From the ARDC–No ethics by the ARDC and a head on a post.

I just found this on the internet.  I had heard about it, but didn’t find anyone publishing it yet–I  know I would.  To the ARDC, you can run, but you cannot hide.  Someone will rat your out. When the ship is sinking, the rats sing.

I gotta tell you I am proud that they did so many many pages on me.  A nobody blogger, no money, mother of 4, I live on donations, up against a $17 million enterprise and they are CLEARLY AFRAID OF THIS BLOG.

Recently Lawyer and Activist Barbara Stone was told she could avoid 30 months in prison by giving up her “blogging co conspirators”. Too funny. I am told she said “shove it” and “bring it on”.

Me too ARDC.  the Sykes Case has not been investigated. Judge in probate have not been disbarred or even investigated.  $3 MILLION IS MISSING AND UNACCOUNTED FOR IN THE MARY G SYKES ESTATE and you publish this nonsense and waste tax payer/attorney money on this crap you call CLE.  I note you don’t mention the fact you have not investigated the Sykes case, you quashed all discovery and so did the Judges in the Sykes case and you don’t mention $3 million in assets MINIMUM are missing from all inventories filed.

Not so Smart, isn’t that?

Shame on you.

Go get some ethics yourself.

I am not giving into your lack of moral compass and neither is Barbara Stone, Kenneth Ditkowsky or Lanre Amu.

You want to make us martyrs and put our heads on poles in front of your offices, go right ahead.  Us bloggers of truth and justice are here and we are NOT going away.

You can jail us, take away our licenses, malign us in your fake CLE on (lack of) ethics and we don’t care.

You can’t buy us off or bury us, so why not take the safe harbor and relicense us and admit you were wrong.  I am demanding your apology for the 100th time.  And then go investigate the Sykes case. I will be glad to help you and draft those subpoenas. In fact, I’ll do it again on this blog for you.  Just file them, please.

Sooo many people are begging you and imploring to investigate corrupt probate cases where people are MURDERED and their estates looted by judges, attorneys and court room vendors and you do NOTHING but send out form letters telling the bereaved widows and orphans to get f’ing lost.

Go look here to see what the ARDC is so afraid of: (pages 47+)

And btw, you DONT’ have my permission to use my image, my blog or anything for you alleged “training session.”  All of that is copyrighted.  And you have now absconded with my image rights.  (As for my home address, which you pretended to censor, I don’t care, it’s 5700 N Natoma Ave in Chicago. Everyone loves me there).

And here’s a rule for you:  you’re all a bunch of shameless liars, thugs and goons.  Go FORGET yourselves. And you can quote me on this ENTIRE POST with a date in your CLE. Why do I have to require a date?  because I don’t know if you have changed my text, you have no morals or shame about what you do to MURDER and KILL and COVER UP.

I have absolutely no need to get a license or get back a license from a bunch of shameless psychopathic  goons and thugs.  I’d rater slit my own throat.

15 elders died in an abusive nursing home in Hollywood Fla.  I bet plenty of those patients at that nursing home were in guardianships and forced to live in that slum and ghetto for the elderly.  That’s the type of housing the ARDC protects for senior citizens. They allow judges and attorneys to force disabled persons into nursing homes, loot their etates and then narcotize them in the end.    They write horrid letters to victims’ families that they don’t care. (Sykes, Gore, Drabik, Brouckmeersch, Frake, and many others–all abused in nursing homes and murdered there, ARDC complaints all dismissed–complaints on this blog never investigated)

Joanne Denison.


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