From Atty Ditkowsky, corruption in probate.

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From: kenneth ditkowsky
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More and more cases are coming to light wherein estates of the elderly are looted by the 2nd oldest profession.     The cottage industry that is now in place designed to strip ‘grandma’ of her liberty, her property, her civil rights and her human rights is not only well established but has the support of many of regulators of the lawyers.     As lawyers ‘rise from the dead’ and look at the Courts that foster the abuse and exploitation of the elderly and their protectors the ‘seniors’ and their supporters will see a glint of light – it is obvious that our elected representatives and the media are totally disinterested and like happened in 1936 will be too little to late to prevent the disaster that is coming down the pike.    Today, the incidents of cases like Mary Sykes is still in manageable proportions, but a decade from now it will be routine to steal from grandma – or if the family does not get there first, the predators in the legal profession will do the dirty deed.
In Cook County, Illinois in the mid-part of the 2Oth century, if the ‘old folks’  (who at that time were in their 50’s) wanted to put something away for a rainy day a bank vault the last place that you put your gold coins, and other fungible valuables.    What you did was build a secret place.     My grandfather had a secret room off the bedroom.   I was six years old when I found it.    I saw some light coming from the wall and tracing the light I walked into a room that was not for the public.   My two aunts, who had lived in the house as children and young adults, had no idea that the room existed.     When I discovered the room, I was attracted to a ‘colt revolver’ that was hanging on a hook near the door.    I pulled the weapon down, and just a real cowboy I strapped it on.    It was heavy, but that did not matter.   Off I went to play with my friends.   Fortunately for everyone I ran across my grandmother before I got out the front door.    The six shooter was confiscated and for my ingenuity I was rewarded with a sound spanking!
After I became a lawyer (a lot of years afterwards) I directed executors and heirs to examine walls, ceilings, attics, and even stairs to look for valuables that the old folks hid.   Mary Sykes had horde of cash in a Mattress.  (This was not inventoried).   A client hid $250,000 in a stairway.   Another made a false wall in a closet.    etc.     smaller sums were hidden in sugar containers etc.     The Mary Sykes generation were a generation of savers.    When a client of mine found the cache I more than once lost favor of the client by suggesting that the item be inventoried and if taxes were due that they be paid.     (I could not and would not advise the violation of laws).
The depression habits and the fear of government generated a great deal of cash and other valuables not being placed in safety deposit boxes or banks.     The abrogation of the requirement that the county treasurer be present when a decedent’s safety deposit box be opened made safety deposit boxes more practical.    (The banks at that point in time stopped sealing the safety deposit boxes of a decedent)    Thus, there is a great deal of cash and other collectibles available for predators.
Old fashioned dishonesty by financial institutions including but not limited to banks, insurance companies and the like is another age old problem.   The type of dishonesty that you describe is sometime cured by asking the same question more than one time.    An inquiry from a lawyer, followed by an inquiry from another source, and possibly a third works wonders.    Very recently I found in a real estate closing statement a 700,000 dollar escrow at Chicago Title and Trust Company.     I wrote a letter asking for the money (for my clients).   I received a letter back telling me that my demand was pre-mature and I had to wait a year.    A year later I wrote the title company and was told that the previous year they received a demand and had paid the money.   They did not claim that they paid the funds to me.   I contacted the person who the title company paid the funds to and he denied receiving them.    I took him to court, and we decided to both confront the people at CTTC.     The supervisor we talked to ran us through hoops until I handed him a subpoena.    He then found the records Houston, Texas and I had a check for my clients.
Corruption in the Courts is a real bummer.    Cook County Illinois is no stranger to it.    In the Greylord investigation by the Fed,  it is reported that 17 judges[and 50+ attys] went to jail.    With the number of complaints that are being aired on the blogs the ‘Son of Greylord’ when and if properly investigated is going to help fill our prisons.     Illinois has two successive governors in jail!    All at the same time.
Ken Ditkowsky

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