From Ken Ditkowsky — Ethics Statements must be reported even by the likes of the ARDC and Larkin

It has been an axiom that the more pious a political or public figure claims to be the less credible he/she in fact is in reality.     On the political scene it is hard to forget the fact that Illinois had two governors in jail at the very same time, and a few years before more than a score of Judges went to jail in the Greylord scandal.      Indeed, to address such situations it is now required that people who are paid with public funds to file ETHICS statements.    Even teachers are required.       It has been reported in various publications that the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) has not filed the ethics statements.
It also appears that few, if any, of the employees of the IARDC file the said statements.     Why not?    The funds they receive are public funds collected from citizens (attorneys).    There does not appear to be any exemption.     Indeed, the required Ethics Statements are necessary in light of the fact that:
1.        The IARDC and in particular Jerome Larkin has consistently failed to prosecute or even investigate the actions of certain favored attorneys.     An attorney who is alleged to have presided over the removal of 80 lbs. of silver coins in the Gore Estate has been given a pass.      Complaints by the family of the Alice Gore have been thwarted and ignored.     In a similar manner the Million dollars in Gold coins stolen from the Mary Sykes Estate has never been investigated, or the actions of an Illinois Attorney in regard to some patent frauds in the F estate in Florida.      *****   All requests for HONEST investigations have not only been rejected but have resulted in pro-active attempts to prevent the same from occurring.
2.       The IARDC and in particular Jerome Larkin has consistently failed to prosecute of even investigate the actions of certain favored jurists – who are still under his jurisdiction.   For instance, in the Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 well knowing that all the protections of the Guardianship Act were openly intentionally, and notoriously violated failed and refused to investigate any of the jurists who continued the facade thus allowing Mary Sykes to be isolated, abused, exploited and to be deprived of her civil rights.    In particular, it appears from a letter from Sheriff Dart that there is no record of Mary Sykes being served with process.      Indeed, there is no record of any compliance with 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10, which is jurisdictional.     Nor is there any evidence that any hearing as to Mary Sykes’ competency prior to the appointment of a guardian and the forfeiture of her rights.     However, there is a statement from one of Larkin’s kangaroo panels claiming with a scintilla of evidence that Mary’s siblings had knowledge of the very hearing that never took place.     (The record of Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators is replete with similar absurdities)
3.        Larkin and the IARDC have consistently failed and refused to investigate the bizarre and clearly intentionally misrepresents of fact and law authored by he and his subordinates allegedly in pursuant of the conspiracy to deprive senior citizens and disabled people of their liberty, property as they are being isolated, abused and exploited.    (Elder Cleansings).     For example, The Farenga letter complaining that JoAnne Denison and I were quoted in ProbateSharks blog as demanding an Honest investigation of the Mary Sykes case resulted in not an investigation of the theft of a million dollars by fiduciaries, the isolation of Mary Sykes by fiduciaries, or the exploitation of Mary Sykes by fiduciaries – it resulted in charges that were absurd, and assaults on America’s core values.   For instance, I was accused of writing to the attorney general of the United States pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and lawyer Rule 8.3.    JoAnne had similar charges rendered against her, however, in her case Larkin’s co-conspirator and servant averred that he action of have a 47 USCA 230 protected blog was like yelling fire in a theater.  (You cannot make this stuff up! – the petition has been posted on the MaryGSykes blog)
Larkin’s investigating and punishing the messengers is an admission of the lack of integrity that prevails at the IARDC and ****.
To protect the public from exactly the type of conduct that Larkin and his co-conspirators have engaged in the State Legislature has enacted “Ethics Laws.”     According to investigative reporters it appears that Larkin and his gang ignore those laws and refuse to make the appropriate disclosures.      Exactly why law enforcement has not moved to remove Larkin and his cronies from their public offices is a question that the voters of Cook County and the other counties of the State of Illinois should ask.      The Article I refer to was written by Investigative reporter Janet Phelan, and states in words and phrases as follows:
“Government attorneys implicated in ethics scandal (IL)
November 5, 2013
A scandal is brewing in Chicago which threatens to make Operation Greylord look like a dress rehearsal for a cotillion. Starting with a seemingly innocuous question, tendered to press liaison Jim Grogan at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) in Illinois, a boil of corruption got inadvertently pricked, which threatens now to reveal a subterranean cancer in the legal system in Illinois.
