From Ken Ditkowsky

To: Cynthia Stephens <>, ………
Subject: Fw: What happens when a ethically challenged Attorney Disciplinary Commission is caught communicating ex-parte with the Supreme Court and commits fraud.
Date: Jun 1, 2016 1:18 PM
The actions of the IARDC are so repulsive and anti-American that a concerted effort has to be made to address them.   Every principle of America and Americana is being violated by these political types.   
At first I believed that Larkin was just another lazy political appointee with his head in the sand who was appointed for the purpose of going to jail; however, when I read the Amu papers and watched the Diane Nash fiasco play out I realized that full extent of the ‘one act’ play that we were experiencing.   It does not matter if Larkin is Casmer Milktoast or public enemy number 1.   The Cancer that he is spreading is class 4 and as dangerous as ISIS.   
Larkin and this counterparts are committing the genocide on our elderly and disabled by their cover-up of elder cleansing.   The most effective manner of dealing with the problem is to strictly enforce the Civil Tax code.   In particular = collect the income taxes on the stolen monies!    18 USCA 371 labels Larkin as a co-conspirator and as such he has joint and several liability.    Thus, when the guardian in 2009 broke into Mary’s and Gloria safety deposit box and stole a million dollars in gold coins Larkin by his cover-up became a co conspirator and liable for all the income taxes, interest, and penalties due.  Ditto for the balance and the Gore estate.    Ditto for Lea Black, *****.     Civil Tax collection places the burden of proof on the taxpayer – i.e. Larkin.
To avoid this situation all Larkin had to do was do his job.   When Gloria Sykes called for an investigation all he had to do was make a reference to law enforcement and asked for the investigation.   JoAnne and I would not have had to call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION as one would have been underway.  Cynthia Farenga’s letter to Lea Black would have been tossed as the FBI would have gone to the bank and noted the theft!   A referral to the IRS would have been directed to just the guardian.   The ‘fix’ of Judge Connors could have been addressed by the Judicial Inquiry Board and Larkin *****.    In fact at any time after that Larkin could have escaped by just doing his job.    Now he has to rely upon his clout!    
Here in Illinois (and in most States) the corruption has reached critical mass.   I suggest that Larkin and his counterparts are great scapegoats!    They are not doing their jobs, but are carrying on vast cover-up operations.   As you can see by the support that **** and **** have garnered Americans are getting ready to rear up and tar and feather the political people who are not doing their jobs.   Yes, the current administration may consider the great unwashed as stupid and ignorant, but it does not take much in the way of brains to get out the tar and feathers! 

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