From Ken Ditkowsky–Why is his ARDC proceeding as obviously slanted as the Sykes 09 P 4585 proceeding? It looks like another wired, railroaded proceeding.

Subject: Son of Greylord

Every day brings new surprises.
As you are aware I sent to Lea Black a request to produce documents.   She responded by apparently copying her file and adding a bunch of duplicates to reach a production of over a 1000 pages.    It had been years since someone tried that ploy on me, but, I accepted the documents silently and Larry is busy scanning them into the computer.   (I went over every document).
My document request was very broad and only the kitchen sink was deleted from the request.   My request was an opportunity for the ARDC to fill my office with every complaint or paper that mentioned the name of Farenga, Stern, Ditkowsky etc.  If I received a copy of every one of Gloria’s complaints against Farenga, or Stern, or Schmiedel, or Brodsky there was not a word of complaint that I could utter.    Instead I got a carefully culled series of duplicates and pleadings designed not to inform me of whatever I am charged with by the ARDC.
today Ms. Black filed an objection to my motion in limine to prevent her from now coming up with the documents that should have been produced and were not.    In addition Ms. Black objected to the 237 notice that required her to appear to be called as an adverse witness.    This notice requires the production of the material I should have gotten by the Discovery (214) request – and the originals.   On a level playing field in a none wired proceeding the rule would be that as Ms. Black has been verifying the documents she has made herself a witness – In the 237 notice I noticed her to come to Court and testify.  She now wants to back away  – however, if she knows enough to verify documents she should know enough to testify.
If I recall correctly the reason I wanted the Request to Admit to be verified was the fact Ms. Black on behalf of the Administrator denied that no hearing had been held as to Mary Sykes’ competency.    In fact, if Ms.Black had done any due diligence she would have recognized that not only was there no hearing, but Adam Stern in an e-mail admitted that the way that a guardian was appointed was that he, Farenga, and Carolyn (or her attorney) had agreed to it and Judge Connors entered an order.    (who cares about the facts – I’ve made up my mind approach).    (Stern stated that Gloria or her attorney had also agreed, but,  that statement has no credibility what so ever – Harry Reid was not the author of that statement and he did not assist Adam in making it).   The Sodini protections were not afforded Mary and therefore there is no jurisdiction in the Circuit Court of Cook County and NO IMMUNITY!     The taking of Mary’s money was a garden variety theft!     (If an African American teenager had taken a dime out of Mary’s purse you would see the local police with guns drawn and panting!    Middle age matron finds before it is lost a million dollars in assets and it is ho hum time.)
It occurs to me that Ms. Black at this point in time is realizing that taking advice from Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel and participating in their efforts to thwart any investigation into the Sykes matter is placing her (Black) in serious jeopardy.   With a corruption investigation of the Chicago courts a sure thing, Ms. Black can quickly be the ‘poster girl’ for the ‘Son of Greylord.’
There is no way that -even in Illinois – law enforcement can allow senior citizens (like Mary Sykes) to be stripped of their liberty, their property, their civil rights and their human rights.     There is no way that a 93 year old grandmother is going to be denied access to her 80 plus year old sister for almost a year and no hue and cry is going to raised!    There is no way that a mother – who lived closely with her younger daughter – is going to be denied all access to the younger daughter without some type of drama.     Indeed, all the Illinois Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue have to do is to make one telephone and they will have all the information necessary to collect over a million dollars in taxes, interest and penalties.    The fact that our friends the guardians may have destroyed the inventory that was kept in the box is interesting but not irrelevant.   On the civil level of tax collection the burden is on the taxpayer.   Thus, as Mary had a meticulous inventory of all the coins if the record was destroyed the IRS can claim two million in value.   Our guardian friends then would have to prove that there were not 2 million in value.    /// CONSPIRACY TO EVADE FEDERAL INCOME TAXES IS a serious matter.
Ms. Black has had experience with this group.    Joel Brodsky is reported to have claimed that he received advice from Ms. Black.    Ms. Troepe has a reputation of not being bothered with facts.    She was reported to have told Mary (aged 90 at the time) that the money removed from a bank account was removed as an investment in an IRA account.    Ms. Black may be given credit for *****.    (I do not remember what advice was allegedly given to Brodsky – it might have been to part his hair on the right rather than the left!     however, I tend believe it was much more substantive.)
The ARDC administrator now has three attorneys representing him but he has no answer to Alvarez 132 S.Ct 2537 or Nelson v Streeter 16 F3d 145.   These two cases are in my opinion coffin nails in the scurrilous and merit-less disciplinary complaint filed against me.    In light of the Himmel case and the clear and unequivocal words of the First Amendment it is very clear that the failed sanction motion filed by Farenga, Stern, and Schmiel and dismissed for want of jurisdiction and this disciplinary case is a bold attempt to silence my calls for an investigation and for the Department of the treasury to collect the now more than a million dollars in taxes due from our guardian friends.
Ken Ditkowsky

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