From Ken Ditkowsky — lack of enforcement of law and the ARDC obstructing justice


15 USCA 1701 is a bill that my partner and I worked on with then Representative Rumsfield in the 1960s.    The bill addressed the fact that Florida con-men were preying on rust belt tourists who were mesmerized by the warm Florida breezes during the winter months.   Like sheep they were lured into purchasing swamps and low lands that were essentially worthless.
For years there was almost no enforcement of the law, until I raised it in the Fairway Preserve cases in 2005.   Even then corrupt courts in Florida (running foreclosures) just ignored the law – but were afraid to issue deficiency judgments.
Laws passed by the legislature have no force and effect without enforcement by the Administration (executive branch).   When public officials such as Jerome Larkin (and the IARDC) obstruct justice with the 18 USCA 371 cover-up and are free from sanction of the law you legislation passed is meaningless.   Look at the guardianship statute of Illinois 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 and following.    In particular 5/11a – 3b limits the scope of the guardianship to be in compliance with ADA, and 5/11a – 10 makes it very very clear as to the measures that have to be taken so as to protect the due process and equal protection of the elderly citizen for whom a guardian in sought.
However, as you can note from the Sykes case 09 P 4585, a ‘wired’ Judge (who admitted her being wired on page 91 of her evidence deposition) can toss a monkey wrench into the works.   The Wired judge can thwart all jurisdiction, due process, etc., and a corrupt public official, which as Jerome Larkin, can keep the legal profession at bay with trumped up disciplinary proceedings.    
I think we have to address enforcement as a first step.    Larkin as an example owes very substantial Federal and State income taxes – conspirators (i.e. people who do overt acts in support of an illegal action – elder cleansing is illegal) have joint and several liability for damages and Federal and State income taxes, interest and penalties.   WHY IS LARKIN’S salary not garnisheed for the taxes he owes?    why are his assets free of tax liens?    
Violation of a public trust can be a felony – so can violation of human rights.   In the Gore case (also Illinois) Alice’s mouth was harvested for a few grains of gold.   Why have he and the guardian ad litem (and the nursing home operator) who orchestrated the National Socialist expedition into Alice’s oral cavity not charged!
Indeed – we have plenty of laws on the books!   Enforcement is the exception, not the rule when it comes to the Political and Judicial elite.   Their crimes at all levels are given special dispensation.    
Ken Ditkowsky

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