How to make a profit from the Homeless and abuse them

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From Ken Ditkowsky

Subject: Re: HARVESTING THE HOMELESS — ALSO NEEDS AN HONEST INVESTIGATION> More and more connected in this disgrace, criminality and massive cover up involving the range of abuses and crimes against our children & women by the Catholic Church – Pennsylvania
Date: Mar 11, 2016 7:39 PM
Lower Wacker Drive was a haven for the homeless, especially during the winter months.   The underground area offered some relative warmth, and the doorways to the skyscrapers shelter.   Dozens congregated.    Many were elderly and most had mental problems.   It was an embarrassment to the City, except when votes needed to be cast –
The large nursing home operators always were on the lookout for the easy score.   Not all the elderly are monied.    In fact most live on quite modest budgets and particularly in Chicago the rule, rather than the exception is the strong family tie – and the development of some clout.
The largest group of nursing home moguls are reported to be orthodox jews.    With the advent of Medicaid and Medicare the administrators at Blue Cross/Blue Shield became dominant.   This meant that if you followed the formula you could maximize the amount of remuneration received.  Hospitals became profit centers, but, their compensation was limited by not only the dogooders, naive medical personnel, but oversight; however, the nursing home business and the hospice facility offered virtually unlimited profits.   All you had to do was to fill your beds and money rolled in hand over fist.
One of the largest operators is an individual who claims the title Rabbi.   He purchased and built nursing homes by the score.   Each nursing home was a configuration of Enron style corporations designed to maximize profit and reduce risk.   Like hospitals the nursing home had luxury single rooms, single rooms, doubles, triples and a series of wards.   An average facility had 350 beds and/or residences.    The average cost of a non-warehouse patient was between $1,000 to $2500.00 a month; however, depending on insurance coverage (and elder savings) $5000.00 to $16,000.00 a month plus pharmaceuticals, and incidentals.
The competition for patients is fierce for obvious reasons.    Most ethical physicians know which facilities are criminal enterprises and which are not and steer the patients to other options and especially home care.   After my prostrate surgery (cancer) I went home.  An extended care facility was not an option.
Thus, as so much money is available, there is a competition for patients.   Thus, kickbacks are not uncommon, and arrangements are made with Court appointed guardians and unethical lawyers to share the wealth.
The nursing home mogul has to find a way to keep his facilities full.    He thus hired a gang of hoodlums to roam the lower Wacker Drive area and scope out homeless people who could become more or less permanent residents.   The targeted seniors would be drugged and beaten – and taken to an emergency room for treatment.   The co-operating physician would certify that homeless person as incompetent and a call would go to the public guardian.    The Public guardian (an attorney) would ram an incompetency finding through a corrupt Court and obtain an order to place the homeless person in a sheltered care facility.  (The guardian was necessary to arrange for public aid, medicaid, medicare, etc.)
The attorneys in the public guardian’s office at the focus time were supervised by Attorney ******.   Ms ******* just happened to be a relative of of a major mogul.    The public guardian and his attorneys are well paid individuals = their payment comes from the State.   They receive kickbacks and other remuneration from the nursing home moguls.
Once in the facility the victim was kept doped up, assigned a bed in a ward, and warehoused.   It was not unusual that a feeding tube was inserted so that contacts with life for the victim was minimized.   The victim was kept alive so that maximum benefits could be obtained.    If you read the patient’s chart you would think that round the clock quality nursing care was being afforded – in fact zombies had a more exciting life.    Government paid the freight!
When the patient’s life was squeezed out of him, he went into hospice.   Hospice continued as long as possible – death was a minor inconvenience. (As Atty Gillman will tell you, GIP or general in patient care garners $170 per day, hospice at least $780 so everyone must need hospice)  When hospice could no longer be claimed, cremation occurred and another homeless captive was recruited.
I was told that the practice has been curtailed because of ‘heat!’    Several of the moguls are reported to have sold their facilities in Chicago.
I hope that this explains how this part of the business works!

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