From Ken Ditkowsky–What is the “new” American liberalism that turns its head on racism and injustice in the courts?

Subject: Re: We clearly live in tough times, much tougher than most people want to face.
Date: May 15, 2017 4:59 PM
The problem from this part of the world is not the views expressed, but the issue on honesty.
Let me give you an example.   There is not a sane political figure who is not in favor of equal protection of the law and equality before the law.    Even the most venal of political figures gives lip service to the fact that racism in any form is wrong and not allowed under American law.   Jim Crow is absolutely prohibited!
Indeed a person with a dark hue to his/her skin is just as equal as a person with a light hue to his/her skin and both are entitled to full rein of the American dream – or so it is said and advertised.
Here in Illinois such is NOT TRUE!   All we have to do is run over to the Prudential Building in Chicago, go to the offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration of Disciplinary Commission and grab the disciplinary file on Lanre Amu.    Mr. Amu was charged with practicing law while black and for his crime received an interim suspension of his law license and a three year suspension thereafter.    No Mr. Mayor – the formal charge was not “practicing Law while Black” is was much more subtle.   Mr. Jerome Larkin under oath with intent to violate the Illinois Constitution of 1970 and the 13th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution lied about Mr. Amu’s behavior even though a respected Business Publication made the exact same claims that Mr. Amu made and the subject of Mr. Amu’s complaint cannot and has not denied them.
The Supreme Court of Illinois in issuing an interim suspension found that by telling the truth Mr. Amu was so dangerous that he had to be suspended from the practice of law then and there.    The absurdity and wrongness of the action by Mr. larkin (IARDC administrator) and the Supreme Court of Illinois did not raise an eyebrow.   There was no hue and cry in the media and not one of the civil rights or attorney organizations raised a finger to protest – Today Mr. Amu ( a scholarly man with a dark skin = as he actually came to America from Africa) is wrongfully barred from practicing law.    Such Icons of civil rights as Illinois two Senators are dead silent!    Illinois Representatives in the Congress are dead silent.  Indeed, law enforcement is silent and our local racist public officer administrating the IARDC is lauded for his keeping them ****** where they belong.
So absurd is this situation that Larkin even got away with denying public accommodations for an Icon of the Civil Rights movement and one of the organizers of the Selma March!    Again silence.
Even that great bastion of justice, the Illinois Supreme Court is an actor in this Jim Crow incident and not one of the justices has the courage to join in the call for remediation and/or an HONEST INVESTIGATION.
Is this a symptom of the new brand of American liberalism–a liberalism that really does nothing and says nothing about injustice?    Not only has there not been a squeak of protest from the liberals, but Illinois is controlled by the Democrats who have the loudest voices in protesting inequality!   Those loud voices however appear to be a facade when it comes to action.   Protest and words are more important than acting against racial discrimination and overt racism!   Cover-up and diversion is the true meaning of American 21st Century politics!
The MacDonald case is another example of just how form and trumped substance.   MacDonald was shot 16 times by a policeman.   On film the killing was demonstrated to be unjustified.  However, the mayoral election was days away, and the mayor – a friend and high ranking adviser to Obama – realized that the Ferguson riots would be a church tea is the African American Community learned of this outrage in Chicago, thus, the ‘family’ of MacDonald was bribed with a five million dollar settlement (paid with City of Chicago funds) to keep quiet.    Not a single one of Chicago’s Alderman voted against the payment!     Not a single Chicago media outlet broadcast information as to the incident and its cover -up  – until the mayor was safely re=elected!
Use any fancy word you want to describe this situation, but this is rank RACISM!
Jerome Larkin had nothing to do with the MacDonald shooting, but, to deny that the political establishment in Illinois and in particular Chicago is not racist is akin to denying that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the WEST.      He clearly has not disciplined the numerous city lawyers refusing to turn over crucial videos in a timely manner, as required by the Rules of Court.  We do not need any new words to describe the old sickness!    What we need is to bring back HONESTY AND HONOR to our government.
Many of our politicians today simply abhor HONEST GOVERNMENT.   This can be demonstrated by their silence in the Amu case and their acceptance of the insults to Diane Nash, Mr. MacDonald, and YOU!   If the establishment had one ounce of pride and loyalty to America, Jerome Larkin would be in jail and the members of the Illinois Supreme Court who rubber stamped his racism would be back in private practice!

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