For those who are unaware of Greylord, here is a bit of history: back in the eighties, a collaborative effort by the FBI, IRS and a couple of outraged judges and attorneys resulted in one of the biggest takedowns of public officials in the history of Illinois. At the end of the 3 1/2 year undercover operation, a total of 92 people were indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials, and state legislator James DeLeo.
The extent of the takedown might have mitigated further predatory acts by those in the legal system. Thirty years later, however, the corruption that was supposedly expunged by Greylord has simply become systemic.
Back to Jim Grogan. Grogan, who is an attorney as well as ARDC press liaison, declined to reply to questions from this reporter as to why no statements of economic interests could be found for the attorneys who work for the ARDC. The law governing economic interests reporting is in place to ensure that those working in government capacities are not being influenced by financial lures and temptations. These statements are mandated by 5 ILCS 420 to be filed every year for nearly everyone who works in a government capacity.
Here are relevant clauses from the law, with pivotal sections underlined:
When Grogan failed to respond to the query, Press Secretary Jim Tybor at the Illinois Supreme Court was contacted and astoundingly told this reporter that this law did not apply to the judicial branch. (See 6 and e, above).
Michelle Burton, a paralegal at the ARDC assured this reporter that the ARDC employees are not state employees. However, the website for the ARDC announces that the Commission is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.
The ARDC is in a particularly pivotal position. As the Commission responsible for disciplining attorneys, the ARDC functions as a gatekeeper. In that sense, the ARDC defines the legal climate in Illinois. Right now, the ARDC has taken upon its shoulders the regulation of an attorney’s right to free speech. Attorney Ken Ditkowsky, who has been practicing law in Chicago area since 1961, is facing disciplinary proceedings for sending emails to federal authorities asking for an investigation of corrupt practices in Illinois courts.
Shades of Greylord . . . Except this time, the feds are turning a deaf ear to evidence of legal malfeasance in Illinois. And Ditkowsky may in fact lose his license to practice law, due to his incisive perceptions and requests for investigation.
Attorney Ken Ditkowsky’s concerns about judicial and attorney misconduct began with the adult guardianship of Mary Sykes, an elderly woman who was placed under a guardianship without due process. Another Illinois attorney, JoAnne Denison, is also under disciplinary proceedings due to her maintaining a blog about the Sykes guardianship. (Source)
Ditkowsky soon realized that the phenomenon of what he is calling “elder cleansing” is going on nationwide. And for his act of speaking out against a pervasive assault on a vulnerable demographic group—the elderly and incapacitated—the ARDC has recommended a four year suspension of his license to practice law.
As it turns out, the ARDC attorneys appear to have quite a bit to hide in terms of their economic interests.
If you want to bribe someone, there are only a couple of ways to do this that would not trigger the red flags that are built into the banking infrastructure. One way would be to give someone a big envelope stuffed with cash. Brian Mulroney, a former Prime Minister of Canada, was caught red handed receiving such a bounty and a scandal ensued. (Source)
The other way is through a “loan.” The mechanism is simply and virtually opaque—Mr. X takes out a loan, such as a mortgage and Mr. Y pays it back. There are no banking flags to trigger and no embarrassing wads of cash, a la Mulroney, to explain.
The use of such property loans to funnel payola to judges was exposed in a 2009 article, which first appeared in the San Bernardino County Sentinel. Now it seems that those in the Illinois legal system, specifically attorneys at the ARDC, have climbed onto the dinero express.
Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the ARDC and the individual who has signed the complaint against Ken Ditkowsky, has funneled several million dollars through his property in the last ten years. For example, Larkin took out a loan for $450,000 in December of 2001 and paid it back in exactly five years. In the meantime, he had taken out another $450,000 loan—in October of 2006, which he paid back in just a tad over four years, in January of 2011. In the meantime, he had taken out yet another mortgage—this one for $101,000—in November of 2009, which he was miraculously able to repay in just about a year.
