To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes seize control over patients in New York

Looks like some probate court abuse is seeping into the mainstream media.

I believe a year ago, this story would have been quashed.  The first thing that happens in probate court when miscreants want to seize control of assets and granny is they make sure the POA and Successor Trustee have no assets to fight them (Reichert, Sykes, etc.) and then they isolate, medicate, drain the estate and eliminate.  Many states keep probate court records sealed–claiming personal information is divulged–but in reality it seems to hide gross civil and human rights violations and cover up elder abuse by probate connected lawyers and their “caretakers” who only abuse, neglect, starve, isolate and play body guard to the ward to ensure he or she does not speak to anyone the truth.

Next thing they do, if there are any media stories, they threaten to sue.

In mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s case, one of the GAL’s threatened to get Ken disbarred if he merely investigated the case.  He is now suspended for 4 years.

Judge Connors threatened my law license if I even attempted to represent Gloria Sykes, not once, but twice, and then now I am suspended for 3 years.

How does this happen in the US where honest attorneys get suspended and the miscreants–the liars, cheats and thieves go free with impunity?

Easy, the ARDC does not file Ethics Reports as mandated by the Illinois State Legislature.  When called by a reporter who asked why they do not do this, most of the lawyers there just yelled at her or slammed down the phone.  After that, she could no longer call any attorneys at the ARDC.

Trafficking in seniors is become blatant and rampant in the US (Frake who want to go home and has the assets to do so is not going home, Helen Stone is not going home to her daughter but is in the clutches of a nursing home, etc.)

In the Frake case, which I can no longer appear on, numerous reports of abuse were handed back to the attorney and RN abusers.  Nothing was done.  Mr. Fracke is being drugged with non FDA approved psychotropic drugs against his will as chemical restraints.  In just one year of this “treatment” his muscles have withered away to nearly nothing, but before he was a strong and vociferous concrete tradesman.

How does this happen in the US, and in the Chicago Cook County Court system and the ARDC proclaims that there is no corruption, yet they refuse to file Ethics Reports and everyone else over at the Daley center seems to know a whole lot better.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Some of the more recent stories I have found (Lisa Madigan is not a Madigan but her real name is Murray and she is the daughter of Joel Murray, a famous criminal drug lord attorney who suddenly quit law after 15 years, moved to Chicago and bought a small airline for a $200k investment and then sold it 10 years later for over $100 million. What a win win for his biz.

Do we see any investigation of those allegations in the mainstream media?

We know that transcripts at the Daley center repeatedly are lost, suppressed or altered, I am told who is part of that crime.  Is the Chicago FBI doing anything about it?

As a lawyer who is just doing her job, I am constantly prosecuted, persecuted and hounded by the people who would harm our elders and disabled persons in Illinois while they operate their cottage industries freely.

Not yet, as I see.


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