From Ken Ditkowsky–the Barbara Stone case is a horror show–demand her immediate release today

Barbara is a true heroine and should be reinstated with honors as an attorney in both New York and Florida.

She showed what the system was–money grubbing, despicable and onerous.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

The Barbara Stone case is representative of the ELDER CLEANSING/HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCANDAL and illustrative of the corruption and total disregard for America’s core values that has become an epidemic amongst our ‘ruling class!    The elite are so used to ignoring us – the great unwashed – that the South Florida POLITICAL ELITE fresh from victories over the public in the condominium scandal feel empowered to run roughshot over any who oppose their dictates.
Like all scandals the ‘power players’ all have ‘warts’ and some of the good guys do and say things that are bad strategy, bad form, and downright stupid.     The Political elite HAVING THE UNDYING LOYALTY of their knee jerk supporters and the media thus frame the aggreived in the worst possible light.   So obnoxious and amoral are the elites that they and their supporters have no compunction and no conscience  – they can even rationalize the killing for profit of 12 elderly residents of the Hollywood Hills nursing home and blame Governor Scott for the carnage.   The fact that that so as to rob Medicare of a few dollars these miscreants nursing home operators could not transport (or call 911 for the town of Hollywood Florida to transport) the helpless elderly a few yards across the street to safety.   The fact was that transporting the victims across the street to a safe environment would have cost the operators of the nursing home a few dollars and THEY HAD TO WEIGH the safety of their human commodities over the dollar loss – the dollar loss won!   12 people died.
We have the very same situation in the guardianship of Helen Stone and the persecution of Barbara Stone.      We just do not approve of overt discourtesy toward our revered institutions, its servants, or law enforcement.   We believe we are a NATION OF LAWS and even though every one else is a ******, we have to uphold a STANDARD.   Dissenting  – does not mean descending into immaturity and they very type of conduct that is exhibited by the corrupt Political elite.    We, the great unwashed are better than that!
Now let’s look at the facts.   Helen Stone, an elderly human commodity, became an object of profit for a corrupt guardian and jurist who were actively pursing ELDERLY HUMAN TRAFFICKING.     She  (Barbara Stone)  interrupted the isolation and dehumanization process of her mother and did so openly and notoriously.   As has been disclosed on numerous blogs once a human trafficking victim falls under the control of the ELDER CLEANSERS that individual has to be stabilized.   To obtain maximum HEALTH CARE DOLLARS and the greatest Medicare payment the most efficient warehousing technique is the goal.  Opioids are routinely employed to induce a ‘zombie’ effect, but while these chemicals are performing their function i is necessary to address nutrition and delivery of services.    
Routinely therefore the opioid serviced individual is fitted with a feeding tube and a Cather so that bodily functions do not require too much human attention.    Thus, nutrition and excretion require minimum costs are substantially reduced and other services also reduced to their lowest common denominator.   For instance, physical therapy does not require a technician –  wheeling the elderly person into the hallway meets the criteria and a hours PT can be billed to Medicare at full rates.  The cost to the facility is nominal.  
Barbara Stone, interrupted the orientation of her mother.   She without warning and permission removed her mother from the feeding tube routine and demonstrated the falsity of the medical authorizations for the same.  She took her mother out to a restaurant and enjoyed a meal with her.   The entire orientation process approved by the Court was demonstrated to be FRAUDULENT and by her action Barbara Stone jeopardized the economic prospects of the Judge, the guardian and other members of the Political elite.     The entire guardianship for profit scenario was placed in jeopardy!
This aforesaid act by Barbara Stone was so reprehensible that the Judge was duty bound to extract the most harsh penalties against Stone and make an example of her so that such travesties would not occur in the future.    Ms. Stone resisted and worse yet formed alliances with the some of the most radical individuals – these individuals lost all sense of proportion – some demanded HONEST INVESTIGATIONS and one of said individuals exposed on her blog (MaryGSykes) judicial corruption.
As I personally am one of the miscreants who objects to the HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the Elderly by those who prosecute Barbara Stone and other who object, Governor Scott, President Trump I as a member of the great unwashed demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION and the restoration of the Equal Protect of the Law to all citizens including the elderly and the disabled.
From Joanne:
It turns out there is absolutely no evidence, no clinical study that a feeding tube and catheter is better than feeding a patient who so desires, any food they want. (see prior blog post on this).  But it is routine in nursing homes to plunk down a tray and pick it up 15 minutes later.  Joy Ketelhut, in observing the feeding of her mother at Warren Barr Nursing Facility in downtown Chicago, noted one day she was late to feed her mother.  So she asked one of the nurses there about her mother’s meal and why wasn’t she being fed?  The answer, a huge lie, “oh she ate earlier”–but then she found her meal on the cart, untouched with her name on it.
Every years thousands of elders in nursing homes are admitted to hospitals due to malnourishment and dehydration, my nursing friends tell me.  Sometimes it’s on purpose because the hospital needs to fill beds.  If a nurse complains or files a complaint, they are fired on the spot and blackballed.  No one ever investigates the malnourishment and dehydration of an elder in a nursing home.
Similarly, I am told they often die.  Funeral directors must fill out a “condition of the body” report.  These reports are filed and no one does anything with them, I am told by funeral directors.
No one cares about the elderly and disabled, if it weren’t for the blogs.
The sad part is, the ARDC is fighting this blog.  See my prior post where they claim this blog is a lie, I make judges and attorneys cry when I call them on the carpet for perfidy and mendacity in the probate courtroom.
This is not my job.  I’d love to return to engineering and patents and all that fun stuff, but I will not and cannot when there are seniors and disableds at risk and attorneys at the ARDC like Larkin, Opryszek and Smart patently allow our elders and the disableds to be abused.
Barbara Stone is a heroine. She showed how her mother did not need a feeding tube.
She took her mom out for shopping and a meal and the two were happy.
But this interfered with the state’s plan to medicate, isolate and then terminate her for her money.  Go look at the Stone dockets I recently posted. It’s all about the money.  All the money items are sealed.  Reported the brother stole some $600k from Mom, and I see that’s not resolved either, tho it was years ago.
Barbara Stone must be immediately released and Roy Lustig and the crooked judges who put her there should be disbarred and removed from office.

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