Today we remember all the attorneys that lost their license by protecting your First Amendment rights and the disableds

Lawyers have taken an oath to uphold the constitutions of the US and their own state.  We don’t “take up arms” because we know that the only time there is a win for a democracy it is done in a legislature or in a courtroom, generally a Federal District Courtroom, and yet the small person has been banned for most suits in Federal District Court.

Something has to change. We spend $2 billion per day on the Pentagon, while our rights are being slowly eroded away in the US and State courtrooms.  I recall when the judges were very interested in justice and would brag about how they helped the common guy.  Now the judges to your face brag about how they next have a $50 million case up next before them and your damages are pennies, so please get out of the way.

What happened?  Well I think I can tell you what happened.  It has now been one year since I have been suspended and 2 years since Ken has been suspended trying to protect YOUR first amendment rights.  There is no public outcry, there is no stream of letters to anyone who care about 2 attorneys who served the public and the little guy without hope.

This tells me a lot about what is need in the practice of law and for the people, and that is pretty much nothing.

Most of you know that I am in need of money for rent ($18,000), now money for my office phones ($500), they are shut off.  Now all I do is blog about cases and write books, but it seems like that isn’t important work.  I do understand that other lawyers took your money, not me.  I understand that the probate court seized assets of the innocent trying to protect the innocent, but there is no public outcry for you or for me or the elderly and disabled.  Ken and I and Mr. Amu are pretty much it.  Bev and Ken Cooper do some great work too.

I understand the Jesus healed 10 people, only one went back to pay him and there was no mention of payment out of gratitude. People have a long way to go, and I appreciate it.  I really do.

So, those of you that care, keep on praying.  But for now, everything waits until I get in my motion for Sanctions.

And then I promise that you, the little guy, will be at the top of my list.  Not some mega corp always trying to screw us all over to make a few bucks and then have the courts rubber stamp their string of thefts from our bank accounts.

I want to protect the elderly and disabled and blog about it and perhaps represent some really, really bad cases and I want to do discovery and send out pleadings so people can represent themselves the world.

Please continue to send me you guardianship and custody horror stories. I do want to take these to the Senate and House and demand they both do something about the lack of accountability in our court systems and lack of justice.


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