From Ken and Judy Ditkowsky–home health care fraud flourishes in Chicago

It appears that Judy found a Chicago Tribune article that is worth reading, to wit:
The article unfortunately did not reference the four GAO reports to Congress,  the umpteen disclosures in the Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPG, MaryGSykes blog, the Philip Esformes bullion dollar fraud case, etc.    The authors are reinventing the wheel; however, it is an important start and an update on exactly where we are in the human trafficking scandal.    (As reference point we are one meter into the 250 meter dash! and every one is reinventing the wheel)
Even though the Philip Esformes case was covered by the Chicago Tribune, and the Seth Gillman case received mention the “media investigators” failed to build on what should have been learned from the said cases.
Maybe our best hope is the Department of Treasury (Internal Revenue Service).    The trillion dollars in ‘booty’ that the Political and Judicial elite assign and commit overt acts to obtain is TAXABLE INCOME and each co-conspirator whether in violation of 18 USCA 371 or otherwise enjoys JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY.   Thus, a Jerome Larkin, who as his overt act filed false and untrue pleadings in attorney disciplinary cases incurred joint and several liability for the FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAXES earned when the miscreants that he was covering up for stole personal and Federal funds.
The lesson that Mr. Larkin and each of the POLITICALLY AND JUDICIALLY connected co-conspirators must learn (and/or be reminded of) is the fact that a PUBLIC OFFICE is a PUBLIC TRUST!      No one put a gun to Mr. Larkin’s head and demanded that he file false pleadings concerning Ms. Denison, Mr. Amu, yours truly, *****.    Lakin knew (or should have known) of the very obvious FRAUD in the Sykes case (09 P 4585), the Gore case, ****.    Larkin, knew what he was doing when he acted.   Ditto for the guardians, the guardians ad litem, the attorneys for the guardian and the presiding corrupt jurists!      THEY SHOULD AT LEAST PAY THEIR JOINT AND SEVERAL SHARE OF THE BOOTY!!      Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy!     It is time for the Political establishment to pay their fair share on the booty earned from trafficking in the ELDERLY and the Disabled!
Ken Ditkowsky

3 thoughts on “From Ken and Judy Ditkowsky–home health care fraud flourishes in Chicago

  1. The penalties for these crimes are a joke, 72 months really ? They should start at 20 years, millions of dollars, loss of license for life and if a foreigner deported for life !!

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