From Ken Ditkowsky–While judges have the right to make bad decisions (we wish they wouldn’t), they cannot make biased or fixed decisions

Subject: like it or not!
Date: Jun 15, 2017 5:01 PM
The objective and unbiased Judge has a right to make honest incorrect decisions as to both the law and the facts.    Every human has a right to be human; however, people acting in the public trust have serious obligations to the public.   The First and primary obligation is to be respectful to the Rule of Law and to apply it honestly, without favoritism or bias.    In other words we expect that the judge will call the case as he/she sees it.
We all know that such has in many instances has not been the case and indeed in too many situations to MOTION TO FIX has been prevailing over all other aspects of Judicial procedure.   The ‘Operation Greylord’ prosecutions made public the fact we in Cook County, Illinois had the ‘best’ judiciary money could buy.    The chief judge of the Chancery Division went to jail based upon a $200 bribe.    More than a dozen Judges were found guilty and sent to jail and scores had to resign to avoid prosecution.
Recently, Judge Cooke was exposed in a SUN TIMES article as to have paid over $100,000 for slating for Judge.  (This pay for play had been disclosed previously in the Chicago Tribune as a condition precedent for slating for Judge).     The Sale of Judgeships by the Chicago Democratic Organization is nothing new; however, the venality has reach new proportions.   It is time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and HONEST PROSECUTIONS of the corrupt judicial officials who are depriving Americans of their human and civil rights.
With Illinois talking about new taxes and Cook County property owners facing a 10% increase in real estate taxes, it is time for the 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators to pay the Federal and States income taxes that they owe.    A co-conspirators acting on behalf of the criminal enterprises of ELDER CLEANSING each co-conspirator owes the taxes jointly and severally.   Civil collection is all that is asked for – No one wants co-conspirators such as Mr. Jerome larkin to be prosecuted criminally for TAX EVASION – all that is being asked for is for CIVIL COLLECTION of the taxes, interest, and penalties.
In the Mary Sykes case 3 million dollars was stolen from Mary.   A like amount was stolen from the United States of America for medicare and other government programs as she was elder cleansed – these sums also are subject to Federal and State income tax.   (The Department of the Treasury collecting the legitimate income taxes due = plus interest and penalties from miscreants who have repeatedly violated their public trust will go a long way toward restoring public confidence and an honest political and judicial environment – it also will provide needed revenue for the USA and the State of Illinois).
Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Leah Black Guiterrez and Melissa Smart, Steven Splitt should all pay the $3 million in taxes due on the Sykes case cover up.  Clearly, from the record, Mary Sykes was not served, her home was likely sold for pennies on the dollar and there was no Trust Accounting, that is still covered up by the probate court and the ARDC.  The fact a safe deposit box was drilled out and the contents of $1 million in gold and valuable coins was emptied, discovery quashed on the contents, is still being covered up in the probate court and by the ARDC.    In sum total, there is between $2 and $3 million the federal court could collect in federal taxes from all the miscreants involved and they are jointly and severally liable as a criminal enterprise.


From Joanne;

I have recently published the 200+ count indictment from “professional guardian” April  Parks and her office staff and others involved wherein she was charged with racketeering–or running a criminal enterprise on  many levels and with many tie ins.  Surely the authorities can file similar charges with all those involved in the disappearance and cover up of the millions lost in the Sykes case and the exploitation of Mary Sykes and her untimely demise which involved a whole lot of narcotic drugs days before her death and no food or water since her estate had been drained dry. by the vultures involved and their cronies.  Her fraudulent placement in a string of nursing homes is also Medicare fraud to the tune of all those bills because she once had a home she could live in with Gloria.  Why were the taxpayers supposed to pay for her food and housing because the court forced a phony sale for pennies on the dollar and took away her home unjustly?  That’s likely another $1 million in fraudulent charges to the US government brought to you by a corrupt probate court that is apparently in league with the ARDC in cover ups and cronyism.

The April Parks indictment stands as a great form and format to use across the country to bring in millions of income via the IRS and it further admonishes and solves the pattern of elder cleansing.

Local authorities can, apparently be bought and sold.  However, the IRS it seems is always, always interested in collecting the taxes due.


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