New ABA article to comment on but hurry before they shut down any sympathy for me

from M W

I read this article and I know you and Ken Ditkowsky have been advocating for probate victims.

I have sent the article to Colorado Senator Laura Woods who seems to trying to help the probate cartel victims here in Colorado.
Thank you for standing up for the vulnerable.
M. W.

from Joanne

As you will all recall, the last time the ABA published that I was suspended because I was highly critical of the Sykes case and predicted everything would be liquidated and then some to pay only attorneys fees and she would be dumped in a tied in nursing home and more excessive fees would accrue THIS BLOG’S PREDICTIONS WERE ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON.

In its complaint, the ARDC published mostly mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s complaints to the authorties wherein we said there was fraud, theft and embezzlement of nearly $1 million in gold coins and the probate court was constantly quashing discovery.  There was no service on poor Mary Sykes, according to the records of Sheriff Dart.  (The court said it was enough she came to a couple of court proceedings).  There was no service of the date, time and place of hearing 14 days in advance upon 2 elderly sisters (Yolanda and Josephine–see their declarations), and then the $1 million in gold coins disappeared and the GAL’s Stern, Farenga said they did not exist, even though the entire Sykes family knew Charles Sykes and another relative, a Mr. Biddy constantly went to coin auction and events and bought them up over decades.  Mary had these coins. They were moved to a safe deposit box.  After TWO years of subpoenas issued and quashed, issued and quashed (some by the ARDC itself), we received records at my trial the safe deposit box was drilled out soon after the Guardian was appointed (even though both Mary’s and Gloria’s name was on the box) emptied and never inventoried.  At my trial (transcript published on my blog) Judge Stuart lied about chaining poor Gloria Sykes (the younger, honest daughter) and threatening her 2 dogs with euthanization. The transcript was changed to something else.  Judge Stuart would leave the bench (quick retirement) six weeks later.

The case is a travesty, and poor Mary, on May 23, 2015, was narcotized to death. Gloria was called at 3 pm to come to her bedside, she was heavily drugged.  Of all things, she was put in hospice when the money ran out—without a diagnosis.  The Guardian claimed “dementia” but 4 of us saw her in June, 2014 at Sunrise of Park Ridge and she was as sharp as ever, asking about if Carolyn (the Guardian) sold her home and how she didn’t have access to the money, only Carolyn did.  She told Gloria it would be okay, as soon as Gloria got her out of the nursing home “they could start over.”  Unlike the 20 or so drugged floor roommates propped up in front of a TV in a wheelchair, she was walking and talking.  Said she did her exercise consisting of one hour of walking per day. She said she was still eating healthy–mostly fruits and vegetables (she was a vegetarian).  She was clearly competent and engaging in higher cognitive level thinking.

She clearly did NOT have dementia in June of 2014.

She was a staunch Roman Catholic and wrote on her last Power of Attorney she wanted to live in her own home and be cared for by her two daughters until she passed.  Her POA said she wanted her life prolonged.  Mary would NEVER have consented to hospice as a loyal Roman Catholic.

I am told that the Guardian, upon her death, went straight to the funeral home and had poor Mary embalmed on the spot while she waited. The Guardian told the funeral director no notices, no obituaries, no funeral, just entomb her as fast as possible, which the funeral director did.


You need to write to the Illinois Supreme Court to stop this tragedy.  This blog reports truthfully on the Sykes story and many, many other similar stories.

May Mary rest in peace.  May truth and justice be done for myself, Kenneith Ditkowsky (also falsely accused of writing lies about the Sykes case when in fact all he issued were warnings and calls to the authorities for a COMPLETE, HONEST and THOROUGH investigation–an investigation which neither the FBI, the states attorneys—Madigan, Alvarez and Saltoun denied they were able or wanted to do—and the ARDC who covered everything up for the attorneys involved–Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel, Waller, Debra J. Soehlig).

All this blog publishes is the truth.  If the truth means I have no law license that is assuredly a better situation than 1) doing nothing when a senior will be fleeced of her estate and put in a nursing home against her will, her estate drained, she will be put to her death; and 2) lying and covering up the whole thing as the authorities have done.

Pray for truth and justice for us all.  I pray for Mary every day.


PS  More details:  Mary was isolated by Carolyn, the guardian, of 20+ former friends and relatives, even her younger daughter whom she only saw a handful of times in 5 years.

The GAL’s and court appointed probate attorneys billed the estate and collected $160,000, but at my trial it was brought out that these attorneys all saw Mary combined less than 2 hours in 5 years.

Her home was appraised in Jan. of 2012 for $750,000.  It was probably worth nearly $1,000,000 being in a favorable neighborhood right next to a large condo development (why do you think they wanted to guardianize her).  It was sold 2 months later for $213,000 to a real estate investment company.

See the Table of Torts published else where on this blog.  It lists all the heinous, underhanded and filthy tactics the GAL’s and probate attorneys took to fleece Mary of her assets and get them into the hands of their friends.  Quicky and quietly.

2 thoughts on “New ABA article to comment on but hurry before they shut down any sympathy for me

  1. Currently you have the Lahody case. Now the are selling mom’s house, butI can purchase my own items back. McCarty, Singler, Fiessinger, and goodold Adam Stern are all involved and we cannot forget Judge Carolyn Quinn,who ruled against me every time, with no evidence against my self. Momhad close to $800,000.00 in cash (CD’S) and the above attorneys have taken$300,000.00 in fees by filing bogus motion after motion in the last 3 years.$200,000.00 has gone to the Carlton, where mom is forced to room withat least 2 other prisoners. Mom is in lock down. Cannot leave the building.Let’s not forget Rehab Assist who gives mom clothing with stains and holes.Rehab Assist misplaces mom’s eye glasses and informs Judge Quinn momcan’t see. Phil Leary with Rehab Assist tells mom lies to get her upset, thengoes before Quinn telling her I upset mom. How can these people sleepat night. They all should be in a lock down facility. Igor (Son) 

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