Questions to Dr. Shaw, Thursday, August 16, 2012 pm in courtroom 1804

One of the things that will happen on Thursday (assuming that neither Gloria nor CF get their act together and file, notice and serve an appropriate Motion to Dismiss/Nonsuit for lack of Jurisdiction (Sodini)–which I highly doubt at this point.)  Gloria has informed me she will NOT take any actions any licensed attorney suggests or helps her with, she prefers to run trial strategy in the time, manner and rhyme or reason she develops, and CF, well, I have no idea what her excuse is.  I guess she is just hoping everything goes away and no one ever notices the mess because, well, Gloria likes the school of hard knocks and the rest of the family won’t or can’t stand up to CF and CT.

And poor Mary suffers, but that’s beside the point.

In any case, since Gloria would prefer to waste 2 to 3 hours asking questions of Dr. Shaw, I think these would be the questions I want to know answers to:

Dr. Shaw testified to a “mini mental” given in years passed to Mary, going back to 2007 and 2008.

1) can you explain what a mini mental is?

2) how and when was it designed and what was it to be used for?

2) how is it used today?

3) who uses these?

4) are they reliable?

4.5) how long do they take?  (10 min) how many questions (30)

5) how much reliability do you get in 10 min. and 30 quick questions  to assess cognitive impairment?

6) what studies have been done on 10 min. and 30 quick questions to indicate reliability?

7) are there different forms of the test (yes, there are, acording to Wikipedia, there are copyright issues–what else–with the test, and so unless you get and pay for the original PAR version, there are a lot of copycats out there.)

8) show him the wikipedia article and ask him if he agrees or disagrees with it.

9) ask that it be entered into evidence based upon new and unknown testimony. (Probably won’t get this, but it will be fun to watch them all squirm).

10) ask him if it’s true that the article says it may not be very effective on the deaf and blind

11) ask him if in the notes mary’s hearing and vision was checked first.

12) it’s easier to spell world backwards if you have pen and paper, was she provided with those?

13) isn’t it true that some people just can’t do simple  arithmetic or math no matter what test they are given?

14) isn’t it true that some people don’t read the papers or calendar and don’t care what time or day it is?

15) isn’t it true that 100 years ago most people did not read and did not know what time or day it is?

Show him the book “A world lit only by fire” and highlight the paragraphs that indicate how 100 to 200 years ago no one read, no one knew the date or time and no one cared.

16) Ask him if Dr. Patel checked mary’s blood pressure before each mini mental.  If he checked blood sugar, did a cbc or blood panel first, etc. (I think she asked these already).

17) Ask him if he knew that Mary was writing checks, doing yard work and why didn’t he ask you those questiosn?

18) Ask him if he read the blog and if he saw that posted there?

19) ask him if he saw the videos of Mary speaking her mind on Vimeo.
20) Ask him if he knew that she was told that Mary getting new hearing aides isn’t enough for her to hear properly.  She needed to go through hearing school to learn how to hear again

21) Ask him to read the part in the article on Wikipedia that the test may not be recommended as appropriate for someone that is deaf or hard of hearing.

I think that’s all the questions that come to my mind for the time present.

And what does this really mean to all of you, my dear readers?  Perhaps you should just REFUSE to take mini mentals when you get older.  They can be used as sua sponte binding proof in our august Cook County Court to strip you of your rights, let an abusive guardian take control over you and then invalidate contracts going back years.

Now of course Peter Schmeidel lied to the court and told the court that the Apportionment agreement was not a court order, but it was.  It was part of the settlement agreement and entered and approved by the court at the termination of the Lumberman’s case.

I have no idea how PS gets away with these blatant lies.  CF and AS back them up.  CT stands around like an empty headed goose and pretends she has no idea what anyone is talking about.

Blatant, evil money grab is all this is.

So my advice right now is, if you doctor is doing mini mentals, stop those right now.  They can be used against you later.  Get to your doctor today and demand that they all be destroyed.


PS–If you are searching for a way to prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer and dementia, be sure to take your B vitamins, C and D3.  If you haven’t had your D3 tested do it today and get it to optimal levels.  Get your supplements from Whole Foods or another quality health food store.  Be forewarned that what your doctor prescribes you might be non-bioavailable and slightly toxic and may do you more harm than good.  It is okay apparently to take synthetic ascorbic acid or ascorbate (vitamin C), it works just as well.  BUT use a lyposomal or LypoSpheric version, available on Amazon and Ebay.  Also add in a good probiotic.

I just was told by a woman the other day that her mother started losing it (getting confused, getting lost, etc.) and her doctor gave her vitamin B and C shots, got her D3 tested and gave her a good supplement (not D2–that is synthetic and slightly toxic), put her on probiotics and her mother actually “came back” in about a week.  Neurologists (MD’s) are currently curing autism and other brain disorders using similar methods.  So don’t think this has to happen to you.  It doesn’t.  Just think vitamins B, C, D3 and probiotics and make sure these items are bioavailable and natural.

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