Cynthia Farenga using the Illinois ARDC continues to violate the First Amendment rights of Atty Kenneth Ditkowsky

KD is an honest attorney who knows of the Sykes estate and that it contained $1 million in gold coins, according to his business records!

Attorney Cynthia Farenga, on the otherhand, is an attorney that continues to prosecute the 09 P 4585 probate case against Mary Sykes, where there has been a complete lack of Sodini jurisdiction for THREE YEARS!  In a case clearly lacking jurisdiction, she has participated directly in an ultra vires, evil plan to terrorize Gloria and render her penniless and homeless–all illegally.  She gets the judges to rubber stamp her evil plans.  She goes into the judge’s private areas on a regular basis, presumably to plot and plan.

Read on to Ken’s response:

The core of the American Judicial System is the First Amendment.     The lynch pin of American Freedom is the First Amendment and the right of citizens to speak out.
I do not know who reads the ‘blogs’ but I do know that Farenga and Stern do.    Today I received from the Ms. Black at Illinois ARDC a packet of papers that was about five inches high.    Contained in the packet were a large number of pages that appear to be printouts from the NASGA, Probate Sharks and J Denison authored blogs.    In the packet was also a letter from Ms. Farenga that points out the fact that she wishes the ARDC to stop my protests to the authorities concerning the theft of approximately a million dollars in gold and silver coins from Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box.      She says that I am threatening her with arrest and prosecution.    It is unfortunate, but I do not have the power (jurisdiction) to cause her arrest for her part in the non-inventory of these assets.      Ms. Farenga (and apparently the ARDC attorneys) that she is a judicial official and therefore her conduct and that of Stern is in the same category as the Divinity!     Being such an ‘august person’ being critical of Farenga is ‘ethically challenged.’
As is my policy, my files in connection with the Sykes file and these ARDC proceedings are open to law enforcement – including the United States Treasury Department.    The most recent production by Ms. Black and the ARDC is also open for examination and copying.
The mailing of this packet of material to me at this point in time, and the letters and material contained therein authored by Farenga are a ‘red flag!’    The fact that no investigative report has been produced that the ARDC could have relied upon to make its terrible allegations against me is another red flag.    If I recall, two red flags is a Hurricane Warning.
I’ve copied Ms. Farenga and Mr. Stern on this e-mail as I want them to know that they will not silence me nor will they directly or indirectly stop me from the full exercise of my Constitutional Rights and in particular my First Amendment Rights.      I also want them to know that their characterization of the gold coins as imaginary is wrong and a deception.    There were a large number of gold coins in the safety deposit box and another bunch obtained from Mr. Albert Biddy.    Ms. Gloria Sykes has immortalized the truth of allegation that there were Gold coins in her affidavit filed with the ARDC.     A close relative reported the same in open court.   She described the packet in which they were contained as a ‘bag about a foot in height and six inches wide, filled more than 1/2.     Mary herself made statements concerning the coins.     Had you, Ms. Farenga or you Mr. Stern done your job or cared that you were a fiduciary you would have reported this information to the Court rather than misrepresenting to the ARDC that I was lying!     Indeed, had the ARDC done due diligence it would have brought its disciplinary action against you rather than me.     That fact speaks volumes.
Ms. Farenga, Mr. Stern, and Mr. Schmiedel are fully aware that the final chapter is not going to be written by them or by me, but by law enforcement if they do an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation.     Indeed, as far as I know the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the United States of America is intact and has not been revoked in whole or part.    Similarly the tax laws are still in full force and effect and as at this point in time over a million dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties is due and payable the delinquent taxpayer and those who aided and abetted her in the evasion of the taxes due are culpable.   Ms. Farenga – tell the IRS that the non-inventoried coins are ‘imaginary!’     The fact is they are not and no matter how you shade the truth the United States of America and the State of Illinois are entitled to their tax money.
Let me make this point – I offered Ms. Farenga, Mr. Stern and Mr. Schmiedel to join with the friends and families of the guardian abuse victims and request an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation.    Instead they and apparently certain employees of the ARDC began searching the blogs for anything that they could use to intimidate.     IT DID NOT WORK!      If in fact, Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel et al have nothing to hide, and indeed have done nothing wrong – join with me and the friends, family, and persons interested in Mary Sykes and the persons who are allegedly  being victimized by Court appointed guardians in calling for law enforcement to do an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of the Mary Sykes case. 09 P 4585.
Ken Ditkowsky
GOOD JOB!  and Ken, I am behind you 100%.  I am proud to publish your emails calling for an investigation.  And if you chide or rib the miscreants about wearing orange jumpsuits, that IS your constitutional right.
I hope Gloria files something good in the probate court for tomorrow so this all gets kicked.  I have given her numerous suggestions.  She has affidavits, she has CT’s defective petition for guardianship.

I will be there, rooting for her and seeing if I can use my laptop, again!

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