Silly me, guess what I forgot to post? Carolyn Toerpe’s defective Petition for Guardianship

Dear Readers;

I just feel soooo terrible because while I was wondering why Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern and Peter Schmeidel haven’t filed the “Motion to Dismiss/NonSuit for Lack of Jurisdiction for Failure to Serve Notice (Sodini)”, I just realized I have not posted the CT’s defective Petition for Guardianship in which she states that Gloria is her only “close adult relative” despite the fact that Mary has two adult elderly sisters!
If you have not read the Sodini case, please google it and read it now.  It is a popular case.  I would post it, but I’m not sure about the copyright issues.

Here is a link to find a case

You will note that this case is very similar to the present case where Mary’s two adult sisters were never served notice of the hearing.  Bummer.  The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that it is a jurisdictional defect necessitating a dismissal of the entire proceeding.

So take a look at Carolyn’s Defective Petition here:

And if you see Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern or Peter Schmeidel, you might want to ask them why they haven’t filed a Motion to Non Suit or Dismiss because none of Gloria or the two sisters received any 14 day advance notice sent by Petitioner of the time, date and place of hearing for appointment of CT as plenary guardian.

take care


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