From Ken Ditkowsky–Protecting the First Amendment from Goons and Thugs

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Subject: Re: Left-wing Riot Gave Trump a Larger Audience
Date: Mar 12, 2016 10:07 AM
Apparently we are reaching the insane stage of the political season a bit early this time around.     Historically, the partisans demonstrate their hypocrisy closer to election day, however, right out in the open are intelligent thinking people who discussing limiting the political speech of those that they disagree with.    As an example, a ‘kid’ who had been a soldier opened his big mouth and proclaimed that he was going to middle east to fight for ISIS.     He bought a ticket, traveled to Turkey where he was arrested and charged.
Where was the Civil Liberties Union?    Where were all the liberals?    Where were all the conservatives?    Indeed, where were you and I?     Uniformly, we are all outraged by “thought police” and limits on our freedom; but we all joined together in our outrage and contrary to the core values of America none of us (me included) uttered a word of protest.     Uniformly we looked at the situation and said good riddance!
As a victim of a civil rights violation I should be more sensitive and understanding.   I have and am yelling bloody murder as Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have tried to stop me from demanding an HONEST investigation.    Indeed, I and others are outraged that government officials were ravaging the core values and principles of America – our rights of free speech.     Could I as an attorney and a citizen lose my right to practice law for advocating for Bernie Sanders?   What if my favorite candidate was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?      According to Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court I could indeed lose my license.       I wrote to the Attorney General of the United States and was asked if I was repentant!    When I stated that I was not and would do it again I got a four year suspension of my law license!    JoAnne Denison wrote a blog – she got an interim suspension and three years.   Lanre Amu, lost his license for practicing law while black.
Getting back to the point.     The SCOTUS has made it abundantly clear that all political and content related speech is protected by the First Amendment.    Thus, an American supporting ISIS, the National Socialists, the Democrats, the Republicans etc. is protected.     The distinction between speech and action unfortunately is blurred.    Some of the blurring is intentional and therefore if the blurring is done by government we as citizens must view it with suspicion.
The travel to the Mideast to join ISIS is a special case as ISIS has made a uniform threat to America and its existence and has committed overt acts in pursuance thereof.    The action is thus reconciled as treason or its equivalent.     BUT THIS BEGS THE QUESTION!     Is it treason to support Bernie Sanders.    He is an admitted socialist!    Is it treason to support Donald Trump?    He is overtly politically incorrect.    Contrary to some of the partisans the answer is still no – it is not treason to support candidates that the mainstream media does not support.    Then – why is it treason to support ISIS?
The answer is – pursuant to Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the First Amendment it is not.     However, when that support crosses the line it may be an expatriating act.     Voting in a foreign election, taking up arms in causes that are against the interests of the United States of America, intentional renunciation of citizenship, or doing acts that are overtly contrary to the Laws, customs, and serious interests of the United States of America (Treason).     Thus, when this young man actually donned the mantel of ISIS he committed an expatriating act and became an enemy combatant!     As such he forfeited the protections of America and our core values .  
The foregoing is not a rationalization, but, part of America law from day one.     Citizenship comes with responsibility and duties.    Both Mr. Larkin and myself took the same oath to defend the Constitution.    Thus, both of us had the responsibility to speak out in outrage when Justice Connors on page 90 and following of her evidence deposition admitted that she was ‘wired!’   (i.e.   she was predetermined to find Mary Sykes incompetent and predetermined to appoint a particular guardian for her) [1]
I point this all out as the elder cleansing scandal is so voracious and public officials and corrupt judicial officials have expended so much effort to destroy America’s core values.    Worse yet, we are buying into the problem and not standing up and being counted.     If we allow the civil rights of one citizen to be compromised we guaranty that all our rights are in jeopardy.      Our National motto has always been – I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death to protect your right to say it!      It is also for this reason every day I donate a few minutes of my time to write these e-mails urging an HONEST investigation.     I am not ‘cowed’ by Larkin’s intimidation and criminal behavior!     I am disappointed that he has been able to get away with his criminality (and felonies) for so long.    In a perfect world, Larkin and each of his co-conspirators would be in an orange federal issue jumpsuit rather than his usual shark skinned garb.   ( There is no place in public life for predators or their apologists – see 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 4)

[1] On page 90 and following Judge Connors points out that had she known that she did not have jurisdiction she would have stopped the proceedings, corrected the deficiency and then reached the same result.     The further perfidy exposed by this evidence deposition was the fact that Connors admitted not only that she was ‘wired’ (fixed) but she did not do her job.   With this deposition of record, Connors was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.    It is no wonder that Larkin and his ilk are so ready to abandon their responsibilities, misrepresent the decisions of the SCOTUS and thumb their noses at their legal and ethical responsibilities.

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Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2016 9:15 AM
Subject: Left-wing Riot Gave Trump a Larger Audience

3 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–Protecting the First Amendment from Goons and Thugs

  1. Do you mean that after admitting this , she was given an even higher position and salary ? if that is so , how do you go against such entrenched vile power? I hope I read it wrong

    • That’s exactly it. She admits to no jurisdiction in the Sykes case, that she didn’t check and didn’t care, and even if it happened, she would void everything and do it all again. That’s the kind of psychopaths we have on the bench. Not, I would dismiss the case, recuse myself and make sure that the GAL’s were banned from the court room for violating Mary’s human and civil rights. None of that.

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