From FB and Karen Sinclair–what a nursing home dinner is all about–disgusting


An actual nursing home dinner:

I brought mom back to nursing home for dinner. I was blown away by what they were serving. This is what we all have to look forward to in our senior years. It is total BS that this neglect is allowed by the state while the billion dollar nursing home company serves slop to my 87 year old mother. I wonder what the administrator, DON and owners had for dinner tonight. No response from state representatives that addressed these issues in their campaigns. It is sad that Americans accept this neglect, abuse and disrespectful treatment to our loved ones. Sometimes we have no alternatives. We need to stand together. Please share and get the word out on Genesis Nursing Facility called Las Colinas. Thanks. FYI I went and bought her dinner tonight.

Karen Sinclair.

I want to thank Karen for her willingness to share what is really going on in nursing homes across the US.

Many have said that nursing homes are nothing but slums and ghettos for the elderly.  I believe that is correct and this is proof of that.

The elderly are left lingering for hours in the hallways, some half doped up, others begging to go home.

What kind of a country do we live in?

Apparently a country where every day, judges write court orders to put the elderly and disabled in facilities where this type of crappy not real food but  called food is served.

Prisoners have to receive better fare and at least 2,200 calories per day for an adult male.

The nursing home business has to end.  Unless and until there is absolutely no place for grandma and grandpa to go, they should stay in their own home with assistance from the state until they pass into glory.  If a child wants to take in a parent, that should be allowed, with assistance from the state.  Right now, none of that is happening, as our nursing homes fill up with unhappy elders at $5,000 or more per month paid by Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance and the cost to care for and house is only $1,000 per month.  The industry disgusts me.

What the US does, both in and out of court, is nothing but a shocking scandal of greed, graft and corruption.

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