From Ken Ditkowsky–Open Letter to Gov. Rauner

To: Chicago Sun-Times <>, illinoisgov <>,and 50 others
Subject: The biggest ‘little secret’ = An open letter to Illinois Gov Rauner.
Date: May 31, 2016 9:07 AM
Dear Gov Rauner,
Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy and from this spectator view you are that little boy who is standing in a puddle of water with a finger in the dike as all the people who will drown if you take you finger out of the dike jeer your efforts.   Why this metaphor?    That is exactly how most of the family and friends of the victims of elder cleansing feel!   We know just how frustrating it feels when the ‘fix’ is in , the miscreants admit it, and every one else tells you that you are crazy.
To define terms, ‘elder cleansing’ is the systematic isolation and guardianship of targeted senior citizens (who usually have a little life savings) for the purposes of abuse, exploitation, deprivation of civil and human rights, robbery of life savings, and finally assisted involuntary suicide.    If you wish further details they are available in four Government Accounting Office reports to congress, on the Blogs:, Probate, NASGA (,, *****.   The NASGA blog has a link to the four GAO reports (as does this blog)    If you desire specific examples let me refer you to two Cook County cases – In re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585, and Alice Gore.    (The Alice Gore case is distinctive as it demonstrates the total avarice of the corrupt judicial officials =  these miscreants pulled 29 teeth from grandma’s mouth so as to recover ever speck of gold she possessed!
Complaints to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the Judicial Inquiry Board, law enforcement ***** have yielded absolute frustration .    The ARDC for example pulled out all the stops to prevent inquiry or exposure.   They unilaterally over-ruled the Supreme Court of the United States by misrepresenting its decisions and referring to the blog MaryGSykes as yelling fire in a crowded theater.    They even rejected calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION!    No investigation occurred and ******.  
Illinois has the distinction of being rated one of the most corrupt States in the Union.   We hold a strong lead in populating the Federal Penitentiaries and even had two “former” Governors in jail at the very same time.    The dirty little secret:   CORRUPTION PAYS! 
Corruption pays at every level, and especially pays in the Probate Courts.  Dead people tell no tales!    It is no secret that many of the guardianship cases were wired.   In the Mary Sykes case the presiding judge on page 91 of her evidence deposition actually admitted the same.   Of course, Mr. Larkin of the IARDC and his 18 USCA 371 minions ‘covered it up.’   
My Point!   Let’s take the profit out of Judicial corruption in the probate court.   How do we do this?    Very simple let’s collect the taxes due from all the miscreants.    Illinois should make it unprofitable for a Judge or other public officials to not diligently and honestly comply with his/her oath to uphold the Constitution.
Let me explain.   Each guardianship creates a fiduciary relationship.   This fiduciary relationship occurs even when the Court wrongfully assumes jurisdiction – as in Sykes 09 P 4585.   A fiduciary relationship imparts the highest degree of fidelity on the guardians as possible and when a dollar is stolen all hell is supposed to break loose.   We all know that this happening in Illinois is almost unheard of as all themiscreants will close ranks to protect the guardian who has breached his/her fiduciary responsibility and Mr. Larkin and the IARDC will be johnny on the spot to punish all who might desire an Honest Investigation.
HOWEVER, THE LAW IS CLEAR.   The theft is a TAXABLE EVENT and therefore the Illinois Department of Revenue has a duty to collect the taxes due for the theft from the Court appointed fiduciary.    Under the doctrine of Constructive Receipt when theft one occurs taxes are due on the entire fund.  Thus, the theft of a dollar creates a tax liability on the million dollars in the fund.   Of course, restitution creates a deduction, but it must be claimed on the tax return (1040).    The tax liability attaches to not only the miscreant offender but his co-conspirators as defined by 18 USCA 371.   Thus, when guardian x steals $10.00 from Mary Sykes, everyone who has the public trust to report the crime (ABA Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4) incurs liability for the taxes, interest, and penalties from the date of the initial theft.   Jerome Larkin in promulgating his cover-up of the three million dollars in theft from the Mary Sykes case owes taxes, interest, and penalties to the State of Illinois (and the USA).   His liability is joint and several.   
As an Illinois citizen I want to know why this tax liability is being ignored?    Getting back to our original metaphor, Illinois citizens are tired of being lied to!    When the Income tax was enacted the excuse was = the schools need funding.   Of course the taxes went for other purposes and the political elite feathered their nest by enacting genereous pensions for themselves.   Of course when more money was needed, Illinois enacted the lottery!   Those funds ***** – they went to feed the fast growing corruption that you are fighting.    Now a graduated Income tax (tax the wealthy) is being proposed; HOWEVER NO ONE IS PROPOSING COLLECTING THE TAXES GENERATED BY OFFICIAL CORRUPTION!   Why not – government is being run for the benefit of political and judicial elite and not for the people.
The time for reform should start right this minute.   It should start with the Illinois Department of Revenue calling on the public officials who are profiting by the elder cleansing in the Mary Sykes, Alice Gore **** cases and hitting them with tax liens and collection demands for all taxes, interest and penalties.   We cannot restore to Alice Gore the gold that was taken from her mouth, but we can tax each miscreant who took the gold or aided and abetted in its removal.   
corruption must be taxed!   It is the untapped source of government revenue that is available and need to restore faith in Illinois democracy.    Corruption is not limited to just elder cleansing – it is across the board.   For instance, when Mary Sykes home (valued at close to a million dollars) was sold a judicial sale for a little over $200,000.00 the Estate should not have to incur a tax liability — each of the miscreants (including those who act in concert with the miscreants) should be taxed on the total value as ordinary income.   
Similarly when Congressman x gets a campaign contribution from businessman y and there is a relationship between the contribution and favors that businessman y desires from congressman x such is not a political contribution, but a bribe (payment for special services) and taxable.
The legislature has to fund the pensions that the State of Illinois is about to default upon – as Governor we urge you to assist them by joining with us in demanding that the political and judicial elite pay their fair share and pay taxes on the graft and bribes that they receive.

From: Chicago Sun-Times <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 6:07 AM
Morning Edition: Rahm wins big over Rauner

And don’t forget the City’s Code of Silence trial begins today.  I hope that Jerome Larkin can make a cameo appearance and explain the ARDC role in all of this.


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