A crazy exchange of emails between Cynthia Farenga, Ken Ditkowsky and myself

Dear readers;

This is indeed the strangest email yet I have received from CF.  In it she complains that Gloria hasn’t paid (about $200+ each) to have supervised visits with her mother over the last 2 years, but then again, Gloria’s money was frozen by the court going back to late Dec. 2009, so who was supposed to pay that huge (and wired in court supervisor bill).

Well, no one ever explained that one.  They (wrongfully) froze all of  Gloria’s money.  Carolyn claims the estate was broke, despite KD’s business records regarding Mary’s estate and ownership of $1 to $2 in gold coins and other valuables in a safe deposit box, so I don’t get all of this.

Read on below.



From: JoAnne M Denison <jdenison@surfree.com> [Edit Address Book]
To: cfarenga@comcast.net, kenneth ditkowsky
Subject: Re: Son of Greylord
Date: Aug 8, 2012 9:03 AM
Dear Cynthia:

Are you kidding? You can’t just say “I don’t believe” you when the Sykes’ family lawyer says this was reported to him as a business record and in the ordinary course of business.  Other You have to INVESTIGATE as it really was your fiduciary duty.

With respect to the “stupervised” visits, are you kidding? Didn’t you render Gloria homeless and penniless?  How is she supposed to pay for those visits?

You put that family in a position where Gloria, a long term, excellent caregiver, was removed, Mary was stripped from her home by a second estranged daughter that complained, moaned and groaned each time she took Mary to give Gloria some relief.

Now the court has no jurisdiction, and has operated on no jurisdiction for years.

What a mess.

But YOU can fix it and do the right thing.



—–Original Message—–
From: cfarenga@comcast.net
Sent: Aug 8, 2012 1:19 AM
To: kenneth ditkowsky
Cc: Tim Lahrman NASGA , states attorney , Cook County Sheriff , scott evans , JoAnne M Denison , DiAnn Matson , JohnHowardWyman@gmail.com, NASGA , probate sharks , Michigan Advocacy Project
Subject: Re: Son of Greylord

A million imaginary dollars
. I cannot imagine why Gloria would rather not see her mother, even while claiming   that she is neglected/abused, because she refuses to pay for a supervised visit. Nobody would think  less of her for accepting this requirement while she is in the midst of litigating, but to not see your own mother for years. I feel sorry for all of you.
I know, I know, you’re arranging my free room and board. Clearly, I do not believe in your delusions and will talk to any law enforcement people about this matter, gladly.

From: “kenneth ditkowsky” <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com>
To: “NASGA” <nasga.org@gmail.com>, “probate sharks” <verenusl@gmail.com>, “Michigan Advocacy Project” <michiganadvocacyproject@gmail.com>
Cc: “Tim Lahrman NASGA” <timlahrman@aol.com>,
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 11:21:31 PM
Subject: Son of Greylord

I understand that on Thursday the ‘Son of Greylord’ is going to make its debut.

when the grand opening occurs I will believe it – however, if not now = soon!      Gloria has put in her bid to play CF in the ‘movie!’       I told her that she is too tall – but you know Gloria.     No one wants to play MS!     I am actively recruiting ****, but ******.

Mr. W is working on getting 60 minutes interested in the scandal involving ‘elder abuse’ and ‘exploitation of the elderly.”    The year 2012 -13 should be very interesting – maybe we can remediate some of the damage that has been done to our society by the avarice that has been exhibited and documented.      It is time that the Son of Greylord be exposed to the clear light of day light.    I wonder when the IRS and IDR will appear on the scene to collect the accrued taxes, interest and penalties – in Sykes it is well over a million dollars at this point in time.

Ken Ditkowsky

But the best email yet is from Gloria herself who knows how to compose the most compelling pleas yet.  And she makes some excellent points. Why is it CF and AS want her to pay for a “visitation supervisor” when she would rather pay for a “deception expert” to examine carefully CF, AS and CT.  Now THAT would be money well spent!

Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern,

I just received notice that Cynthia Farenga is commenting on and about my rights of association with my mother and ability to visit with and or speak to on the telephone.  Let me remind both of you Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga that noted (and now highlighted) in the December 7, 2009 and February 2010 transcripts are instructions by Judge Connors that Carolyn Toerpe is to allow for free and unencumbered visits and phone calls between my mother and all of her family and friends.  That the guardianship is a fraud, since there were no 14 day Sodini notices, I am certain that your need to have ‘supervised visits’ which, even Judge Stuart ordered that I did not have to pay for any visits, if again we are to believe that the court has jurisdiction to order a glass of water in the Sykes case, which it doesn’t, then you two and your client are again in contempt of court for not complying with such orders.  To wit, it is no coincidence that your client Carolyn Toerpe STOPPED all visits and phone calls too (any why can’t I talk to my mother on the telephone?), after you Cynthia Farenga were party to an email to you written by Carolyn Toerpe notifying you that the service was ‘blotched’ and that I was served with a “Pizza Flyer”.  My cousin Debby was copied on that email and told me.  There is also no coincidence that I had three wonderful loving visits with my mother, miniature golfing, long walks, games of canasta, attending church, and bowling!  At all times my mother was engaged, active, and highly competent which flies in the face of your friend, Dr. Shaw who has lied under oath twice … claiming that my mother was incompetent in 2008 and therefore she is incompetent now.  Your quest to have your buddies ‘supervise’ visits and return to the court with negative and malicious reports that I ‘agitate’ my mother and have done her harm, in order to continue your quest to financially exploit both my mother and me is quite interesting.  I do not have to pay to see my mother: neither does she have to suffer because the two of you have instructed your client Carolyn Toerpe to perpetrate undue influence upon my Mother, telling her that I have “abandoned” her and claims that I have abused my mother! 
I have told you both in the past that if you have such proof then why didn’t you turn this ‘evidence’ to the State’s Attorneys Office!  You have no proof and the only people of disillusion are the two of you.  If I recall, Cynthia Farenga, and the transcripts are proof enough, that when I told you that Toerpe has stolen money from my mother, et al, you went before the Judge the first day you entered the case, and asked to have the order of protection entered against me.  You were denied.  
I call my mother every day and when able, (if Toerpe’s VM is open for messages) I leave messages.  Tell your client to let my mother pick up the telephone and talk to me today.  As long as I can talk to her and she can talk to me during this litigation where I will prevail Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, she, my mother will have hope and in that hope she will stay strong and healthy knowing that I will get her returned to her home, with the people she loves and trusts, and in a community where she thrived.  I recorded visits with my mother under the protections of Rehab Assist and Rehab Assist reported to the court that I ‘abused’ my mother and that she “never asked” to come to court.  The digital recordings will be all public soon, Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern.  MY MOTHER NEEDS TO TALK TO ME TODAY. 
Show good faith and tell your client to pick up the phone and allow my mother to talk to me.  There is no court order as she told the Naperville Police stating that my mother can’t talk to me on the telephone.  Nor is there any court order stating that I need supervised visits.  Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern just want to make certain that the loving and active mother-daughter visits are reported to the Court as hostile and abusing visits.  As I asked you Ms. Farenga and Mr. Stern, I would pay for a deception expert, but you refused.  Now who is afraid of the truth?????
I will call my mother every hour on the hour today until I speak with her,  If I do not speak to her, then I will call for a wellness check.  Obviously, if Toerpe refuses to allow me to talk to my mother on the telephone, there must be something wrong?  Thanks for your help in making the telephone conversations — daily — start up again.  Regarding visits, my cousins Kathie, Art, Richard, Tim, Greg, Jerry, et al, they have all agreed to ‘supervise’ as so Adam Stern was instructed to allow friends or family … and I can have visits “approximately every two weeks”: it’s been approximately 17 months since I last visited with my mother: it’s been 16 months since your Client allowed me to speak to my mother on the telephone.  The last telephone conversation, mother asked me to help her.  She was visiting at my Aunt Jo and when I called to which my Aunt Jo a happy holiday, she handed the phone to my mother: my Aunt Jo gave my mother and me a Christmas gift of talking to each other.

Also, please find out what happened to my mother’s salvation and beloved pooch, Hannah.  I was told Toerpe overmedicated Hannah and abused her and she is dead (just like the Toerpes killed their pooch TJ years ago because they medically neglected him).  Then prove your allegation that I’ve abused my mother…. when in fact, you are protecting Toerpe from all she is doing and all she had done and is doing, you are pointing the finger at me…. FYI stop threatening my family, CF and AS.  

Gloria Jean Sykes



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