From Ken Ditkowsky–update status on Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case

To: White House <>, Chicago FBI <>, ……..
Subject: Fw: Re: MARY G SYKES
Date: Dec 6, 2017 10:59 AM
Few cases involve the infamy that this particular case has.   IT IS A MONUMENT TO PUBLIC CORRUPTION that is heretofore unmasked in American jurisprudence.    Indeed, judicial corruption has been exposed before, but, few cases match Sykes.
Please let me explain  –  The record documents in this case are replete with irrefutable evidence of FRAUD.     The miscreants were open and notorious in their misbehavior – in fact they were proud of it.    Let’s start with the service of summons.
Mary Sykes sought an order of protection from the person names as plenary guardian because she caught that person alleging stealing several thousand dollars from her.   The plenary guardian countered by filing a Petition for guardianship of Mary and REMOVED Mary from Cook County to DuPage County.   By Statute the petition should have been filed in DuPage Court as Mary was involuntarily in DuPage County.
Recognizing that even the Cook County Court looks with disfavor on kidnapping, the Petition for guardianship was filed in Cook County and the Sheriff was directed to serve Mary at an address that Mary no longer resided.    So open was the FRAUD that the miscreants shared the fraud with the guardian ad litem, and the guardian ad litem shared the information with the Judge.   In the file is a letter from GAL Cynthia Farenga reporting to the corrupt Judge that Mary is living in DuPage County and therefore they need a GAL who resided in DuPage.   Thus Adam Stern was appointed as the 2nd guardian in line.  He certainly was aware that he was party to a fraud, however, as the court record reveals this sham continued unabated.     Stern in an e-mail to Ms. Gloria Sykes makes it quite clear that he ‘drafted’ the order appointing a plenary guardian which the corrupt judge rubber stamped.    The transcripts even go so far as to reveal that Stern found a psychiatrist willing to sell out his license to (without examining Mary) would sign an affidavit that Mary was incompetent.
Of course Stern, Farenga, the corrupt judge et al knew that 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 required proof by clear and convincing evidence of not only the incompetency of Mary, but the degree.  – THIS DID NOT BOTHER ANYONE —
It was clear that the Judge would protect the criminal enterprise going on.   Judge Connors so admitted this on page 91 of her Evidence Deposition.    As time has demonstrated JEROME LARKIN and the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission = just like they attempted in the OPERATION GREYLORD scandal – were on the scene to thwart any HONEST INVESTIGATION and anyone examining the File.
To date the ‘swamp’ has been successful and Mary was killed off, 3 million dollars (plus or minus) stolen from Mary – sans any State or Federal Income taxes, hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from Medicare, social security etc – sans Federal Income taxes etc.     The perfect crime.
Even though Gloria Sykes is a journalist  – –  NOT ONLY IS LAW ENFORCEMENT IMPOTENT but the media shuns this case ignoring the THREAT that it imposed on every single citizen!      The miscreants enjoy absolute immunity!!!!!
Letters, e-mails, personal appeals etc all fall on deaf ears!
So obscene is this attack by the miscreants in the Mary Sykes case on the core values of America that even with the STATE OF ILLINOIS on the verge of Bankruptcy the STATE is disinterested in seeking to collect the INCOME TAXES that are jointly and severally due from each of every member of the ‘conspiracy.’     The legislature would rather raise the your taxes rather than interfere with the profits stolen by the miscreants and each of them!    The demand for a HONEST INVESTIGATION was laughed at and ridiculed by JEROME LARKIN comparing it and the exposure of judicial corruption as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
Health care fraud comes with a 700% fraud surcharge — take a look at the Sykes case and it should be clear to all exactly why there is a 700% fraud surcharge and why Obamacare, Trumpcare etc ALL WILL FAIL!     (You should also get a clue as to why Illinois is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY!)

Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne:

The Sykes case 09 P 4585 is hopelessly corrupt.  Mary Sykes was guardianized without service, without anyone reading her her rights and giving the required notices.  She wa not properly served as shown by the Record on Appeal.

Next, no hearing was held on her incompetency.  It was all allegations.  On the day of the “hearing” she was told to be quiet and her sisters and Gloria who tried to give testimony freely were not allowed to do so.  Judge Connors (someone is protecting her), did not require a doctor (MD) to testify to Mary’s incompetency.


Gloria’s former attorney, Jay Dolgin, asked Judge Connors for discovery prior to hearing.  She quipped, “why would you want that?” and denied his requested. He replied he wanted to find out Carolyn’s finances, if she had taken from Mary before, etc. And what about that Protective Order Mary filed.

Judge Connors did not care.

The case is replete with lack of due process, no service upon Mary or her elderly sisters.

At my trial, the ARDC had a fit because I prepared a “Table of Torts”–which is still valid today.

Gloria has had no accounting of the Trust which held her mother’s home and which was illegally broken to sell Mary’s home for “Mary’s care”, which really went to pay for a string of nursing home–a place where Mary never wanted to be per her advance directives, a Power of Attorney given to Gloria which was summarily terminate by Judge Connors without due process (Notice, Petition, Discovery and Hearing).

Another fit the ARDC had was over the fact Gloria finally, and after a huge long struggle and many years, was able to subpoena the “drill out” order for a safe deposit box that both Mary’s and Gloria’s name was on.  As soon as Carolyn Toerpe was appointed guardian, without telling the court or Gloria, she drilled out a safe deposit box containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable coins.  Where are those coins?  Who has them?  No one knows because all discovery was quashed by both the ARDC and by the Probate Court.  Discovery of missing assets was not allowed.  Of course, there is no reason to look for assets when the entire court room knows they are being stolen.  By whom?  No one knows, but again, discovery and due process is never allowed when a court room is allowed.  The authorities will just say it’s a civil matter, even when the problem is happening right in the courtroom and there is no judicial oversight.

Today, someone sent me a law that the current president signed into law, DT.  You can read about it here.   $2.9 billioon is supposed to be used to fight elder abuse, but no where in this law does it attack the massive corruption in guardianship occurring right in our own nation’s court rooms.  This money is supposed to go to “training law enforcement” (that never gets involved anyway, and to “conducting research” which means there will be millions handed out in social justice grants–but these grants do not go to the NFP’s and NGO’s on the ground fighting this stuff (see my Wish List elsewhere on this blog), but it will go universities who collect data and research but really do nothing and don’t help people fight this stuff out in court or through the authorities demanding that the authorities investigate, return stolen/embezzled funds and indict.

You can see the law here, and thanks to Jinny Johnson for passing this along.

it’s  a law with no teeth and it looks like it is money that was given to certain friends and cronies for doing nothing about the real problem–abusive guardianships.


2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–update status on Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case

  1. your blog is very important. Thank you for doing it. YOUR WONDERFUL KEEPING US (THE
    PUBLIC) informed about very serious Public Interest Issues. THANK YOU Your information about how the ward was moved to another county to hide her is important they do that in divorce too move case to other county to hide assets. Move individuals to other county so they no longer have a voice and no one knows where they are. THanks
    They change their phone number , move them and no one knows….

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