event into pure pleasure.    How many women in their 70’s would rent mountain bikes and venture onto a bike trail in Idaho?     How many women (of any age) would venture into a jet boat to ride the rapids into HELLS CANYON?

Thus, in Jackson we boarded a rafted for a trip on the headwaters of the Snake River, and in Idaho we boarded a jet boat for a trip up the rapids of the Snake into Hell’s canyon.     The best part of the trip was when we hit a rock!     The most exciting part of the trip was the realization that America is the most beautiful country in the world.     The scenes the unfolded were beyond imagination and depicted magnificence beyond description.     The adventure into perfection started on day one and will go forever.     Americana is being polluted by Jerome, Adam, Peter, Cynthia, Miriam, et. al, but there are so many wonderful and friendly people outside of Cook County, Illinois that except for the nefariousness of the miscreant’s action and the fact that in 1930 – 1941 bad people plunged the world into a War of survival, they would be a ripple in the ocean.

Thus, even when recalling the pure pleasure that I experience in June 2014, I have to once again call on everyone who cares about the elderly and the disabled to demand from the United States of America an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of the cabal of miscreants who are waging a war on the Elderly and disabled.     It would be nice to see Jerome, Adam, Peter, Cynthia, Miriam and their cohorts in orange jumpsuit at Club Fed!      Then maybe Americana can enjoy am honest Court system in which lawyers are free to comply with their oaths and serve their clients on a level playing field.

Ken Ditkowsky

Law Offices of Kenneth Ditkowsky

From Joanne;

I am not as keen as seeing any lawyer or judge in orange jump suits.  What I would like for them to do IS THEIR JOB.  Everyone makes mistakes and everyone gets too deep in things they never intended to do but felt they had no way out.  These people are highly educated and can help the poor, the traveler and those in need.  I would prefer that they go and work for legal clinics, start charities (such as this one) and work for justice, but not for greed and evil any longer.  They should be taking on cases without money or hope as I do in probate.  They should be reuniting loved ones and making sure that elders are not isolated or stuffed into nursing homes they do not desire to go to.

That is my fondest hope for all of these problems and issues in probate and elsewhere.

How does the Hobby Lobby Case fall under the First Amendment and Religious freedom?

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Date Filed: June 30, 2014
Case #: 13-354
Alito, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, which Roberts, C. J., and Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas, JJ., joined. Kennedy, J., filed a concurring opinion. Ginsburg, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which Sotomayor, J., joined and in which Breyer and Kagan, JJ., joined as to all but Part III–C–1. Breyer and Kagan, JJ., filed a dissenting opinion.
Full Text Opinion:
From what can be seen of the opinion, the US Supremes (SCOTUS) treated Hobby Lobby, Inc, a for profit closely held (read small) corporation as a person for analysis of the relevant statute which requires employers under the act to provide free contraception.
Hobby Lobby balked at that (but I wonder if they provide penile implants, Viagra, and other sex aides for men and possibly women) under the act.
The court said that at least for closely held or smaller corporations they can have personally held religious beliefs and impose them upon their employees.  Of course, this has prompted a flurry of the “the bible says” I can stone people, murder them, sell my daughter or son, whatever in the name of religion.  The Chicago Trib had one of those columns today.
While SCOTUS didn’t say how far they would take that one for employers, it acknowledged that some chunk of the American populace has a problem with contraception and employers paying for it.  Now that can be extended to surgeries, certain drugs, blood transfusions and the like, but for now the high court with a majority of the members being uterus-less, have imposed this decision only on women, and only on women of childbearing age, generally between 12 and 58 or so.  A typical suspect category that is never recognized as one of them.
They basically gutted this provision of the AHCA on the concept that 1) this falls under the First Amendment; 2) therefore strict scrutiny must be applied to uphold it as constitutional; and 3) the government must try to adopt less restrictive law to accommodate First Amendment concerns.
Interesting.  The ARDC says that reporting upon, and publicly discussing judicial corruption does NOT fall under the first amendment for attorneys.  It says that this blog is like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, tho they never identified what dangerous mobs are involved and where do they lurk looking for innocents to trample.  They say there is no need for “strict scrutiny” or need for “lesser restrictive laws” where the First Amendment is involved.
In fact, and attorney can steal, neglect his duties, engage in self dealing with his cronies in the probate courts (on husband of a GAL), and the penalties will be far less than speaking out against corruption and noting the ARDC routinely dismisses those complaints.
The ARDC rarely goes after powerful lawyers or maligns them (Seth Gillman–$90 million in fraud), or lawyers at large law firms.
Today’s decision is not unexpected.  But it is simply bad law.  This means, out of the tens of thousands of religions in the world, or if you advise your particular belief does not provide for a medical procedure, if your corp is closely held, you can ban your employees from that medical procedure or drug, such as penile implants (I think a wife should approve), Viagra, Cialis, blood transfusions, vaccines, chemotherapy (some believe it is only ineffective poison), whatever, now an employer can object, refuse to pay, and they can litigate instead.
Today, and once again, the US Supremes left women in the lurch while they allow men to get whatever reproductive aides they want.  None of those are banned and none were part of the decision.
If the US Supreme took away those, there would indeed be an outcry.
If it’s for men, it’s a right and sacrament, if it’s for women, it’s a sin.