From Ken Ditkowsky – Why is Jerome Larkin Teaching Ethics?

Subject: With JEROME LARKIN teaching ethics and the IARDC covering up the felonies of elder cleansings ethics in Illinois is a hypothetical.
Date: Sep 6, 2016 2:49 PM
The double standard is alive and well.
As we head into that period of the season when we will be flooded with political advertisements there are some observations that have to made.
Why does any candidate spend ten times plus the amount to be earned for a public office?    If you look at the candidate, can you see him/her as a dedicated individual whose only interest is serving the public?     Why then does Candidate x seek a public office that is going to be net loss for him/her and will most probably tarnish him/her in the eyes of most, if not all of his/her peers who are not in the public sector?
 Unfortunately, in too many cases we know that the salary is irrelevant.       All too often we see public officer x’s net worth rise from zero to 100 times y.     Suddenly, an individual who cannot afford to purchase Hamburgers at McDonalds is purchasing steak at the finest restaurant in town.    It is estimated that one of the Presidential candidates intends to spend a Billion dollars to be elected to the worst job in the United States of America.
Of course we all know that a fiduciary (or someone enjoying the public trust) cannot earn or be given any extra-circular funds in the course of addressing the fiduciary or public trust employment.     To accept dollar one that is not salary is criminal breach of fiduciary (or public trust) duties.      Thus, if the Judge who presided over the Mary Sykes case 09 P4585 (Cook County) received one dime (directly or indirectly) for her being ‘wired’ she has committed a felony.     It is the duty of the Law Enforcement people to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION as to this Judge’s conduct.     It is the Rule 8.3 duty to every lawyer who knows about this judge’s perfidy (being wired) to report this felony to the Lawyer and Judges Disciplinary commissions – and pursuant to 18 USCA 4 to Law Enforcement.
In the case of this Judge we know that this did not happen.    Instead the following occurred:
·         The judge was immediately elevated to the Appellate court of Illinois
·         When lawyers (in particular JoAnne Denison and myself) requested that the Disciplinary commissions relevant conduct an HONEST INVESTIGATION the Attorney Disciplinary commission took steps to intimidate us.    When we were not intimidated we received suspensions.      The lawyers who pointed out to the Commission the fact that we were complying with Rule 8.3 were given a pass.
·         A full-fledged ‘cover up’ has been instituted and the attempt to intimidate has continued to this day.
When in 1962 I was engaged to represent a National Restaurant franchise company in their search for sites in Illinois, I was at a meeting on Lake Michigan and a large yacht motored alongside.    It was Senator *****.      I knew that the Senator had resigned his position at the University of Chicago claimed his income was solely from his Senate seat.    Like many I was impressed by this particular Senator – however, I got one of my first lessons in the Political System.     The published income for a US Senator was $22,000 a year and Senator **** had a yacht that stripped sold for about $100,000.00 and cost about $20,000 a year to operate, store, outfit etc.     I looked a bit shocked and one of my mentors laughed and informed me that the Senator’s outside income was twenty to thirty times his salary.    Indeed, the reason the Senator brought his Yacht alongside was to collect ‘his share’ of the transaction.
No, I did not report the incident directly to law enforcement.    First, I could not believe what I was actually seeing, and Second, I was not interested in purchasing cement snow shoes!      I was not part of the transaction and special remuneration for the Senator and therefore, I listened to the advice – never assume anything.       Like today’s miscreants and just about everyone else I chose to wear blinders and ignore the corruption that was happening in the then and now.     Translated into today’s world, I chose to ignore Politician No. 1 saying that he paid for favors from Politician No. 2.     I even ignored the prototype of certain charities “operated” by politicians.      I was not alone – and that did not make it right.    The fact that hundreds, if not thousands of other watched Senator ***** parade on the lakefront with his yacht said nothing was not an excuse for me – but it did ease my conscience so that I was able to ignore the perfidy of so many in the political and judicial class – as long as it did not affect me or my clients.
Indeed, I know how the game is placed and to survive and not become a martyr I held my nose and closed my eyes just like 99% of the population and 99% of the lawyers.       I was secure in the fact that I never traded favors or otherwise gave anything of value to a public official, judges etc.    In fact, I played the game absolutely straight.
Corruption, like any other cancer, becomes metastatic if it is allowed to grow beyond a particular flash point.      Today, it has reached that flash point and the miscreants are desperately trying to cover-up increasing corruption at all levels of government.    Standing tall against them are the few of us and we are taking our hits.     Philip Esformes did not steal a billion dollars for Medicare without the active assistance of key government officials not only in the South Florida government, but also in the National government.    How can people in the Federal Department of Health have not noticed a billion dollars in illegal payments!      Indeed, which of the political people – such as Representatives ***** received election help in the form of donations to campaigns, persuasion of voters (residents of nursing homes) to vote for particular candidates etc. *****.
This election is of no small matter if we persuade 100% of the population to vote their conscience and vote for the best candidate it will not solve the problem    The problem will be solved if we persuade honest law enforcement to do HONEST INVESTIGATIONs of the miscreants and if they are found to have engaged directly or indirectly in corruption to PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS by Honest prosecutions in lawful Courts.
Here in Illinois the first step has to be the removal from public office of Jerome Larkin and an HONEST prosecution of his criminal activities and of the numerous valid citizen complaints that he has failed to investigate with actual discovery–subpoenas and depositions.

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