From Elena Federova–a valid complaint about fraud in Foreclosures at the Daley Center

Subject: Wells Fargo fraud aided by IL corrupt Judges – NEW Evidence of Judge Senechalle’s obstruction of justice
Date: Jun 15, 2017 8:12 AM
Attachments:   federova
* I give my permission to publish this information on anti-corruption blogs.
Deal All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption and fraud against IL public committed by certain IL judges on all levels of Illinois Court system.
Co-accidentally the most predatory and dishonest judges are family members and/or friends of IL Democratic party leaders Michael Madigan, his daughter IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who covers for her father’ s clout corruption; and Edward Burke with his wife Anne Burke, who help their cronies to get positions of public Trust in exchange of handsome donations. 
Since 2012 I many times reported massive foreclosures fraud and money laundering mill operated in IL Courts with aid and abet from certain corrupt judges. All of my whistle blowing efforts were completely ignored by so-called “law enforcement authorities” and judges continue to defraud IL citizens from their civil rights, money and property, all with total impunity.
Judges in Illinois Courts do not hesitate to obstruct justice, conceal material evidence from Court records, conceal their family relations with opposing party lawyers; relentlessly lie to litigants from the bench while always serve only their parties of interests. Not a single judge whose crimes I reported was ever reprimanded. To the contrary, they regularly promoted to a higher position where I am absolutely confident  continue to lie and fix cases in favor of their cronies.
One of most glaring examples of judicial fraud and corruption is Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. who not only obstructed justice, criminally concealed material evidence from my case based on which he entered adverse decision; but even colluded with a corrupt public officer Mr. O’Malley who attended a public hearing on March 25, 2016 to impersonate as a “criminal prosecutor” who would hold me in “contempt” because I objected Judge Senechalle’s lies. Co-accidentally O’Malley just lost his judicial election and was obviously hopeful to get a vote from Senechalle to be an Associate Judge, as Senechalle, who got his judicial seat through Madigan’s List. Of course, it had nothing to do with Judge Senechalle’s son, Peter, work as Madigan’s political aid between 1998 – 2005.
Lisa Madigan whom I submitted numerous complaints, including 5 demands from March to June 2017 to investigate Judge Senechalle’s crimes and corruption, always ignored my claims and either replied with a runaround or not reply at all.
In this email I want to provide additional  evidence in support that Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. is a corrupt con artist who must be criminally investigated and put in jail, not seat in the Court and harm others.
Procedural background. I am a wrongfully foreclosed veteran, subject to protection in the Court against predatory banks under the Consent Orders and National Mortgage Settlement and many local laws.  On August 16, 2011, lawyers for renown predatory bank Wells Fargo, acting on behalf of Deutsche Bank, filed foreclosure case 11-CH-28887 against me. The case is based on a legally insufficient Complaint, false statements, and forged, robo-signed evidence. Summons and All notices were directed to the wrong address, to unit 309, while all documents are for unit 909. This error was intentionally done so that the bank’s lawyers could secretly obtain default judgment. They did; on November 13, 2012 they conducted foreclosure sale to purportedly Deutsche Bank.
Judge Rooney, from well-connected  bankers (her husband was a VP for Harris bank), lawyers realtors family and who received $1000.00 from Wells Fargo bank lawyers Mayer Brown LLP, who presided over the foreclosure case, had a duty to comply to the minimum with the basic rules of Civil Proceeding; have demand a Sworn Affidavit in support of Deutsche Bank’s standing as the plaintiff, and verify validity of the Notices, which she never did. Rooney trespassed the law and favorably ruled on legally void pleadings. Thus, the original Order was void. On December 28, 2012, I filed a Motion to Vacate Void Judgment to present for January 11, 2013 Confirmation of Sale hearing and demanded to vacate sale due to Deutsche Bank’s lack of standing and violations of the applicable laws and fraud upon the Court, which invalidated this Court’s jurisdiction.  I brought my original Petition on time on December 28, 2012, or before the confirmation, which Judge Rooney knew. Nonetheless she denied my Petition and in February 15 2013 approved the Order of Sale. I objected and filed for rehearing.
