From FB: What is up with our Cook County Board–Tim Evans sues Preckwinkle?!?!

This is absolutely ridiculous.  With filing fees reaching $400 per case and the system being mostly computerized, how is it that the court system needs more money.

I think Evans should be suing Dorothy Brown to fully computerized the court system, put recording devices in every courtroom, provide computers to transcribe and put everything online like Pacer for 8 cents per page.

Pacer must be raking in millions.

The Federal Court system isn’t struggling, so why is Cook County so screwed up?

The key to all of this is getting rid of non tech savvy anyone in the court system and automating everything.

The beverage tax was a disaster.  The bag tax is just as bad.

What they really want (the Mayor and the Cook County President) is a tax on breathing Cook County air, so just go ahead and do that.