From Ken Ditkowsky–Happy Mother’s Day

Subject: Happy mother’s day
Date: May 14, 2017 6:52 AM
If we do not learn from the past, the future is in jeopardy.     I heard laments all the time from people who cannot bring themselves to recognize that Democracy has a major side effect – RESPONSIBILITY.   To preserve it we have to intelligently protect it from the demigods who cannot accept the results of elections and/or use their public positions to violate the public trust.
After Operation Greylord was in the books and the Circuit Court of Cook County disgraced itself completely, the court went back to its old ways with a vengeance.    Even the clerk of the Court proved herself to be a blatant criminal.   The most recent revelation was found in the Court Sun-Times:
The political and judicial elites are however well prepared and the machinery of DEMONIZATION is well at work.   Anyone, whether it be high ranking public servants, or low ranking Attorneys are not immune.    The adage – ‘do not confuse me with the truth, I’ve made up my mind’ is well at work and anyone who is not in lockstep with the Establishment is in for the parcing of every word uttered and demonization.  Indeed, if a lawyer reports corruption in the Courts, the full force of the establishment is brought to bear to silence the voice of dissent.    The fact/truth be damned!    The lackeys of the forces that accept democracy only when it serves their ends could care less.   Such is true at every level.
Lanre Amu reported a Judge whose corruption was blatant.   The well connected judge could see no conflict of interest by her being on the Board of Directors of a litigant being sued in her courtroom.   Even the fact that the Judge’s brother was one of the attorneys for the litigant made no impression on the establishment.   Hell in Cook County an honest judge is one who when bribed stays bribed!   Why else would anyone pay $100,000 to purchase such a job?     The Establishment in the guise of the Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) jumped at Amu to quash him!    With a respected business newspaper CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS lamenting the same allegations of corruption of the Court by the same Judge that Mr. Amu was complaining, the Disciplinary commission held kangaroo hearings on perjured pleadings authored by Jerome Larkin and found made finding that were 100% inaccurate and contrary to the truth.    Amu was severely punished for practicing law while Black.
On another level, a Presidential candidate was being investigated for thwarting the Government Secrets Act.   The FBI supervisor assigned to supervise the investigation had a major conflict of interest.   A close associate of the Presidential candidate under investigation made a very substantial campaign contribution to the wife of the FBI Supervisor.   Of course a decision not to prosecute was made and the media raised no hue and cry and could care less.   Even today the obvious conflict of interest and lack of moral compass remains unfazed by the establishment and those who in knee jerk fashion support the elites.
Honest disclosure, Honest investigations, Honor, Integrity et al are not part of today’s lexicon.   A narrative of propaganda that protects the establishment is the norm and people who speak out in favor of Democracies values are condemned.   The crimes by Jerome Larkin and the Illinois establishment against JoAnne Denison are remarkable in their venality and in good people’s total lack of interest.    I’ve written about them apparently to deaf ears, to wit:
On Mother’s day, maybe it is time for respectable citizens to rise up and demand Justice.   The Demand is made not for the demander, but for his/her children who will pay the price of the corruption!
Ken Ditkowsky,
Ken Ditkowsky Law Offices
5330 W Devon #206
Chicago, IL 60647
From Joanne;
And I want to say a special heartfelt Mother’s Day for all of you who cannot see their mothers because the probate court/ guardian is abusing them and/or isolating them from you, or your mother was murdered or suffered abuse in gship.  This includes–Mary Sykes (murdered), Helen Rector (murdered), Iwanna Lahoody (abused, at risk), Helen Stone (abused, at risk), Jay Brouckmeersch (murdered), etc.
If I forgot your mother’s name, just email me and I will put it on today’s list.
Please say a prayer for these mothers and children who were abused and isolated and even murdered in the probate court system.
The problem still continues, with the latest murder of Jay Brouckmeersch in Mar. 2017 by Judge Quinn and the OSG (Office of State Guardian), so the need is still great to prevent these deaths.
Please be sure to write, fax and call both the Illinois Supreme Court, presiding judge and the ARDC Jerome Larkin and tell them that something MUST be done about the perfidy and murder in probate court.
An ARDC attorney asked Ken Ditkowsky if he was “sorry” that the Naperville Police Chief (I forget his name) received 500+ email complaints about how Mary Sykes was being isolated and abused in Naperville.  Ken thought that was nuts, but it sure is evidence of a cover up at the ARDC (much like the fact the ARDC has not gone after a single attorney at the City of Chicago for refusing to turn over 27 videos of South Side blacks being gunned down by Chicago Police).  In any case, incredulously, the ARDC atty asked the Naperville Police Chief what he did with the 500+ citizen complaints–he replied he just archived them!  More evidence of Obstruction of Justice and a mass cover up of a string of felonies.
As Ken says, you cannot make this stuff up!
Both the ARDC and the Naperville Police Dept. were actually proud of the fact 1) they refused to investigate; and 2) they are happy to archive (cover up) any evidence of a crime!
So pray for all those mothers and children out there today.
My prayers and thoughts are with you all today.

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