A week later, on February 22, 2013, the Government entered the National Mortgage Settlement, providing additional protection to veterans like myself. Then the IL Supreme Court adopted Rule 113, which in fact duplicated existing 735 ILCS 5/2-403(a),  and required full chain of assignments in foreclosure cases, in wet-ink signatures, or  “changes in the law since the judgement was entered” under 5/2-1203. Rooney, fully aware of these legal developments in the foreclosure crisis, agreed to hear my Motion for Reconsideration on May 23, 2013. On April 19, 2013, I receive the letter from the Federal Government where they advised me that the real plaintiff in my case is Wells Fargo bank, the Servicer. It was a new fact that I was not able to present prior to Rooney’s first judgement on February 15th.
On May 23, 2013, Judge Rooney recused herself from my case and it was transferred to judge Robert E. Senechalle Jr.  The lawyers in my case were absolutely confident that judge Senechalle will grant their Motion, so on July 12, 2013, they recorded a Deed on my property while the case was still pending in the Court, which is a direct violation of Due Process and Equal Protection clause. Judge Senechalle did not fail them. He repeatedly ignored the insufficiency of their pleading and his lack of subject/matter jurisdiction. 
On October 22, 2013, Senechalle for the first time in 2 years asked the lawyers if they had a copy of the Original Note. They responded that they “think our client has it.” On November 15, 2013, I emailed the lawyers for the copy of the Original Note before the hearing. My request was ignored, and documents never provided.
On December 4, 2013, the lawyers brought brand-new, loose documents that they introduced as the “original Mortgage and Note.” Judge Senechalle accepted the documents and gave them to me for three-minute review. I asked to provide me a copy of these documents and that they be filed with the court records. Senechalle replied that it is not necessary since these documents were “exactly the same” documents as attached to the Complaint.  
This was clearly not true. The documents were not the same. Judge Senechalle did not even bother to open my complaint to compare the lawyers’ Note with mine. I repeated my request two more times, and again stated that DBNT is a non-exist plaintiff. But Senechelle ignored, as he was too busy cracking jokes about “Merky MERS” practices as a plaintiff. (MERS has absolutely no relation to my foreclosure, except violations of Cease and Desist Order of April 13, 2011 and negligent supervision of Wells Fargo employees). Although this Note was a key evidence at the hearing in my case, the Mortgage Note and Assignment brought by lawyer Kalbas that day were never filed with the Court nor provided for my records, which supports my conclusion that the Note was forged by Wells Fargo.
I brought my case to Appeal Court, but the Appeal Court Justices never obtained a copy of these purportedly original Mortgage, Note and Assignment. They were unable to evaluate these documents’ validity since the lawyer and the judge in my case intentionally excluded them from Court records. Appeal Court Justices Epstein, Howse and Ellis made their adverse decision based on incomplete case files for case 11-CH-28887 files, so it was of little surprise that their response was erroneous and void. The Justices claimed that “Plaintiff also attached an adjustable rate promissory Note, which provided that the lender was Fremont and endorsed by Michael Koch, Fremont Vice President, to “pay in order of ** without recourse” and “thereafter, Fremont transferred the loan to plaintiff as indicated by notation **” Deutsche Bank N.t. as Trustee for Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1.” But the Trust on behalf of which foreclosure case 11-CH-28887 was filed is GSAMP 2006-FM1, not Fremont 2006-1, and the Note attached to Complaint has none of the notations observed by the Justices.
So, since December 4, 2013 NOBODY ever saw the key evidence based on which Judge Senechalle entered his decision – the purportedly “original” Note brought by Bank’s lawyers to the hearing and criminally concealed by Judge Senechalle.
                                                                                 Nobody, including Wells Fargo bank itself .
When I discovered more evidence of fraud in case 11-CH-28887 I filed a Petition to vacate void judgement entered by corrupt judicial con artist Senechalle. Since Senechalle resorted to more fraud and corruption, I filed an Appeal Notice in May 2016 where I contested Senechalle’s jurisdiction and Deutsche Bank   standing to sue me.
While my Appeal was pending, Wells Fargo bank listed my property for sale. I objected and filed Motion to Stay sale due to pending Appeal.
My Motion was denied by corrupt Justices Hoffman, Rochford (Demetrio) and Cunningham, so Wells Fargo proceed with the sale and sold my property to a third party buyer, in the most fraudulent manner. The buyer apparently paid cash.
But Wells Fargo bank fraud did not stopped there. On January 11, 2017 , or about 2 months after my property was sold, Wells Fargo transferred its non-existing “servicing rights” to a new Servicer, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC.