But his unusual loan behavior doesn’t stop here. In January of 2011, Larkin took out a whopping $750,000 mortgage on the same piece of property. Larkin must have a direct line to lottery bucks, because he was able to repay this loan by January of 2013.
In the meantime . . . are you getting the picture yet? . . . he took out another $750,000 loan in December of 2012.
Neither Jerome Larkin nor his wife, psychologist Antoinette Krakowski responded to telephone inquiries concerning the amount of money being funneled through their home.
Larkin is the big cheese over at the ARDC. There are other attorneys in the employ of that powerful, shadowy, not-government, not private – commission whose loan history is also questionable, including attorneys Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryzcek.
Apparently, the word about the loan trough is getting out. A check was run on the loan history of attorneys and guardians ad litem, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, whose actions first alerted Ken Ditkowsky to the predatory nature of probate guardianships. Lo and behold, Adam Stern’s loan history looks like that of a hyperactive kid in a Ritalin store.
A review of the Cook County recorder’s website reveals that Stern has run over a million dollars through his property loans in roughly the last ten years. A couple of examples of quickly repaid large loans taken out by Stern include a $272,000 mortgage taken out on 9/13/2004 and paid back on 2/17/05. Stern also took out a $51,000 mortgage on 9/13/04 and paid it back May of 2005. On October 4, 2004 Stern took out an $80,000 mortgage which he paid back less than three months later.
Adam Stern also has a federal tax lien on his home for $60,000. Stern, who is parenthetically serving as guardian ad litem in the Sykes guardianship and is thus in the responsible position of looking out for OPM—other people’s money—can’t even pay his own taxes.
Attorney and guardian ad litem Cynthia Farenga’s loan history is similarly manic. Farenga is also a guardian ad litem in the Sykes case. For example, Farenga took out a $385,000 loan on 11/09/2006 and paid it off on 6/12/2007. A loan of over a half million dollars – $575,000 to be exact – was paid off by Farenga within five years, on 6/24/2013. Farenga took out a smaller, $244,000 mortgage on 10/16/2003 and paid it back within two years, on 9/28/05. In the meantime, she had taken out another mortgage, this time for an even $300,000 on 9/07/2005, which she quickly reconveyed in less than a year and a half, on 1/08/2007. All told, over two and a quarter million dollars have been funneled through Farenga’s property in the last ten years.
The head of a private investigator’s firm out in the Southern California area confided in me that judges were coming to him to inquire how to hide their property, so that public searches for these records would not result in transparency. Recently, Judge Ronald Christianson, formerly the Presiding Judge in San Bernardino County, changed the name on the records of his primary residence to “Property Owners.” Such tactics will make determinations of suspicious activity increasingly more difficult.
Ditkowsky has filed a complaint with the ARDC referencing the impropriety of Adam Stern working as a GAL when he has failed to fulfill his own tax liabilities. At the time of going to press, other records detailing suspicious financial activity by ARDC attorneys and others are being turned over to a Grand Jury.
The Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Supreme Court, Michael Tardy, did not respond to queries from this reporter concerning the economic interests and reporting requirements of the ARDC, which is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.
Government Attorneys Implicated in Ethics Scandal
Janet Phelan
October 28, 2013
Activist Post
To protect the public from fiduciary theft, not only have harsh criminal laws been passed by the Congress and the Legislature, but the tax law make the mere breach of fiduciary relationship to be a taxable event.    If there is any pecuniary benefit it has to be declared on the form 1040 as income.    To avoid the finger pointing and the claim that x did it and not me, all conspirators as defined by 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 have joint and several liability.    Thus, Larkin and each of the members of his gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have joint and several liability.     Such tax collection by both State and Federal tax authorities is an intended consequence of Larkin and his cronies and co-conspirators action.
The time for action is NOW.     America is under siege from outside our borders and the fifth column of corrupt public officials (including corrupt judges, lawyers and judicial officials) are a clear and present danger from within.    The promulgators of the War on the Elderly and the Disabled must be ended and the miscreants defeated here and now.     Jerome Larkin and his pack of co-conspirators at the very least should pay the taxes, interest and penalties due to the State of Illinois and the United States of America.   Halfway measures are unacceptable when public officials assault the Bill of Rights and ignore their oaths of office.

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