On or about January  14, 2017 I called SLS and told them about Wells Fargo bank fraud. SLS said that they have NO documents related to this transfer but will contact me as soon as they receive it from Wells Fargo.
On February 13, 2017 SLS mailed me a letter where they demanded payments for my mortgage with Fremont.
When I requested validations of this debt and copies of all documents based on which SLS demanded payments, SLS swamped me with absurd runarounds full of false and contradicting statements.
In the most recent reply SLS mailed me a copy of a document which suggests that Wells Fargo bank NEVER had ANY originals and received a Copy of the Note for the first time on February 13, 2014, or one day before Wells Fargo bank lawyers filed their Appearance on 02/14/14  and 02/18/14 in my first Appeal case. 
SLS mailed me a letter dated June 9, 2017 where they avoided to any answers to my previous inquiries and submitted very questionable documents obviously to aid and abet Wells Fargo foreclosure fraud. June 9, 2017 letter is full of false and misleading statements which contradict with the previous letters of 02/13/2017 and 05/10/2017. For example, on June 9, 2017 your SLS said: “ SLS is not attempting to collect any debt from you related to the above referenced mortgage”. This statements clearly contradict with the letter SLS mailed me on 02/13/2017 telling that “” A new servicer WILL be collecting your mortgage loan payments from you” and “SLS WILL collect your payments going forward. SLS WILL start accepting payments received from you”.  In the next paragraph of June 9, 2017 letter SLS said: “ SLS does not have records pertaining to this timeframe” (fraudulent foreclosure conducted by Wells Fargo bank and their co-conspirators). 
SLS statement is a blatant lie because (1) they actually attached documents (aka “records”) pertaining to this timeframe; (2) on 05/10/17 SLS informed me that “ we have research your account and OUR RECORDS indicate that the validity of your debt in your dispute was not in error”. Worth to mention, on 06/09/17 SLS claimed that they “ have responded regarding ERRORS” (in the previous letter you insisted that my “dispute was not in error”) The documents attached to SLS 06/09/17 letter are beyond questionable and suggest that SLS conspired with Wells Fargo bank to  aid and abet Wells Fargo massive foreclosures fraud upon the Court aka racket and money laundering mill.
First, here is NO Deed of Trust SLS mentioned was attached to their letter as promised.
Second , SLS have attached a copy of my mortgage with long-time bankrupt Fremont, without any chain of assignment.
Third , SLS attached a copy of forged Promissory Note which was apparently a part of   my Motion to Vacate fraudulent judgement entered by corrupt judge Robert E. Senechalle who criminally concealed material evidence from case records, a copy of purportedly “original” Note brought to the hearing on December 4, 2013.
The copy of the purportedly “original”  Note was never provided to me; never filed with case 11-CH-28887 Deutsche Bank v. Fedorova; never sent  to me by Wells Fargo bank while demanded many times; and not provided to me by SLS either.  In fact, this document was briefly shown to me for less than 3 minutes on 12/04/13 and immediately disappeared from all records.  
Moreover, based on my review of the Note attached to your 06/09/17 letter, Wells Fargo bank apparently DID NOT had this document at the time when foreclosure case 11CH28887 was filed either; or on 12/04/13 when their lawyers brought a brand-new looking document falsely misrepresented as “original”.  
The Note provided to me by SLS has the FAX line dated 02/13/2014 indicating that the Note was attached as pages 9-11 to a bigger document, while the Mortgage   does not have any fax lines on it. 
Worth to mention, after I filed my Appeal in case 11-CH-2887, Wells Fargo bank’s lawyers co-accidentally filed their Appearances on 02/14/14 and 02/18/14 (well-connected Mayer Brown LLP where corrupt Judge Senechalle’s brother-in-law was a top partner at that time).Moreover, the Note has my handwriting on top of it (case number) when I used it as an Exhibit to prove Wells Fargo bank fraud and forgery.
Bear to repeat, Wells Fargo bank NEVER provided me ANY documents pertaining to their fraudulent foreclosure case, and during last 5 years swamped me with a binder worth of absurd runarounds, 44 letters just between  April 2016  to May 2017, without  providing me any  copies of purportedly “original” Note their lawyers used as “key evidence” on 12/04/13.
I once again demand FULL investigation of Judge Senechalle and his co-conspirators crimes; and his removal from the bench.
Sincerely. Elena Fedorova.  

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